Hour 1 – A Focus On Resource Investing and An Exclusive Interview on the Equinox/LeaGold Merger
Auryn Resources – Following up on the news today regarding the age of rocks at the Sombrero Project
Trade Developments and Bears Are Throwing In The Towel for US Markets
Novo Resources – Updates on the investment in Kalamazoo Resources, sorting trails underway, and possible mill purchase for Beatons Creek
Here are Doc’s updated thoughts on gold, GDX, and the US Markets
Lessons for investing in junior stocks – Never bet everything on a singe drill campaign
Data and central bank easiness could continue to push markets higher
Silver Viper Minerals – Recent High Grade Results Expanding On The New El Rubi Discovery Zone
Gold vs Silver – Which sector has you most bullish for 2020?
Palamina Corp. – With the DIA secured for the Coasa Gold Project here’s what’s coming next
What are the odds of the recent highs in gold and GDX getting taken out?
Trading strategies for metals stocks – Following Eric Sprott and following drill results
Auryn Resources – Updating the progress on the Sombrero Project DIA and other exploration updates
Rick’s comments on Gold, GDX, USD, and the US Markets
Skeena Resources – Recapping the recent high grade results from Eskay
S&P Resistance Levels While Balancing Out The Risk On/Risk Off Trade
Levels to watch for gold and GDX and comments on the recent Skeena drill results
Recapping Banks Earnings, Short Squeezes in Bigger Named Stocks, and Cannabis Bouncing
What does the crazy start for US markets, the USD, and gold mean for investors?
IsoEnergy – Updating the recently closed financing and drill program for 2020