A Look At The Area Play Around Novo Resources
A Focus on Gold and Gold Stocks
Central Banks, Metals, Currencies, and Political Turmoil
Worries about the markets and an updated from a Novo site visit
John Kaiser: Reading between the lines of the Novo Resources bulk sample news
Exclusive Live Coverage From The Sprott Natural Resource Symposium
John Kaiser: Comment on The News From Novo Resources
Recapping The First Half Of 2017 – Gold, Markets, and Politics
Fed Rate Hike and How It Impacts Gold Stocks
John Kaiser – A look inside the junior mining space
Key News Of The Week For Investors
John Kaiser – Company updates and data on the total money raised in March
Opportunities in the resource space and turnaround sectors
John Kaiser: The change in investor mentality for resource companies
Gold Stock Commentary and Free Trade
Hour 1 – Investing – The markets looking ahead to a Trump Presidency
In-depth coverage on the markets and gold stocks
Views on Gold
Attitude Toward Gold
Markets and Company Updates