US Markets Remain Volatile, Silver Breaking Out, Gold Still Rising, and Yields Way Off Their Peaks

December 27, 2018

In a slightly longer conversation Chris Temple and I take a look at a wide range of topics. We start with the volatility in US markets where even after a 1,000 point up day by the Dow yesterday very few traders are thinking this is a safe market. As for the precious metals, silver is making a run higher but the stocks are not following. Finally treasuries have been a safety play and with yields way off their highs Chris is looking pretty good with his call at the beginning of the year saying we would see the highs in yields in 2018.

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    Dec 27, 2018 27:44 AM

    I’m not in the least worried about the silver juniors as it makes sense that they are lagging the gold seniors. Like I said yesterday:
    The junior silvers are putting in a massive low versus the senior golds just in time for the new year. This is extra exciting if you’re as bullish the senior golds as I am…

      Dec 27, 2018 27:09 AM

      Keep posting good news Matthew. I love how silver is taking the lead now. There are a lot of signals starting to turn green for a precious metals bullish uptrend.

      Dec 27, 2018 27:51 AM

      When have you ever been worried?

      yes, they are due for a technical bounce vs GDX, but to suggest that they are on the cusp of hitting an absolute low vs GDX is ludicrous at this point.

        Dec 27, 2018 27:58 AM

        When have you EVER sufficiently paid attention?

          Dec 27, 2018 27:05 PM

          GDX looks like it could outperform silver stocks for years yet.

          Instead of comparing it to SILJ, compare it to SIL. GDX:SIL has the 200 WMA bullishly over the 300 WMA for the first time in years. It looks like a major low in the ratio was struck in 2016 and for all you know the ratio could head back to the 2010 peak.

          You are smoking hopium to think silver stocks are going to do anything but dead cat bounce vs GDX in the near term.

            Dec 27, 2018 27:10 PM

            What’s ludicrous is your understanding of markets…

            GDX is compared to SILJ in order to compare the safest part of the sector with the most speculative. Duh…

            Dec 27, 2018 27:15 PM

            you know damn well I was being sarcastic/dramatic. And if not, you are dumber than I thought. the fact that you save my old posts just confirms how much of a sociopath you are.

            Keep on pumping your junk stocks. What are the new ones on your list to unload on KE readers?

            Dec 27, 2018 27:20 PM

            And YOU know damn well that the point is EXACTLY the same: YOU did NOT see this decline as even being possible let alone likely.

            Dec 27, 2018 27:22 PM

            You also clearly have no clue with respect to the key traits of a sociopath. What a little scumbag you are.

            Dec 27, 2018 27:28 PM

            The fact that you save old posts like a psychopathic ex-girlfriend turned stalker speaks volumes.

            You should make a similar post showing all of your terrible calls and your garbage Schiff Fork charts.

            Oh yeah, sorry, you are infallible and sold everything at the top in 2016. I forgot.

            Dec 27, 2018 27:32 PM

            Record keeping has value for all kinds of reasons. It’s especially useful when dirt like you and Birdman come along and put words in my mouth.

            You sure are uppity for a guy who had such a bad year.

            Dec 27, 2018 27:35 PM

            I know. I listened to too many of your pie in the sky calls.

            At least I didn’t buy any USAS or IPT as you were dumping your shares on unsuspecting KER marks. god help those poor folks. But like PT Barnam said, there’s a sucker born every minute. Words I am sure you live by.

            Dec 27, 2018 27:40 PM

            “God help those poor folks”? As if you need help any less than anyone else!

            Dec 27, 2018 27:43 PM

            Speaking of bird, it would be nice to see him post again.
            Even if it was just to say hi to all his fans here.

            Dec 27, 2018 27:17 PM

            That annotated Amazon chart illustrated a good point. There were tons of post with spanky claiming AMZN would not pull back a few percentage points and that smart investors should just put money in and let it ride higher. The reality is even large bloated juggernauts like the FAANG stocks have been knocked down a few pegs as their gross overvaluations are starting to sink in.

            Amazon – To infinity and beyond!!!

            Dec 27, 2018 27:22 PM

            As for bird posting, he was banned for trolling, acking posters, name calling, insulting the daily contributors, lying and putting words in peoples mouths, and while he was a sharp guy, he broke the house rules constantly.

            So while he thankfully won’t be stopping by, I’ll go ahead and post an image reflecting the vast majority of the chart patterns he commented on.


    Dec 27, 2018 27:46 AM

    USA was up as much as 31% today after reversing at important fork and speed line support:

      Dec 27, 2018 27:28 PM

      Yes, I was thrilled to see USA & USAS Americas Silver up handsomely today but there was a bit of disconnect between the 2 listings.

      USA closed up 24.72% on the day

      USAS closed up 5.19% on the day, but was up quite a bit more earlier in the day. It may have a little more catching up to do.

      Nice to see some of the Silver miners put their dancing shoes on.

    Dec 27, 2018 27:49 AM

    Silver (SLV) is confirming gold this week and thereby eliminating much of the doubt about the direction of the next big move for the whole sector…

    Dec 27, 2018 27:50 AM

    The next $1.50 for silver is likely to happen quickly:

    Dec 27, 2018 27:02 AM

    Silver will beat gold in 2019 but its biggest move is probably still years away.

