News from American Manganese
Merk Webinar: Outlook & Fund Update TODAY at 4:15pm ET
Comments on US Treasury data – Flows into and out of Treasuries
An interesting summary of Obama’s recent pardons. All followed by a review of the new movie, “The Silence”
Rick Ackerman and Big Al comment on ” Obama’s Jews and Trump’s Jews” A really interesting article.
The Financial Post comments on Telson Resources
Avrupa Minerals reviews events of 2016 and discusses plans for 2017
KER Politics – Two Hits and a Miss (From The Ron Paul Institute)
Rumors of other central banks following the Fed with raising rates
Mariana just released the PEA on the Hot Maden Project
KER Politics – Doc and Big Al opine on the actions for Friday called by the website “Crimethinc”
Exeter Secures Second Water Source – Outlines Pathway for First Stage Development of Caspiche Oxides
KER Politics, Grant Williams provides insights into the Chinese psyche and points out mistakes that he could be making with them.
Why Economists Can’t Get It Right
KER Politics – How will the new administration deal with The Peoples’ Republic of China
An introduction to American Manganese from a happy shareholder.
News on Natcore that you should be watching
KER Politics: Our view on Donald Trump’s press conference
VIX remains low vs policy uncertainty at all-time highs
Big Al and Doc opine on how they would like to see universal healthcare work in the United States