Panel Discussion – Metal Stocks and Sectors
Friday Gold Report from the Chicago Resource Expo
From the Chicago Resource Expo we discuss the future of the Resource Sector
Okay Marc, here is the scoop on Brazialian (actually Brazil) Resources
The future of the U.S. dollar, global warming, gold, energy
Companies, the base metal sector, keeping your head straight, and, of course big government
The scoop on thoreum
Now it’s Mickey Fulp’s turn to opine on uranium
Investing and the growth of the entitlement mentality
From the San Francisco Hard Asset Investment Conference
All over the map this week, but there is a method to our madness!
Whew! What a week
The importance of education, the current state of the stock markets and general economic conditions and their effects on these markets
Mining 101: Ep 11. Resource vs. Reserve
Big Al and Mickey Fulp begin a new series designed to teach listeners the basics of geology
Relationship between charitable work, politics and the resource industry
Commodities and companies
Politics and Precious Metals – Hang on to your hats! We get a little controversial this weekend!
How can you not talk about the severity of the deficit and its impact on investing when our politicians don’t seem to want to do anything but push their own personal agendas?
If We Don’t Like our Dependence on the Middle East Why Not Use Our Own Natural Gas?” Thoughts from Al and Mickey Fulp