A Discussion on Top Down Investing vs Bottom Up Investing
Hour 2 – Featuring Rick Rule and Jim McKinney
Hour 2 – A Full Hour For Resource Investors!
The opportunities in precious metals and base metals
Comments on the recent Midland results and a bullish case for base metals
Metals getting hit but it’s a story of gold vs other metals
Osisko Metals – More High Grade Results From Key Anacon
Osisko Metals – Insights Into What’s In-store For 2019
Osisko Metals 2019 Outlook
Weekend Show Preview – Jeff Christian On US Markets and Metals
When It Comes To US/China Trade Deals, Expect It To Be A Process
Hour 1 – A Look Into 2019
What Happens To Metals If We Enter Another Great Financial Crisis?
Hour 1 – Metals and Markets, A Look Into 2019
Osisko Metals – A closer Look At The Pine Point Resource Estimate
Osisko Metals Pine Point Conference Call Recording
Update On Global Zinc Supply and Upcoming Resources Out Of Osisko Metals
Here’s What’s Important For Investors – Fed Policy, Energy Sector, Metals, and Trade
More high Grade Drill Results Out Of Osisko Metals
More high Grade Drill Results From Osisko Metals – 21.47% Zinc+Lead Over 9.98 Metres