Dr. Carson’s official stance on America – Opinions?
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Brought tears to my eyes and this is why I will never give up!
Government is now definitely playing a much larger role in personal affairs.
News from The Hill
Take a break and watch this incredible video courtesy of my friend Fred Wong.
I guess I got lucky and was right a short while ago!
A very important comment from Listener JLG
This is an absolutely amazing statement!
Charles Barkley makes some interesting comments on the record.
Message from Walt Biondi
Nancy Pelosi: Civilization ‘In Jeopardy’ If GOP Takes Senate
Obama’s War Plan Rattles Nervous Democrats as Midterms Approach
Old news that is worth remembering.
Here is an interesting picture that, to me, says it all about the situation in Ukraine!
Helping kids
Here is what I think about Clifton Star Resources
The Other Side – I just sourced this report. If you can, please tell me it is not true!