Zacatecas Silver – A Company Introduction To The Zacatecas Silver Exploration Project and Esperanza Gold Development Project In Mexico

Bryan Slusarchuk, CEO of Zacatecas Silver Corp (TSX.V:ZAC – OTC:ZCTSF) joins us to provide a comprehensive introduction to the Company’s strategy at both projects in Mexico; the Zacatecas Silver Project along the Sierra Madre Belt in the Zacatecas Silver Mining District and the Esperanza Gold Project  located in Morelos State.


We start off with an overview of the prior drilling at the Zacatecas Silver Project, and the historic resource estimated at 16 million ounces of 175 g/t silver, with a higher grade core within that of 5 million ounces of 225 g/t silver.  The company has been having drill success at the Panuco target, and is also moving more exploration focus to the Panuco North target, and has several other exploration targets in cue to receive drilling as 2022 unfolds.


Next we pivoted over to the new Company acquisition of the Esperanza Gold Project, and the deal and payment terms struck with Alamos Gold (AGI), which is now the largest shareholder of Zacatecas Silver, with other key stakeholders being Eric Sprott, management, and some key specialist precious metals funds that came in on the recent $19 million over-subscribed financing.   With over 70,000 meters of prior drilling and an economic report to work off of, Bryan feels their competent team can move this Project through the permitting and Environmental Impact Assessment at a fairly good pace, and there will be some resource expansion drilling and derisking work on tap here for 2022.


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    Mar 24, 2022 24:27 PM

    Thanks. Interested in this one. Now to listen.

      Mar 24, 2022 24:41 PM

      Yes, it’s a pretty interesting story, and I’ve been following Bryan’s career for a while, and did very well in K92 Mining (KNT) from 2018-2020, and have been interested in what he’s been doing since then over at Fosterville South (FSX), but it hasn’t really gotten traction in the market yet. We’ll be having Bryan on soon to update us on things are going in Western Australia on that one soon.

      With regards to Zacatecas Silver, it was Doc Jones that really highlighted them to Cory & I, and he mentioned them in his last interview here on the KE Report, so we all got together to review this one. I’m encouraged by the exploration potential at their Zacatecas Silver project, but ultimately see that the Esperanza Gold project, being so advanced already and having a key big boy partner in Alamos Gold (another mid-tier producer I hold a position in), could be the same template from development into production that this team already did at K92 Mining, as Bryan mentioned in this interview. That is very intriguing to me. Also, I think he mentioned the historic economic study on Esperanza projected 100,000 ounces per year of gold production, so that comment also got my attention today.

      Another plus is that Chris Wilson is involved from Mantaro Precious Metals, who we’ve had on the show before and he’s a seriously successful geologist. Also having John Lewis from KNT on the board of directors is very nice due to his vast experience in the mining industry.