Goldfinger – Big picture gold outlook at what stocks to look at for tax loss selling season

November 29, 2021

Robert Sinn, AKA Goldfinger joins us to recap the month of November for gold and what he sees as the most significant drivers into 2022. Inflation is a key theme but it’s all about looking ahead, as markets do. We also discuss what Robert is doing for the upcoming tax loss season with so may metals stocks down for the year.




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    Nov 29, 2021 29:00 PM

    (SKE) Skeena Resources: A Top-5 Takeover Target
    Nov. 29, 2021 – Taylor Dart – Seeking Alpha

    “Skeena Resources has a very busy year ahead with step-out drilling planned for 2022, as well as a Feasibility Study for its Eskay Creek Project due in Q1.”

    “Given Skeena’s scarcity value as a low capex, high-margin asset in a Tier-1 jurisdiction, I continue to see the stock as a top-5 takeover target sector-wide.”

    Nov 29, 2021 29:10 PM

    Uber-Successful Pro Mining Investor Mark Zaret Reveals His Proven Strategy
    Mining Stock Education – Nov 23, 2021
    “Uber-Successful Pro Mining Investor Mark Zaret Reveals His Proven Strategy in this 45-minute discussion. Mark began investing in the early 1990’s and achieved a significant net worth by focusing on Canadian micro-cap companies, especially junior resource stocks. ”

    0:00 Introduction
    1:13 Mark’s background: from musician to mining stock investor
    8:32 HELOC was source of initial investing capital
    12:04 How quickly did you initially experience success?
    15:56 Developing a network & growing discernment
    19:20 Due diligence process of finding early-stage opportunities
    25:45 Mark’s method in 90’s versus today
    27:47 Your biggest mistake?
    29:56 Describe a winner and your exit strategy.
    36:06 Value investor or speculator?
    37:43 An outstanding winner
    40:40 Mark’s work with Spartan Fund Management

      Nov 29, 2021 29:22 PM

      Good information, esp. for newbies.

        Nov 29, 2021 29:23 PM

        Yeah, I thought it was an interesting discussion and Mark had a number of solid insights on how he has successfully approached investing in the resource sector.

    Nov 29, 2021 29:15 PM

    Nicole Adshead Bell – Managing Your Mining Stocks
    Soar Financial – Nov. 19, 2021
    “Managing your mining investments is extremely important. Where are we in the current cycle? We caught up with the fabulous Dr. Nicole Adshead-Bell for an SFLive Special at the Deutsche Goldmesse.”

    Nov 29, 2021 29:17 PM

    Will Rhind – No Where to Hide: Inflation Beast Leaving Few Assets to Seek Refuge In
    Stansberry Research – Nov 29, 2021
    “Inflation will not dissipate any time soon says Will Rhind, founder and CEO of Graniteshares, despite the Biden administration’s efforts to calm down the economic pressures attributed to the current inflation crisis. Rhind discusses the $7.5 trillion added in debt to the U.S.’s balance sheet since the beginning stages of Covid-19 crisis with our Daniela Cambone, and why gold is one of the only places to hide. “It’s very difficult to raise rates in this environment where we have inflation with a backdrop of record high debt levels, he argues. “Record high stock markets and record high inflation can’t go on forever,” Rhind concludes, “and when the market acknowledges there is a problem with inflation, there aren’t many places to hide.”

    Nov 29, 2021 29:36 PM

    SPQ(PMs) :
    Saturation Trend Down — for now.

      Nov 30, 2021 30:05 AM

      ‘Now’ was possibly Friday and Monday.
      Note the many ‘tweezer’ bottoms:

        Nov 30, 2021 30:59 AM

        Long BSENF.

          Nov 30, 2021 30:41 AM

          Stopped out.

        Nov 30, 2021 30:01 AM

        Nope: Dollar turn higher.
        Powell testimony?

    Nov 29, 2021 29:37 PM

    Challenges, Opportunities & the Road Ahead for Growing Gold Producers
    6ix events – Nov 23, 2021
    > Chris Jordaan – President and Chief Executive Officer of Superior Gold (SGI)

    > Paul Huet – Chairman & CEO of Karora Resources (KRR)

    > Aneel Waraich – Executive VP & Director, Steppe Gold (STGO)

      Nov 30, 2021 30:24 AM

      (SGI) Superior Gold Reports on Continued Signficant Intersects as it Continues to Open the 1.6km Long Western Mining Front at Plutonic

      – 29 Nov 2021
      – Drill hole UDD24581 intersected 53.6 g/t gold over 2.7 metres, including 192.1 g/t over 0.7 metres
      – Drill hole UDD24589A intersected 11.9 g/t gold over 7.6 metres, including 108.4 g/t over 0.6 metres

    Nov 29, 2021 29:10 PM

    Must be a SLOW DAY…………..
    Silver going no where………. time to accumulate…. … but, I am stacked to the hilt…. LOL

      Nov 29, 2021 29:02 PM

      Hi Jerry,

      History tells me the bears are indecisive and not really professing there Prophecy of being 100% sure we are headed lower.

