Bonds, Gold and the USD all rising – Is this sustainable?
With yields lower/negative around the world why are US yields not there yet?
Thoughts on Gold, US Markets, and Bonds
Hour 1 – Making Sense Of The Increased Volatility Across The Board

Chris Temple sent a note to his subscribers after the market close on Monday telling them to take positions in…

New Guest Jeff Socha – What The Bond Market Is Telling Us About An Upcoming Recession
Is The Longest Losing Streak In The Dow Since 2011 Something To Worry About
Treasuries, Oil, and Gold – What’s Important To Watch Both Fundamentally and Geo -Politically
How sustainable is the move into safe haven assets this time?
Markets Up But So Is The VIX – Is Move Up Running Out Of Steam?
Hour 1 – The Key Factors To Drive Market and Metals In Q2
Market Wrap – A Major Move Into Risk Off Assets
Is The 10 Year Yield Predicting Another Major Market Correction
Relating Moves In Bonds, The USD, and US markets All To Gold
The Fed Is Worried, Bullish Bonds and Gold, Bearish US Markets
A Scenario Where Bonds and Stocks Top Out
After the Fed Pause Look What Happened To Gold and Bonds
Trader Vic – The Rules of the Bond Game
The Odds Of Bond Prices And US Equities Moving Down Together
The Correlations Between Bonds and The USD

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