Please listen to this political/social commentary and forward it to your friends if you feel it is appropriate.
Any of you have an opinion on this? (I keep remembering what Glen Downs said about “banana republics!)
Talk about a sensitive situation!
If you happen to believe the commandment to “love your neighbor”, the Pope is unfortunately correct.
Are we really right around the corner from a serious depression?
Obamacare could be in real trouble.
Dr. Carson’s official stance on America – Opinions?
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Brought tears to my eyes and this is why I will never give up!
Government is now definitely playing a much larger role in personal affairs.
News from The Hill
Take a break and watch this incredible video courtesy of my friend Fred Wong.
Here is Al’s official notification about an upcoming purchase of shares.
I guess I got lucky and was right a short while ago!
A very important comment from Listener JLG
This is an absolutely amazing statement!
Charles Barkley makes some interesting comments on the record.
Message from Walt Biondi