Level Headed Comments On Gold and Gold Stocks

December 20, 2018

A wind storm blew through Vancouver today and knocked out my power before I could get all the interviews up. It’s back on so now so here is a little night time Doc 😉

We discuss the moves in gold and GDX as well as the USD. Things are setting up much better for 2019!

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    Dec 20, 2018 20:32 PM

    Doc, what do you think about Auryn resources (AUG) at .90 a share?

      Dec 21, 2018 21:41 AM

      Pardu, I believe that if you’re patient you’ll be able to get AUG for less then $.75 a share.

    Dec 21, 2018 21:55 AM
    Dec 21, 2018 21:50 AM

    I don’t understand Trump’s withdrawal from Syria.
    (OK, So I know it was a campaign promise, and Trump tends to keep promises.)

    BUT……How do you have the inconsistency of:
    with Turkey saying it will break US sanctions on Iran and support Iran?

    Also the Kurds in Syria have been supporting the US in killing ISIS fighters.
    As the US withdraws troops, Turkey is going to ave a Turkey Shoot on Kurds.

    Does Trump’s lefthand know what his righthand is doing?

    Dec 21, 2018 21:08 AM

    I have been thinking hard about Syria, and realize Trump’s statement about withdrawal from Syria is incomplete.
    1. There is no timeline given.
    2. By withdrawing ground forces, does that mean US air forces will be withdrawn. (US air power is carrier based in the Med)
    3. What was the quid pro quo with Russia and Turkey, or was it a unilateral action by the US? (Trump is a deal-maker….did he make some kind of deal with Turkey or Russis?)
    4. What happens to British about 1,000) and EU ground troops (about 2,500)?
    I guess there is too much unknown by me at this time, to make a full judgement.

      Dec 21, 2018 21:57 PM

      A Maram Susli interview concerning Syria and the U.S. withdraw.


      There is some concern the american troops are being withdrawn from Syria and Afghanistan to be repositioned for events in the Ukraine.

    Dec 21, 2018 21:14 AM

    Proper Gold Stock Analysis Does Not Begin with Focusing on the Gold Price

    MiningStockEducation – Dec 20, 2018 – EconomicAlpha Interview

    Luis the @EconomicAlpha, as he is known on Twitter, has been investing in gold stocks for over ten years. With a background in insurance underwriting and risk management and a degree in economics, Luis’ interest in gold and precious metals eventually lead him to begin investing in precious metals stocks. Luis originally began tweeting about his mining investment decisions in order to document his investment journey for solely personal reasons, but in the process he has attracted thousands of followers who find value in what he posts online. In this interview, Luis shares regarding how he began investing in mining stocks, outlines his approach to resource investing, and tells of some of his successes and failures.

    0:05 Introduction
    2:27 Luis’ background and how he began mining stock investing
    4:22 Some of the most difficult things Luis had to overcome as a newer mining investor
    7:25 How Luis managed his portfolio through the recent bear market in mining equities
    11:13 Does Luis think we are in a confirmed gold bull market?
    12:31 What a mining stock trade looks like for Luis
    13:56 Breakdown of Luis’ portfolio by mining investment type
    15:38 How Luis approaches gold stock investing
    22:13 Luis discusses some of his biggest winners & his exit strategy
    25:21 What stocks Luis looks to in order to gauge the direction of the sector
    29:17 The role of technical analysis in Luis’ investing approach

      Dec 21, 2018 21:44 AM

      Want to thank you for continuously keeping your posts 98% on topic. For the life of me I can’t figure out why a couple posters continue to contaminate the quality of these gold topic pages with their stupid politics. Management can’t seem to do anything about it but I personally SKIP over several names……not hard to figure out which ones I’m talking about! Merry Christmas.

        Dec 21, 2018 21:49 AM

        Because several of us have made our investment fortunes based on long term political analysis rather than short term TA trading.
        Different strokes for different folks.

        Dec 22, 2018 22:11 AM

        Thanks for the kind words Silverdollar. Yes, personally I feel like we are awash in our daily lives with political rants of all stripes day in and day out, and what gets many listeners and readers interested in the Korelin ECONOMICS Report are the discussions on economics.

        If it is a political thread it makes sense to keep economics posts off it vice versa just for some semblance of focus, but if there is a Gold, or Base Metal, or US Dollar, or Crypto, or Mining CEO post, you normally see someone with some completely unrelated news of the day post the famous words…. “Off Topic: These papers just out, or did you hear about the wire tapping, or this political tool will be proven correct because….BLAH….” Their desire to share their pet political opinion or news source that agrees with their view overwhelms their desire to consider what the KER interview was vaguely about. It’s all good, and I got used to skimming over many of the posts years ago, just like people likely skim over mine.

        While there is some value to macro politics as to how it may affect the currencies or economies or GDP, the reality is most of the “political” posts have nothing to do with that on here. Most of the political posts are on tweet storms, fringe conspiracy theories, passing nonsense and idiocity of the day from the main stream media (which we already see too much of), bashing one political side of the isle or the other (not understanding it’s all connected to the same cronies and clubs as a 2-headed snake anywa), or embracing one political side of the isle with rose-colored glasses on and blinders on the side.

