Thoughts From A Recent Site Visit To Brazil
Brian Leni – A Couple Resource Stocks That He Has Been Buying
Companies, the base metal sector, keeping your head straight, and, of course big government
All over the map this week, but there is a method to our madness!

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The connection between politics and investing, and we profile a number of publicly traded resource companies
Vanessa Bogart explains the significance of announced exploration results from Amarillo Gold’s Brazilian property
Gold’s downward price movements on Thursday and Friday and the Dodd-Frank Act
John Glanville of Amarillo Gold Corp. discusses the $10 million financing just announced and explains how this will benefit shareholders
Al discusses Amarillo Gold with John Granville
Gravity of U.S. debt, upcoming inflation and the importance of investing in real things
Buddy Doyle, President of Amarillo Gold, discusses exploration results described earlier today in the Company’s press release
Investing in Brazil
Amarillo Gold has Promising assets in Brazil
Amarillo Gold Corp. Profile