Hour 1 – Wide Ranging Discussions Focused On The Resource Sector
There is a big shift happening in Germany toward electric vehicle production
Matt Geiger – A Deep Dive Into The Precious Metals Market
The NY Fed is worried about the rising short term rates
Chart Day – Focused on Gold and Copper
A Close Look Into Copper
Commodities Ranging From Precious Metals, Energy Stocks, and Copper
Gold and Copper – Watch The Long Term Charts
A Broad Look At Markets, Rates, and Copper
A Topping Process Of US Markets and Comment On Copper
A Look Into Copper, The CRB, and The Fed’s Strategy To March
The Opportunities In Copper
Base Metals vs Precious Metals – One Is Bouncing The Other Is Not
The Factors To Drive Copper and A Copper Mineral Bank Strategy
Doc Copper down 20%, sending a macro message?
A Time For A Portfolio Rebalancing
The Breakdown In Copper Continues… But Why?
Recapping The Fed Statement and Market Moves
Inflation Strong But Commodities Under Pressure
Copper, Yield Curve, Gold, and US Markets