Hour 1 – A Look Into 2019
Hour 1 – Signs Of US Market Weakness and How To Avoid Poorly Managed Resource Companies
Hour 1 – Focusing On The Good Metals Companies
Hour 1 – Here’s What’s Wrong With The Metals Sector
Hour 1 – Metals with Cryptos And Real Estate
Gold and Silver Prices With Stock Commentary
Analyzing 2017, Stock Suggestions, And Political Comments On The News This Week
Adrian Day Extended Conversation – US Markets, Currencies, and Gold Stocks
Fed Rate Hike and How It Impacts Gold Stocks
Gold stuck in limbo with the US economy continuing to struggle
Mining Companies and the US Markets
reasons to be optimistic today
Resource Bull Markets, Golds Volatility and the Brexit Vote
Adrian Day – An inside look at the Brexit vote and how it impacts gold
Gold, geopolitical issues and stocks
The Fed and Gold in 2016
From the 2015 New Orleans Investment Conference
Junior Gold Mining Sector
From the Metals & Minerals Investment Conference
A great panel discussion from San Francisco featuring Rick Rule, Adrian Day, yours truly, Jay Taylor and Jim Dines