Colibri Resources – Exploration Update At The Evelyn Gold Project And The Pilar Property

Ian McGavney, COO of Colibri Resources (TSX.V:CBI – OTC:CRUCF) joins us to provide an exploration update at both the Company flagship Evelyn Gold Project and the Pilar Property in Sonora Mexico.


We start with reviewing the Phase 1A drill program from Evelyn Gold Project, which was paused on December 18 for the 2021 holiday season after having completed a total of 3,122 metres of Reverse Circulation (“RC”) drilling in 22 holes. The drilling will resume in Phase 1b to follow up on other successful surface and trenching work, along with targets generate from IP and geophysics work.  The balance of the fully funded 10,000 meter drill program will proceed after that as Phase 2 and will continue to explore the El Sahuaro and Main Zone area at the Cerro Rojo target.


At the Pilar Property, also in Sonora Mexico, the Option Partner Tocvan Ventures (CSE: TOC) has started done some trenching and the plan to drill 5,000 to 8,000 meters, and we’ll be following along as more of those assays are released as 2022 unfolds.  Ian also mentioned that their other 3 projects in the Sierra Madre: the El Mezquite Gold & Silver Project , the Jackie Gold & Silver Project, and the Diamante Gold & Silver Project are getting work this year through option earn-in agreements by Silver Spruce Resources (TSXV: SSE) 


We also discussed that the Company has purchased their own RC Drill Rig, and has a competent and experienced crew to run it, as highlighted on the January 11th, news release.   This will allow for greater optionality in exploration, as well as a means of lowering costs.


Please email us with any follow up questions for Ian regarding Colibri Resources. Out email addresses are and

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      ‘2022 will prove to be a nasty year for almost all asset classes except for PM stocks which has seen the majority of their move down…’

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