Movements in the Markets
Here are Al and Cory’s thoughts on the markets this week and month
Friday Commentary from Gary
Comments on the markets and a price target for silver
Little Green Men?
Docs comments on the precious metals and oil
Is it a good time to have money riding on the markets?
Fundamentals or cycles or technicals which will win?
A bit late, here is our Market Close for Wednesday
Doc’s outlook for the potential of another QE and gold and silver.
As requested a focus on the energy sector
Gary remains focused on the US dollar decline which will move gold up
A lot to talk about again for our round table market wrap
Will this market continue to comeback and why did gold’s rally stall?
We can not attribute the move up in the markets to only the Fed!
Tuesday Morning Commentary from Rick Ackerman
Turnaround Tuesday and a rough day for gold – what does Gary think?
A comprehensive round table market wrap
What the Doctor has to say about the markets.
Commentary on the Turmoil from Chris