Electric Royalties – Focused on energy metal royalties with a cash flowing royalty
A focus on the rotation within the commodity sector
We have seen a drastic shift in the rotation trade
Starting a discussion to balance the bullish narrative around the EV and green energy push
Resource sector stocks that continue to run – Uranium, Cannabis, and EV Metals
Markets and Metals -Topics this week include Inflation, a Commodities Super Cycle, and Battery Metal Stocks
Commodity considerations for this push toward electrification and green initiative
Looking past the short squeezes to the resource sectors that continue to preform
Rotation back into Tech – What it’s telling us about the health of the markets
Trading strategies for high volatility stocks and what could pop next
A focus on where the big money investors are investing
Key Themes For 2021 – Inflation, EV and battery growth, and the gold vs Bitcoin debate
A focus on the breakout sectors – Electric Vehicles, Bitcoin, and Alternative Energy
There is a big shift happening in Germany toward electric vehicle production