        Most of these “political” posts offer little value to investors (longer term or shorter term), but I guess people find them entertaining. The political posts always have the larger audiences, and if you mix in controversial statements on world leaders, countries, wars, religion, ideologies, and extreme opinions then it creates a spirited debate that usually trails off into huge arguments, posters insulting one another or taking personal stabs instead of debating the topic, and eventually another poster leaves in a huff & pufff never to return. Seems like a terrible idea, but it repeats over and over and over again…..

        People will post a controversial thread, that is clearly polarizing, and then people wonder why arguments break out, people get pissed and leave the site. I could see keeping it isolated to certain threads, like how the weekend shows are split into Economics on 1 and Politics on the other, but when the daily editorials become a tossed salad of extreme political rants, most of the economic readers just skip out.

        People like to say that politics helps them with investing, but in most successful investors or traders experience, it is only the largest macro trade trends or central bank posturing that has much influence. Again, the majority of the daily posts are just rants, people’s pet opinions, and flavor of the day news blips that offer no investable or economic value. However, Big Al seems to have more passion for political threads than investing threads at this point in his life/career, and it’s his site. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander, and while these posts seem to have no correlation with ANY of the show sponsors, which are ALL resources companies, then it doesn’t seem to make sense to polarize (and lose) half your audience with political posts, but that’s their model and I love em’ anyway.

        There are dozens and dozens of people that have written to me privately over at that say they love the interviews or podcasts on the KER but can barely read the blog due to all the political rants, attacks, and extreme political opinions held. I mention that there are many interesting contributors on the economics or resource investing side as well, but they say they don’t feel like looking for gems in the sewer, which seems a bit lazy, but it is hard to get going down a thread on Base Metals or Gold miners, and then hit the equivalent of tabloid journalism or nutty YouTube videos or dubious sourced political or social editorials.

        It becomes less of a melting pot, and more of a patchwork quilt. Some squares are interesting, some are horrible, and collectively they make little sense together, but when you roll out the whole quilt you say, well there it is…. another day on the KER. 🙂

          Dec 22, 2018 22:42 PM

          POINT Made…….I will try not to post information that might disturb the sheeple…. 🙂

            Dec 22, 2018 22:45 PM

            I do not agree with some of your comments…..but, to each his own…… 🙂

            Dec 22, 2018 22:47 PM

            But, that does not mean , that I do not appreciate your contribution…..Respectfully…

            Dec 22, 2018 22:48 PM

            And,,…..I am not even Mad……….Cheers……..
            Tell Silverdollar…….Christ was not born on the 25th of Dec……. 🙂

            Dec 23, 2018 23:14 AM

            Thanks OOTB. PersonaIly I let the political comments roll, and my comments weren’t specifically targeted at you or any one specific user, but more general in nature, and they’re just my opinions on the value of focus and the lack of investable value to many of the fringe political diatribes, conspiracy news, and opinionated rants people get ensnared with on the political front.

            Again, many have written me for years saying the political opinions and rants on the KER are why they don’t read the blog here any longer, or the reason they don’t want to post.

            To each their own.

          Dec 22, 2018 22:11 PM

          I’ll just point out that some of the nuttiest views of all are the government approved ones held by the majority. That majority brings nothing useful to the table which is why the NPC meme was banned by Twitter. The truth hurts. A lot.

    Dec 21, 2018 21:16 AM

    US Naval presence in Syria action are supported in part out of Haifa.
    Is Chinese ownership of the port facilities at Haifa a problem ?

    Dec 21, 2018 21:21 AM

    In the Syria troop withdrawal announcement, Trump also announced withdrawal from Afghanistan.
    China is expected to get Afghan mineral resources out for its one road project.
    Is this relevant?

    Dec 21, 2018 21:23 AM

    I notice China is investing significantly in Oman and Bahrain.

      Dec 21, 2018 21:33 AM

      Back on December 7th,Admiral Scott Stearney was found dead in Bahrain from an apparent suicide.This one didn’t get any press either.There was some scuttle that he was apposed to events that were about to take place.

    Dec 21, 2018 21:28 AM

    trump possibly thinking about cutting US spending seriously?

    Will Trump withdraw forces out of South Korea?

    Dec 21, 2018 21:50 AM

    When/if the miners pull back to fill yesterday’s big gap (50 cents/2.5% for GDX), it will be a good buying opportunity.

    Dec 21, 2018 21:45 AM

    Stocks are in for a rough 2019:

    If Trump “understands finance” as his true-believers think, then why was he foolish enough to take credit for Obama’s bubble? (It’s really the Fed’s bubble but I’m talking about a political decision here.)
    Does anyone wonder why every Republican since the coup of ’63 has been right-wing in rhetoric only? Each and every one has been a big-government, Keynesian spendthrift no different than the party some of them came from. Are there really so few real conservatives that the people have no choice but to vote for former democrats to fill the highest office in the land? It’s all so dumb that a thinking person can only conclude that the sheeple are completely and permanently screwed.

      Dec 21, 2018 21:41 AM

      Great chart. Lot’s of downside possibilities to the 16-18,000 trading range but getting very oversold.
      There has to be some counter bounces to keep hope alive. When would you guess the first one comes alive?

        Dec 21, 2018 21:50 PM

        Looking at the daily chart, I’d say a decent bounce will start very soon; maybe within a week. Weekly oversold readings that result in a much bigger bounce could be 5 to 8 weeks away.
        I won’t be surprised if the bear ultimately takes the Dow well below 14,000.

    Dec 21, 2018 21:58 AM

    AMZN will finish the bear market far lower than almost anyone expects…