The next 2 weeks are packed with important events and meetings – We simplify it for the markets
Hour 1 – Taking toll of the big picture for investors: Volatility, Monetary Policy, and Election Results
Muted markets today on the back of Powell’s comments and possible COVID developments
What’s driving the market selloff and where are the sectors that are benefiting?
Is this selloff enough to make the Fed do more?
Hour 1 – Featuring Axel Merk, Mike Larson, Jesse Felder, and IsoEnergy – Let’s look big picture at the markets
Recapping the statements form the Fed, Band of England, and BoJ this week
Recapping the Fed statement and markets reaction
Look out for near-term volatility thanks to a Fed statement and Quadruple-Witching Day
The market rebound pre-Fed statement and China’s ability to hold up commodities
Hour 1 – Markets and Metals – Mike Larson, John Kaiser and an update from Novo Resources
Copper has been outperforming gold – Is this sustainable?
Hour 1 – Featuring Trader Vic, Marc Chandler, and Cartier Resources Drill Results
The CoT reports are telling an interesting story about investor demand for precious metals
Gold’s reaction to Powell’s statement
Recapping Powell’s comments and the wild market reactions
Gold technicals during this correction and comments on Powell’s upcoming speech for long term investors
Today we chat Uranium, gold, US markets, and Powell
US Markets Extend The All Time Highs – But Are We seeing Something Similar To The Internet Bubble
Recapping the Fed minutes, Apple’s $2 trillion valuation, and gold’s continued volatility