Chris and I opine on The Middle East: Part 2
Chris and I opine on the Middle East: Part 1
Hour 1 – Investing And Markets – Commodities and Stocks To Consider
Hour 2 – KER Politics
Making Some Sense Of The Volatility In US Markets and Metals
More Market Shakiness With Metals Buying Time
Volatility Across The Board – Here Is What’s Important
Gold and Silver Prices With Stock Commentary
Unique Silver Positions, Financing Discrepancies, And An Update From Novo Resources
Recapping The PDAC And Tariff News
Markets And Stock Commentary – Tariffs, Copper, Gold, and US Equities
A Full 2 Hours On Gold, Interest Rates, and Debt
Market Volatility, PMs Recent Bounce, And A Special Novo Update
Assessing Recent Volatility In US Markets and Commodities
Market Volatility And Treasuries Are The Key Markets To Watch
Metals and Political Commentary For An Interesting January
Breakouts and Breakdowns Early On In 2018
Comments on Metals, The FANG Stocks, Bitcoin, and Trump’s First Year
The Commodities Uptrend and Economic Growth
The Last Weekend Show Of 2017!