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Welcome to the KE Report Weekend Show! This Weekend we feature a couple of our favorite guests, Rick Bensignor and Christopher Aaron.   Since...
Sat 3 Jun, 2023
John Rubino reviews the macroeconomic forces moving the general markets, commodities, and precious metals in both the near-term and...
Thu 1 Jun, 2023
Welcome to the Weekend Edition of The KE Report. On this Weekend’s Show we take a step back from these boring markets to focus...
Sat 20 May, 2023
Nick Hodge reviews key macroeconomic trends and related moves in general US equities, commodities, and resource...
Wed 10 May, 2023
Matt Badiali, Editor of the New Energy Newsletter, Published under Mangrove Investor joins us for a focus on a couple key stories out of...
Tue 25 Apr, 2023
Greg Johnson, CEO and Executive Chairman of Metallic Minerals (TSX.V:MMG – OTCQB:MMNGF), reviews recent high-grade silver drill results from the Keno Silver Project....
Thu 13 Apr, 2023
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Critical minerals have been drawing a lot of media coverage, government support and investor interest recently. I think a lot of you all know...
Tue 11 Apr, 2023
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Nick Hodge review macro investing themes commodities and resource stocks in gold, copper, oil, uranium, and...
Wed 5 Apr, 2023
John Rubino discusses resource stock investing trends in oil, nat gas, gold, uranium, and...
Mon 3 Apr, 2023
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Craig Hemke – Gold Setting Up For A Record Monthly and Quarterly Close

Craig Hemke, Founder and Editor of TF Metals Report joins us to dive into the upcoming monthly and quarterly close for gold that could be…

Thu 30 Mar, 2023

Brien Lundin – Gold Receives Safe Haven Bid Due To Macroeconomic Concerns – Are Generalist Investors Waking Up To The PM Sector?

Brien Lundin discusses the rally we’ve seen in the precious metals sector receiving a safe haven bid due macroeconomic concerns.

Thu 23 Mar, 2023
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EMX Royalty – Comprehensive Production, Development, And Exploration Update Across The Portfolio Of Royalties, Option Properties, and Strategic Share Holdings

David Cole, CEO of EMX Royalty Corp (EMX), with a comprehensive update on key production, development, and exploration portfolio assets

Wed 22 Mar, 2023
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Nick Hodge – Macroeconomic Trends And Commodity Stock Investing In Copper, Gold, and Uranium

Nick Hodge reviews macro themes and investing in copper, gold, and uranium resource stocks.

Wed 8 Mar, 2023
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John Rubino – Long And Short Trading Themes As We Await The Larger Macro Contraction To Unfold

John Rubino reviews some long commodities trades and shorting opportunities in general equities and currencies, as we await the larger macro economic contraction.   

Mon 6 Mar, 2023

Metallic Minerals – Best Copper Equivalent Drill Hole Released To Date At The La Plata Project, Along With Gold, Platinum, and Palladium

Greg Johnson, CEO of Metallic Minerals (TSX.V:MMG – OTCQB:MMNGF), reviews the recently announced best copper equivalent hole at La Plata and discusses the Keno Silver and Alluvial Gold projects as well.

Wed 1 Mar, 2023

Ecora Resources – Company Introduction to 18 Royalties Focused On Future-Facing Commodities

Marc Bishop Lafleche, CEO of Ecora Resources (TSX: ECOR) (LSE:ECOR) (OTCQX:ECRAF), with an introduction to18 royalties focused on future-facing commodities.

Wed 22 Feb, 2023

Sean Brodrick – Commodities In The Energy Sector Will Benefit From The Prevailing Macro Trends

Sean Brodrick focuses on how the macroeconomic investment trends will affect commodities like  copper, oil, natural gas, lithium, gold and silver.

Tue 21 Feb, 2023

Nick Hodge – Investing Themes For The Commodity Super-Cycle In Uranium, Lithium, Copper, And Gold

Nick Hodge reviews investing themes for the commodity super-cycle in uranium, lithium, copper, and gold.

Wed 8 Feb, 2023

Granite Creek Copper – Key Takeaways From The Preliminary Economic Assessment At The Carmacks Project

Tim Johnson, CEO of Granite Creek Copper Ltd (TSX.V:GCX – OTCQB:GCXXF) ,breaks down the key takeaways from the PEA on the Carmacks Project in the Yukon. 

Fri 20 Jan, 2023

Brien Lundin – Correlation Of PMs To US Markets and Commodities Uptrend

Brien Lundin, Editor of The Gold Newsletter joins us to share his thoughts on the correlation between gold, and gold stocks, to the US markets….

Thu 19 Jan, 2023

Robert Sinn – Precious Metals Are Continuing To Climb The Wall Of Worry

Robert Sinn, aka Goldfinger, reviews the technical and fundamental factors that have continued to drive the precious metals sector higher climbing the wall of worry.

Thu 12 Jan, 2023

Sean Brodrick – Commodities Outlook For 2023 – Energy, Precious Metals and Base Metals

Sean Brodrick, Editor at the Wealth Wave website and the Natural Resource Specialist at Weiss Ratings joins us to look across a wide range of…

Wed 4 Jan, 2023

Weekend Show – Rick Bensignor and Jesse Felder – How To Beat The Bear Market

This week was a quiet week for markets, metals and currencies, giving investors time to assess the recent pops in many markets and sectors. It…

Sat 19 Nov, 2022

Marc Chandler – Weekly Recap Of Currencies, Central Banks, Commodities, And China

Marc Chandler with a recap of the US Dollar and other currencies, central bank policies, commodities, and China’s economy.

Fri 18 Nov, 2022
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Craig Hemke – Precious Metals Retracement After The Short Squeeze – What’s Next?

Craig Hemke reviews the retracement of Short Squeeze Number 4 and the macro factors moving into year end. 

Thu 17 Nov, 2022

Weekend Show – Doc and Matt Geiger – A Fund Manager and a Technical Trader Share Their Outlooks For PMs, Commodities and Markets

On this Weekend’s Show we feature two of our favorite guests, Richard Postma (AKA Doc) and Matt Geiger. Doc provides a technical outlook focused on…

Sat 5 Nov, 2022

Marc Chandler – Jobs Data Recap With A Focus On What’s Moving Commodities So Much Today

Marc Chandler, Managing Partner at Bannockburn Global ForEx and Editor of the Marc To Market website joins us to first recap the jobs data today…

Fri 4 Nov, 2022

Richard “Doc” Postma – Monthly Market Recap Of Precious Metals, Copper, The US Dollar, Interest Rates, and Fed Policy

Richard “Doc” Postma joins us for our regular monthly market recap of gold, silver, copper, the US dollar, bonds and interest rates, and Fed policy.

Wed 5 Oct, 2022

Brent Cook – A Broad Discussion On The Health Of The Resource Sector Down To The Stocks

We are very happy to welcome Brent Cook back to the show! It’s been a while since we last had Brent on but after running…

Tue 27 Sep, 2022