      Dec 27, 2018 27:23 AM

      I would think you are going to be correct……..silver needs to play , big time catch up….JMO

        Dec 27, 2018 27:45 AM

        When it pops past $22, …..I think it will be time for the ride of a life time…..jmo

        Dec 27, 2018 27:29 PM

        Yep, once gold makes a big move higher, then Silver has a lot of catching up to do as do the miners. The beachball can only be held underwater for so long before exploding higher.

    Dec 27, 2018 27:13 AM

    Better grab all the gold you can get your hands on……………..

      Dec 27, 2018 27:21 AM

      Just for notes…….I said this when it happened….Wish I could find my notes and comments to Rick A, when he said it did not happen by implosion …..seems he is going to be proven WRONG…….Me think…… 🙂

      Dec 27, 2018 27:49 AM

      Found this at Sinclair’s site…… I thought it pertained to investment in the PMs… 🙂

    Dec 27, 2018 27:50 AM

    SLV:GLD weekly looks great:

    Dec 27, 2018 27:55 AM

    IMKTA down another 5%.

    “…throwing babies out with the bathwater…”

    Even the prettiest babies in the nursery and the most powerful babies in the nursery as Mr. Big Al would say.

    Dec 27, 2018 27:45 AM

    FYI, the P&F price objective for gold is $1950.

    Dec 27, 2018 27:16 PM

    ISVLF:GDX is up 33% since it bottomed one month ago and, in general, is giving us a glimpse of the future of the silver miners versus the gold miners…

      Dec 27, 2018 27:21 PM

      Are you getting ready to unload a block?

    Dec 27, 2018 27:30 PM

    I’ll keep posting charts since spanky doesn’t know what to do with them.
    Here’s AG:

    Dec 27, 2018 27:57 PM

    Hey Matthew, I dug up an old chart with 123 week SMA and 123 cci for gold. I kinda forgot about it. hope you can see it

      Dec 27, 2018 27:07 PM

      Thanks a lot jb, that’s an interesting one. I’ve never used 123 for either indicator. Based on the price action, the MA is clearly relevant and that CCI looks even more useful. For those who might be wondering, 20 is the default setting at stockcharts for the CCI.

        Dec 27, 2018 27:12 PM

        Thanks, Matthew. I appreciate your charts and contributions as well.

          Dec 27, 2018 27:18 PM

          Thanks, I appreciate that, jb.

      Dec 27, 2018 27:36 PM

      I took some liberties with your chart that might help to show others why it’s a good one…

    Dec 27, 2018 27:17 PM

    Here’s one for spanky in which he blows a call in record time thanks to more of his linear extrapolation.
    He’ll be happy to know that I found the linked comments from memory and not any records (keeping records means you have no conscience, you know)…

      Dec 27, 2018 27:02 PM

      I need to get a restraining order.

      Price is going to drop right back under the 200 dma soon enough.

        Dec 27, 2018 27:09 PM

        And in any event, I have repeatedly stated that my short term calls are just educated guesses.

        Unlike you, who thinks they are a minute to minute Nostradamus. Like I said, you’ve blown so many “low” calls, it isn’t funny. Probably every weekly swing low over the last 2 years you proclaimed the low was in.

          Dec 27, 2018 27:19 PM

          -I see, when you’re wrong, no big deal. The “poor folks” don’t need protecting. GTFOH
          -You start shit and now you need protection. Right.
          -Re: “Like I said, you’ve blown so many “low” calls, it isn’t funny. Probably every weekly swing low over the last 2 years you proclaimed the low was in.”
          You spanky, are a moron and a liar.

    Dec 27, 2018 27:48 PM

    Hmmm, William 123 (Wm 123) weekly and CCI (123) weekly seem relevant for $INDU and $SPX since 2009. I think I found the 123 reference on some page when I was researching HMY and how old timers used HMY as a leading indicator or miners

    Dec 27, 2018 27:58 PM

    Friends, Im here to make some cash, not wade through sophmoric flameouts.

      Dec 27, 2018 27:03 PM

      You can buy Matthew’s shares as he unloads them.

    Dec 27, 2018 27:07 PM

    I dont take this personally. Lets respect the kereport blog and make some $$$

    Dec 27, 2018 27:13 PM
    Dec 27, 2018 27:15 PM

    Contrarians make the big money going against the herd.
    Losers keep the wheels greased.

    Dec 27, 2018 27:22 PM

    Debt rat island and the Cantillion effect. 5 richest zip codes surround the Central Bank.
    Credit creation cannot be democratized.

    Dec 27, 2018 27:44 PM

    Gold looks like it wants to add to its gains tomorrow. Any dips over the next few weeks probably won’t last long as shorts and new longs will be buyers…

    Dec 27, 2018 27:24 PM

    “Everything Is Fake”: Ex-Reddit CEO Confirms Internet Traffic Metrics Are Bullshit

    Dec 27, 2018 27:49 PM

    Silver looks superb:

    Dec 27, 2018 27:21 PM

    This month has been fantastic for the monthly XAU chart:

    Dec 28, 2018 28:08 AM

    It’s game over for the top companies that got QE and have been buying back stock. No more falsified stock price and juiced junk debt to keep the Ponzi scheme going.
    (Game over)