Last week did some serious damage to the gold and silver markets
Skeena Resources – A Look Into The PEA
Hour 2 – Politics and Finance
Hour 1 – All About Volatility in US Markets and Metals
We recap the key market moves and news from this week
Awale Resources – A Discussion on the 3,000 meter drill program at the OdiennĂ© Gold Project
Maple Gold Mines – More Information On The New Resource at the Douay Project
The Factors Driving Gold Higher Have Now Turned… But For How Long?
China Gold International Resources – An Introduction, Let Me Know Your Thoughts
Trade Fears Disappointing and Precious Metals Falling Hard – Here Are The levels To Watch
Just how much damage was done to PMs after the selloff yesterday?
Where we stand in terms of the “everything bubble”
This is a very tough precious metals market to trade
A Big Picture Look At US Market Highs and The Big Drop In PMs
What’s driving the aggressive move out of PMs and bonds
Bitcoin – A Technical Outlook and Comments On The Safe Haven Argument
Portfolio strategies to keep you protected but not miss out on the market gains
A Discussion on Top Down Investing vs Bottom Up Investing
Hour 2 – Politics and The Gold Market
Hour 1 – Big Picture Trends For Money Flows – Global Markets and Risk Off Assets