Markets and Metals – It’s all about sector performance so we break down what’s running and what’s not
Matt Geiger and Rick Bensignor – A Focus on Markets and Metals
The Takeaway On Tapering From Jackson Hole And Key Market Data For Next Week
A Market Update On The Different Sectors Dana Is Actively Trading
As the 2 way market continues here are 2 sectors Dana is long and 1 he is shorting
Markets and Metals – We breakdown recent market reversals and new investing trends
Broad market selloff today – We focus on inflation and gold stocks
Big Picture Financial Markets – Thoughts on Bonds, Commodities and US Markets
Bonds are getting a buy and the USD is doing well, but none of the data is supporting these moves
What is it going to take to drive the next move in gold?
The shift to a defensive trade – USD, Gold and bonds all up, US markets, oil and copper all down
Recapping the Fed statement, commodity selloff, and where the best investment opportunities are right now
Gold market moves compared to other key sectors, and what gold stocks to focus on
Key near term market drivers – Bond actions this week and upcoming inflation data
When it comes to the bond market let’s look globally at what central banks are doing
Precious Metal investors need to look to the treasury market and yields for future price action
A focus on where the big money investors are investing
Hour 1 – Macro thoughts on Markets balanced with gold stock insights
There are a couple key reasons that safe haven assets continue to move higher
Safe Haven Outlook – Bonds, Gold, and even Bitcoin