Gold, Energy, Geopolitical Factors and Politics
John Kaiser and Doc discuss the state of the junior market
The Current Situation
The changing role of geopolitics in the markets
The direction of the conventional markets
Stronger US economy will be good for precious metal prices
Why America needs a new direction
US Dollar, credible sources of information and immigration
Iraq, Eric Cantor, markets and a potential cancer cure
Doc and John Kaiser discuss the resource sector.
The gold market on a worldwide level
Market wrap, alternative media around the world, and the deteriorating situation in the Ukraine.
Recent comments from John Kaiser on Clifton Star and others.
Thoughts from John Kaiser
John Kaiser recommends Exeter Resources
John Kaiser recommends Falco Pacific
John Kaiser recommends Clifton Star Resources
John Kaiser recommends Orex Minerals
John Kaiser recommends Rye Patch Gold
John Kaiser’s views on NuLegacy Gold