Hour 1 – The Key Characteristics To Understand This Market Pullback
Myrmikan Research – How Wall Street Uses The Capital Asset Pricing Model to Snooker Investors
Gold Market Decline – Look To Emerging Markets
2 Full Hours Of Market And Resource Sector Commentary! Hour 1
Hour 1 – The USD Impacting Emerging Markets and Metals
Market Volatility And Treasuries Are The Key Markets To Watch
Rising Yields and Gold Are The New Trend
Uranium and End Of Cycle Thinking
Central Banks and Inflation, Investing in Energy Metals, and Optimism in the US
Continuation from Segment 1 – Bitcoin vs. Gold
Bitcoin vs. Gold, US Markets, Inflation, and Iran
US Equity Markets At All Time Highs But Look Behind The Scenes
Gold and Commodities Pullback From US and International Drivers
The current gold correction in context
Gold stuck in limbo with the US economy continuing to struggle
The Economics of Gold Mining
Precious Metals Moves and Is That Inflation We Are Seeing?
Dan Oliver – The end of the credit cycle will drive gold
A Focus on the Health of Gold Companies and International Gold Demand
Trumpenomics – Its impact on the economy and resources