2021 is going to be wild so we talk investment strategies for commodities and US Markets
Commodity recap including Bitcoin – How a wide range of commodities are set up into 2021
With almost every sector going up what do we need to watch for early next year?
Featuring Peter Boockvar, Jeff Christian, and Great Bear Resources – Recapping the year for commodities
Considering the moves in commodities, industrials, and housing should we be expecting inflation around the corner?
A look into the breakouts in Copper, Oil and and Bitcoin
Hour 1 – Balancing out the markets vs the economy and key commodity breakouts
Inflation / Deflation / Stagflation – What environment are we in for?
Nova Royalty Corp – The royalty acquisition on the Taca Taca Project owned by First Quantum
Comments on the US markets pullback, GM investing in Nikola, Tesla pullback, and the general commodities pullback
Copper has been outperforming gold – Is this sustainable?
The USD downtrend continues – Here’s what matters and what’s impacted
Gold and the summer doldrums
Commodities – What’s driving the moves in PMs through to base metals?
USD and base metals are telling an important story about investors risk tolerance
US Markets are range bound while commodities broadly are outperforming
Gold moving higher is telling us a different story from the oil and copper rebound
What’s the next catalyst to drive gold and gold stocks higher?
Jobs data majorly surprises to the upside, markets higher, PMs lower
Look at safe assets and industrial commodities to understand the true risks and fear in the markets