Portfolio strategies to keep you protected but not miss out on the market gains
A Discussion on Top Down Investing vs Bottom Up Investing
Hour 2 – Politics and The Gold Market
Hour 1 – Big Picture Trends For Money Flows – Global Markets and Risk Off Assets

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A valuable recap of the global economic data from this week
November will be very important for the USD!
International markets breaking to highs and overall risk tolerance
The possibility of a new high in gold in the face of increasing open interest
What’s Driving Gold and Comments On Gold Juniors
Recapping the Fed Press Conference and US Economic Data From Today
How the recent Canadian Election will impact the Canada energy sector
US Markets vs Precious Metals – Sentiment, Fed Policy, and Fund Flows
Brian Leni writes what he thinks of O3 Mining
This Week Is More Then Just The Fed
With Markets At All Time Highs Look To Breadth and The VIX

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