Week ending comments from Doc
A little change of pace – We chat about the housing market
The Fed meeting and the elections – will either move these markets?
Now is the time to have a look at some beat down energy stocks 
Gary Savage’s take on the markets for today.
Bob’s take on the markets.
Stay Nimble My Friends!
Rick is not particularly optimistic at this point.
Here what is driving the conventional markets 
A Market wrap with Chris and Gary – Tying the markets into gold
The latest from Gary Christenson
Wednesday and The Doctor Is In
Gary and Chris switch from comments on the conventional markets to comments on precious metals.
Russia Adds A Record 1.2 Mil Ounces Of Gold To Its Reserves
Chris and Gary discuss the conventional markets.
The Doctor is Finally In
Market Commentary from Peter Grandich
Gary is exercising a little patience.
The perception of gold has changed and this will cause upward price movement.
Monday and The Doctor Is In