Hour 1 – A Look Into 2019
Hour 1 – Coverage on Gold, Oil, Ecuador, and The Fed
Brexit, ECB Meeting, France, and Canada vs. China – There’s a lot going on to wrap up 2018
The Statements Out Of China and The US Are Not As Similar As The Media Is Presenting
4 Key Events Heading Into Year End
4 Key Unknowns For The Markets Globally
The Oil Market Is Telling Us A Lot
Post Election – Any Changes Coming From The Government or The Fed?
Has The US Economy Peaked?
The Bigger Europe Picture and China To The Rescue Of Their Markets
Canadian Dollar Correlation To The S&P, Currency Manipulators, and A Shift In Investor Sentiment
China Tinkering With It’s Reserve Requirements
Big Picture Thoughts On The New NAFTA Deal
Recapping The Fed Statement and A Comment On The Canadian Dollar
Rate Hike Odds Into Next Year and A Recap Of End Of Cycle Data
This Week’s Key Events – Trade and Jobs Data
A New NAFTA Deal and What Does The Fed Consider A Neutral Fed Funds Rate
The Larger Trade Picture
China/US Tension and The 10 Year Stuck Below 3%
Is Trump Or The Fed In Control Of The Markets?