Hour 2 – Royalty Roundtable – What you need to know when investing in royalty companies
Hour 1 – Jesse Felder, Doc and Doc Jones – Inflation and Commodities
Fund Managers discuss the markets and metals
A focus on gold and silver demand and stocks to keep an eye on
Big Picture US Markets vs Commodities and Silver vs Uranium
A couple different takes on the infrastructure bill for resource investors
Commodities outlook balanced with the USD rebound
Adrian Day, Jeff Christian, and Mike Larson – Recap The Fed Meeting, Markets, and Commodities
Comments on the Re-Opening trade balanced with a couple metals stocks that are of interest
Powell’s Comments, US Markets, Gold, and Oil – It’s important to focus on the big picture
What’s the deal with gold’s breakdown?
Featuring Jesse Felder and Rick Bensignor – The big picture of a breakout in Commodities and yields
Markets and Metals -Topics this week include Inflation, a Commodities Super Cycle, and Battery Metal Stocks
Here’s what happened in the silver market this week and what it means moving forward
Discussing the Short Squeeze trend and where it’s going. Plus an update from Gold Bull Resources
Featuring Jeff Christian and Rick Bensignor – Insights on Commodities, the USD, Interest Rates, and Inflation
Market and Commodity Comments from a Fund Manager and Currency Analyst
2021 is going to be wild so we talk investment strategies for commodities and US Markets
A look back to the best metals investments in 2020 and what’s exciting into 2021