The Bitcoin Bear Market and The EOS vs Ethereum Debate
CoT Reports for Gold and Treasuries and Looking Ahead To The Jackson Hole Meeting This Week
Hour 1 – Treasuries, Metals, Central Banks, A Run On The USD
Hour 2 Politics
A Rotation Of Money Is Underway
The Important Shift From QE To QT
A Time For A Portfolio Rebalancing
Is Gold Now Finally Due For A Bounce
Updated Technical Levels For Gold, GDX, and US Markets
The Breakdown In Copper Continues… But Why?
The Potential Explosion In Inflation
Skeena Resources – New Drill Targets At Snip And Drilling Underway At Eskay Creek
The Larger Trade Picture
Big Picture – Safe Haven US Everything, Metals Under Pressure, Will The Fed React?
We discuss tariffs with Jeff Ferry of The Coalition for a Prosperous America
Hour 2 – Politics – Social Issues
Hour 1 – Here’s What’s Wrong With The Metals Sector
The European Banking Issues Intensify
What Will It Take To Truly Turn The Resource Sector
Comments On US Markets And Gold