The Concept Of Picking A Top Or Bottom
New Dimension Resources – An New Resource Coming This Month
Hour 2 – Remembering The Financial Crisis
Hour 1 – The Sectors That Are Catching Our Eye
The Long Term Charts Tell A Very Different Story For The USD and Bonds
For A Contrarian Investor Is The Depression In Metals Finally In The Sweet Spot
Oracle Energy – Just Listed With A Focus Of Near Term Production In The Eagle Ford Area
Apple and Amazon Over $1 Trillion Market Cap – What’s That’s Telling Us About The Markets
Osisko Metals – Key Event Timelines Moving Forward
Why This Generalist Analysis Is Paying Attention To Gold Now
Sabina Gold and Silver – Updates On Back River and Hackett
The Major Factors Driving The USD
How Far Can This Bump In Metals Go?
Auryn Resources – A Comprehensive Update
The Divergence Between US and Asian Markets
An Extreme To Consider In The Recent Job Data
Comments on Cannabis, Oil, Natural Gas, and Gold
Comments on Gold, GDX and Oil
Metalla Royalty and Streaming – Further Details On The Santa Gertrudis Royalty
Rate Hike Odds Into Next Year and A Recap Of End Of Cycle Data