Doc Jones – Thoughts on the pullback in Cryptocurrencies and the balance between investing in gold vs base metals

May 19, 2021

Doc Jones, Private Investor, joins me for an initial focus on the pullback in cryptocurrencies on the back of news out of China. He shares why he thinks cryptocurrencies hold little fundamental value especially if governments start restricting transactions. We then move to the commodities and balance investing in gold vs base metals during a commodities super cycle.

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    May 19, 2021 19:08 AM
    Overnight, JPMorgan listed another reason why bitcoin is definitely not the most crowded trade: namely because over the past two quarters, “institutional investors appear to be shifting away from bitcoin and back into traditional gold, reversing the trend of the previous two quarters.”

      May 19, 2021 19:46 AM

      Thank was the timely insight I was looking for. DOC Jones is always a pleasure to listen to has me hooked on kereport now.

      May 19, 2021 19:39 PM

      Which means? JP Morgan finally admittedly net long PM’S

    May 19, 2021 19:39 AM

    Today Bonzo sold some of his OR and bought more IRVRF@1.59
    Wonder how that will work out?