We cover it all – Canadian dollar and rate cut, oil price, conventional markets, and gold
Doc Discusses Theralase from a Technical Standpoint
Miraculins Announces 2015 Plans for its Scout DS® Non-Invasive Diabetes Screening Technology
Tuesday Morning Views from Chris
Theralase Files US Patent Application for Increased Targeting of Photo Dynamic Therapy
Maybe we made a good call last week.
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How much money has come into the resource industry since October?
Doc has some differing comments on the currencies and gold
Top headline of the day – Chinese markets fall almost 8%
Going to be an interesting week.
European Events
Market Wrap with The Guys
Gold will be higher by the end of the year… but there might be a couple bumps in the road
Friday Commentary from Chris
Our Official Current Stance on Gold
Trader Tracks coverage on Santacruz Silver
The Swiss announcement will have an impact on the markets for quite some time