The technical levels to watch for the S&P and a couple trades as we end earnings season
The overall environment for gold, gold stocks, and financings continues to be strong
How irrational markets can play havoc on investors psyche
US Markets continue to ignore the protests but look to the US Dollar which is breaking lower
Exclusive insights on the US nuclear industry and changes underway
O3 Mining – Recapping a $35million Bought Deal Financing, Marban PEA, and Option To Acquire the Aubrel Mill from QMX
Hour 2 – Politics
Hour 1 – This hour is dedicated to everyone looking to invest in metals stocks
Liquidity is helping investors ignore all the global tension and weak economic data
Weighing the Upside vs Downside Risk For Precious Metals
During this rotation in the markets continue to focus on the leading sectors
Cartier Resources – Recapping the recent drill results from the newest discovery zone
Market wrap focused on the escalating tensions between the US and China
A look ahead to the Fed meeting in 2 weeks
Weighing Jurisdiction Risk For Metals Stocks In The New COVID World
Precious Metals Outlook and The Upcoming Exploration Season in North America
The opportunities in gold and uranium stocks
A technical outlook on gold and gold stocks correction
The rotation trade continues, central bank news out of Europe, and an outlook for safe-haven assets
What could possibly change this optimism bull?