Sean Brodrick – Commodities, What’s Still To Run higher?

April 19, 2022

Sean Brodrick, Natural Resource Analyst at Weiss Ratings joins me to focus on a range of commodities. With commodities continuing to show strength we isolate the certain commodities that Sean thins will continue higher and the areas he is looking for a small pullback before taking positions. We discuss energy, mostly oil, gas and uranium as well as agricultural commodities.




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    Apr 19, 2022 19:06 PM

    BOIL fell as much as 27% since yesterday’s high and I doubt that a new high will be happening soon.

    Apr 18, 2022
    Today is likely to mark a high for BOIL…

    Apr 19, 2022 19:27 PM

    Silver/gold stock bulls have 3 days to fix the currently ugly weekly price candle.

    Apr 20, 2022 20:06 AM

    wow for real ukraine war is massive and we need to do more lets give Putin chance to retire and go fishing in Siberian lakes . Copper stocks are making money for me. gold stocks not much good ——– but gold producers that also mine copper or zinc are doing well . also have USL a 12 month futures contract etf on oil . presently at a small loss –expect tomake 20% . up move . Herschel Walker rep senate candidate looks like a loser . He was on tv saying the world is only 5000 years old he was against Evolution — he is an ignorant person who is endorsed by d j trump because he was a football player who likes Trumpet mouth . Trump and Putin are CACA . RSH

      Apr 20, 2022 20:34 PM

      Psycho Pelosi claimed that increased U.S. government spending would help decrease the national debt and bring down inflation yet half the population is stupid enough to support her and her kind. Such people should be ridiculed ruthlessly or at least ignored.