Hour 1 – Election Impacts On Markets and Gold Stock Portfolios
Are investors overly complacent right now?
An optimistic outlook for gold and gold stocks through July
With such few sectors outperforming now is the time to stick to the leaders – This includes gold stocks
Look to the smaller gold stocks as a barometer of optimism and speculation in the sector
How are Geo-Politics impacting the markets and metals
Integra Resources – Overview of the DeLamar Property with a focus on the exploration drilling this year
Now that the first half of the year is over here’s what will drive US markets and gold for the next 6 months
Great Bear Webinar Replay
Gold breaking out and stocks continuing to get a bid higher
Ero Copper – Introduction to this large miner with major exploration plans
Gold, silver, and copper all moving higher – Here’s what matters in the markets right now
Blackrock Gold – A Focus on the new Tonopah Project in Nevada with drills turning
Now is the time to focus on the metals companies with attractive work programs underway
US markets and gold stocks – Are the summer doldrums around the corner?
Skeena Resources – A Comprehensive Drilling Update With Maps and Videos
Metalla Royalty and Streaming – Recapping the royalty acquisition this year and more information on the recent Coeur Mining deal
Hour 2 – Politics
Hour 1 – Markets and Metals – The Relationship Between Gold Stocks and the US Markets
The Fed’s Balance Sheet, Gold, and Key Dates For Next Week