      Coincidentally the bulls are all in hiding and scared we might be headed lower in the miners.

      Then you have the in between not willing to put there head out there like me but are quick to attack when I post lol.

      Fair enough to all.. I honestly think 90% don’t have a clue which way we are headed. Which tells you how few make big money in this game.

      Last time I asked only one person came out and said they were interested in what I had to say. It is quite sad that more don’t either come out and be grateful or that more don’t participate. This board was dead yesterday and today with only ex posting pretty much. Tells me the sentiment 100%

      The bulls are throwing in the towel and the bears do t want to jinx it. Sentiment is the worse I have seen even worse imo then the low we had a while ago.

      I had this feeling today that everyone seems to believe the same thing. And it struck me that if we all line up and believe in three/ four months the miners will bottom and double bottom like doc said is in play then the whole world knows this? Which means it’s to obvious right! Can we all be lined up 100% for the ultimate bottom and low and we all ride up to the sunshine?

      I’m not quite convinced… it does seem realistic but I think we put a stance tonight and we don’t break lower. I favor And still believe December won’t be a sell off like many predict. I think we may hold and I think we are in what looks to be a defending wedge that will oscillate for a few more months and then break up.

      Let’s see what gives


        Nov 29, 2021 29:23 PM

        Today was for buying. It’s that simple.

        Nov 30, 2021 30:07 AM

        Inflation is not going anywhere but……….. UP………..
        Got to have that phyz……….. Long term…… nothing has changed…. Long Term…..
        Try buying some gold for $1048……….. lol….

          Nov 30, 2021 30:10 AM

          Two Morons speaking this week…..for the cabal….. Yellow, and Yellon…… lol…….
          Greg Mannorino calls…. Powell, yellow stain….

            Nov 30, 2021 30:15 AM

            Tues……. last day of the Month…… and Wack….. right on schedule…..
            Got to keep gold down,….. lol…… what a game….

            Palladium………. going down…. $1690…..
            vs… platinum….. holding… ok….

            Nov 30, 2021 30:52 AM

            Old Yellow stain…………. (from zerohedge)
            … and then moments ago none other than Jerome Powell put to rest any further debate on the topic of transitory vs permanent inflation:


            Nov 30, 2021 30:27 AM

            Palladium…….. $1660……….. when is the last time you saw that price….. still needs to go lower….

    Nov 30, 2021 30:42 AM

    Ramby exited ALL his PM positions on Friday. He is back to “neutra” until things improve…..cautious as always. Says he won’t know for a few weeks if he was wrong or right about his decision.

      Nov 30, 2021 30:54 AM

      Confused, thank you as always. I’m not surprised he’s out but I have a feeling he will soon be back in. If so, he will probably be shaken out one more time before the end of the year.

    Nov 30, 2021 30:53 AM

    Today;s miner action. No comment…

    Nov 30, 2021 30:18 AM

    Santacruz SCZ, for what it’s worth if there is anyone left in this pm market.

      Nov 30, 2021 30:50 AM

      Added to my Santacruz this AM

    Nov 30, 2021 30:33 AM

    Defiance Silver, DEF. My new biggest holding, it seems to have a great leverage with silver IMHO, which shouldn’t be trusted as I have had a terrible trading year with a few ‘life’ things happening this year for me.

      Nov 30, 2021 30:25 PM

      Hi Dan – I like Defiance Silver as well, especially at the depressed current valuation, and we are working on getting them on the show in the next few weeks, so stay tuned for an update. Cheers!

    Nov 30, 2021 30:57 AM

    For those long term followers of Theralase since they were a Sponsor of the Kereport, they put out a quarterly report and stats on progress in their Phase 2 Human Testing of Bladder cancer. The results look favorable and there has been a small pop in price. Any upward movement in the price of tlt.v or tltff is usually met with resistance. Yesterday before the news, Theralase moved up 4.46 %, which caught evreyone sleeping. But, today it gapped up and has been running +15 to over 20%. Not sure if it will move as it hardly ever does…but there is always that chance that fundamentals might matter.

    Nov 30, 2021 30:46 AM

    Gold was off to the races this morning until Chairman Powell claimed we will see more aggressive tapering of asset purchases. What the message really say’s is Quack, Quack! It works for now but Quack, Quack, will lead to Smack, Smack, as the markets realize the only tools they have left at The Fed is Quack, Quack. DT

    Nov 30, 2021 30:29 AM

    Larry Pesavento this morning (noon NY Time):

    Nov 30, 2021 30:50 AM

    more of the same going nowhere fast. still sitting with long range calls on some golds and puts on the techs. One of these should tell the tale and hopefully more than pay for the other.