When Looking At The US Markets You Cannot Ignore China

Segment 1 and 2: Medical Industry expert James Farley discusses aspects of the American health care payer system Segment 3…

Hour 1 – A Close Look Into The Key Drivers Behind The Run In Precious Metals
A Look Into Copper, The CRB, and The Fed’s Strategy To March
Some Key Comments Made By Powell Today!
A Lot Is Going Right For The PMs Right Now
The Apple News Could Just Be The Start Of Bad News For Earnings Season
US Markets Falling, A Flash Crash In Currencies, and Weak ISM Numbers
A Better Outlook For PMs Heading Into 2019 – Segment now uploaded
Trump’s Accomplishments
Silver, Gold, and The USD
Here is a simple comment to clear up yesterday’s post which by some was clearly misunderstood
Has The Mentality In The Markets Changed From Buy The Dip To Short The Bounce
Big Picture View Of Markets, Economies, and Stories To Watch Develop
Just how effective is alleged Russian propaganda towards the United States?
Harlan Ullman’s final missive is worth a read and definitely worth an opinion.
Hour 2 – Politics – The Major Political Topics Of The Week
Hour 1 – A Look Into 2019