Our Thoughts On The Fed Statement
Raghee’s Positioning Into The Fed Statement
Gold’s Setup Into The Fed Statement – Spec Positioning, Breadth, and Breakouts In Foreign Currencies
A Conversation On The Factors Driving Gold and Silver
Central Bank Policy With A Consideration For Gold
Comments on the moves in gold, oil, and the USD
Central Bank Easing… Will It Actually Help Struggling Economies Around The World?
Updated Targets For Bitcoin
Balancing the risk/reward in a low interest rate world
Diving into resource estimates, PEAs, PFSs and other economic studies
Hour 1 – The USD, Gold, and A Couple Gold Stocks
Weekend Show Preview – Comments on Gold and a site visit to Cartier Resources
US Markets, Gold, and The USD
Miramont Resources – More Information On The Phase 2 Drill Program and Updated Permits
Lesser Talked About Commodities and US Market Outlook
The Movements In Large Cap vs Small Cap Resource Stocks
The Importance Of An Exit Plan For Resource Companies
Thoughts on Great Bear, Westhaven, and Nevada Exploration
Doc Weighs In On The Recent Moves In Gold – With Charts!
The set up for gold and the USD is key to watch right now