A Look Into Copper, The CRB, and The Fed’s Strategy To March

January 4, 2019

Doc joins me today to answer some of your questions from his last interview. We start with comments on the speech made by Powell how the markets are reacting. It is crucial to understand the Fed’s strategy into March. Then we jump into the copper market and CRB charts. These are also telling us a lot about the health of the markets and inflation.

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    Jan 04, 2019 04:09 PM

    Whatever happened to segments on energy, we used to have?

    Jan 04, 2019 04:10 PM

    Or Biotech?

    Jan 04, 2019 04:22 PM

    I hope that Al will not invite Mitt Romney on the weekend show. I’d rather hear from trader Vic. NCMGY is having a big day.

      Jan 04, 2019 04:40 PM

      You didn’t hear? Mitt will be on with Bill Kristol

        Jan 05, 2019 05:45 AM

        Or, for my Canadian friends…Ranger Gord. Isn’t Willard a dead ringer for that character?

    Jan 04, 2019 04:34 PM

    Big volume on Trevali Resources. Over 6m shares traded. I bought a bit lower a few days ago.

    Jan 04, 2019 04:38 PM

    Let’s see how the TSXV reacts at the approaching fork resistance…

    Jan 04, 2019 04:11 PM

    Head of Committee …….steals $12,000,000

      Jan 04, 2019 04:12 PM

      Why is Maxie Waters…….not in JAIL……..

      Jan 04, 2019 04:04 PM

      Inside the article …………..
      Govt has spent $6 BILLION on sound proofing walls along highways…………….
      Why, can’t they spend $5Billion on the wall for safety…………………………

        Jan 04, 2019 04:19 PM

        President Trump is learning that when your running on somebody else’s money you don’t always get your way. President Trump did the clown dance and said he was going to get Mexico to pay for the wall. Wall or no wall, this will not solve America’s problems. We spend 600 Billion for defense, and we can cough up 5B for a wall?
        I left you an answer to the Pd question on the other blog.

          Jan 04, 2019 04:20 PM


          Jan 04, 2019 04:21 PM

          Got it……….
          You need to open up the sinclair post above……….You will get a chuckle…….jmo

            Jan 04, 2019 04:26 PM

            I’ll say it again. Somebody needs to check what meds she’s on.

            Jan 04, 2019 04:28 PM

            wacky weed……..lot available in her neighborhood…….me think…….. 🙂

            Jan 04, 2019 04:31 PM

            Congress persons, need to be drug checked before entering the house……..

            Jan 04, 2019 04:44 PM

            Somebody check her socks.

            Jan 04, 2019 04:49 PM

            Tomorrow’s should be a fun day on the politic page………on the KER Politics that is…

          Jan 04, 2019 04:24 PM

          Trump said today………Mexico , will be paying thru commerce , via the new USMC agreement…(I think I have the letter correct)

      Jan 04, 2019 04:03 PM

      Her (Maxine) county, L.A. County, has 112% on the voting rolls of the entire population of voting age.

      Corruption. thievery, scum democrats.

    Jan 04, 2019 04:12 PM

    I must admit Doc, I saw the title of the segment and thought I would hear what I wanted to hear. ” that copper was going Up “.
    I must say, I still think copper is a buy right here. I’m still waiting for a buy signal, but that is soon. At least IMO.
    Look at the gold to silver ratio chart. It looks like gold is about to get hit and silver maintains a bit of value. I think gold is heading to 1055 or 1060 in the future. And I think silver has prettymuch made it’s double bottom.

    Fed comments were good. All BS from those piles of sh~t.

      Jan 04, 2019 04:36 PM

      Chartster: As long as your putting it out there you think Copper is a buy, what kind of time frame are you looking at for selling? Unless of course you have Children and are thinking of giving them your position as an inheritance.I have some warrants on the 2nd largest Au,Cu Mb deposit on the planet and was wondering.

        Jan 04, 2019 04:13 PM

        I think commodities (especially copper stocks) are about to hit a major long bull run. But I wouldn’t hold anything long term. (charting)
        Physical commodities are good long term, stocks are good short and mid term. IMO)
        I say that when I’m about to buy some oil rigs at a 10 year contract for royalties. But it’s different, because it’s a physical deal I can see and touch. I know the people and the value of the deposit (long term). I’ll do fine even if I do 60 barrels a month at 40$ without looking at it. (no chart needed)

        Jan 04, 2019 04:08 PM

        Buy low, example blood shed and sell high!

      Jan 04, 2019 04:30 PM

      Somebody just told her after Trump they get Pence. OH SNAP!

        Jan 04, 2019 04:32 PM

        Give um Pence first……..before he reads the envelope

    Jan 04, 2019 04:50 PM

    Platinum up $24 ………nice day, somebody must be reading our pages….

    Jan 04, 2019 04:59 PM

    Nothing about the very important weekly gold chart argues against Michael Oliver’s outlook:

    Jan 04, 2019 04:49 PM
    Jan 04, 2019 04:29 PM


    China today drop a MOAB (non-nuclear) Bomb (but the explosive force of a nuke from an ordinary Chinese H6K Bomber.
    The US MOAB is larger and heavier and requires a large cargo plane, not a regular bomber for the same explosive force.

    Jan 04, 2019 04:41 PM

    The Saker: “From 2018 to 2019 – a quick survey of a few trends”

    A bit of military analysis on this.

      Jan 04, 2019 04:33 PM

      off topic:

      There is a rumor circulating in DC that the marine shooting 3 days ago was not accidental, but may have been related to a plot of an attempt to assassinate Trump:

      Jan 05, 2019 05:54 AM

      b……….thanks for posting…….I thought the article was informative………jmo

    Jan 04, 2019 04:16 PM

    Matthew do you believe one more drop/washout could happen before the precious metals go much higher?

    As a side not continue to have 4 precious metals stocks from long term.

    I added impact about a month ago at .25 after your strong suggestion. Keep in mind Matthew that I personally won’t rule out another washout drop and keep a steady eye on that 14.5 gap on the weekly. However if she does drop I’m a buyer and I will buy this one anything south of .20..

    Cheers and thank you as always!

      Jan 05, 2019 05:05 AM

      Glen, if you’re talking about a washout that takes the miners to or near their recent multi year lows, then no, I don’t believe that will happen. To even have a shot at such action, there would probably have to be an outright crash in the stock market and I don’t see that either.
      If I end up wrong, I think you’re right to buy as it would surely represent a “blood in the streets” opportunity and wouldn’t last long.

        Jan 05, 2019 05:18 AM

        Thanks for your input Matt.

    Jan 05, 2019 05:14 AM

    Thanks, Dr. Copper need a Doctor.