A focus on where the big money investors are investing
A focus on the commodity sectors where stocks have lagged
Another round of positive vaccine news – Comparing the different moves in US markets, precious metals and base metals from last Monday
Energy Sector Overview – Breaking down the oil fundamentals and where to find value in the underlying stocks
The best preforming and worst performing sectors are in energy – Is it just a trade or a long term trend?
Hour 1 – Featuring Axel Merk, Mike Larson, Jesse Felder, and IsoEnergy – Let’s look big picture at the markets
Energy Update – Price actions vs fundamentals and a look at recent bankruptcies
Sectors and stocks that might be off your radar
Exclusive insights on the US nuclear industry and changes underway
Glimmers of hope appearing but there could be major issues in the mortgage and energy sector
Could the US be in for some controlled bankruptcies when this is all said and done?
Energy Sector Update – Look at the yields of some of the largest energy companies
Safe Havens, US Markets, Bitcoin, and Energy – All Very Different Trades
An energy market overview with a couple companies to watch in the near term
A Look At Some Of The Weaker Markets – Energy and Uranium
Summary Of The EIA Report For Crude Oil
Energy Update – Breaking Down The OPEC and EIA Reports
The Energy Sector Could Be In For Some Reversals
Here’s What’s Important For Investors – Fed Policy, Energy Sector, Metals, and Trade
Here Is An Energy Conference Worth Going To