Looking at Huawei’s roll in the US/China trade war
Hour 2 – Politics – US/China Trade and The Issues Facing Joe Biden
Hour 1 – US Markets, Bonds, and Metals
The Question Everyone Is Asking… Will US Markets Break Higher Or Break Down?
Recapping the trade events of the week and corresponding impacts on the currency markets
Metals getting hit but it’s a story of gold vs other metals
New open interest contracts in gold just this week are keeping a cap on price moves
Treasuries, Oil, and Gold – What’s Important To Watch Both Fundamentally and Geo -Politically
Charts That Interest Us – Gold Monthly, GDX, Dow and Dow:Gold Ratio
Silver Miners; Can They Bounce From This Key Support Test?
Wrapping Up The Couple Headlines That Drove Markets Higher Today
Comments on the sale of Atlantic Gold
Cypress Development – Answering your questions on production metrics and the general resource
Insights Into Bitcoin – It This The New Preferred Safe Haven Investment?
Gold/Silver ratio approaching 90 – It’s only happened 1 other time
Bitcoin Bouncing, Trumps Tweets Driving The Markets, IPO Comparisons, and A Lawsuit Against Apple
Doc is back with some general comments on the markets and trade wars
Trade War Escalation Shift Money To Risk Off Assets
Goldplay Exploration – Recapping trench results from the greenfield areas
Hour 2 – Politics