Jesse Felder – Part 2 – A Rethink On The Fed’s Inflation Targeting
A look ahead to the next financial crisis. What really matters and where the money will flow.
More comments on the Fed statement and market reactions
Comments on the Fed statement but more importantly look at how unsustainable the move in the NASDAQ has been
More Thoughts On Fed Policy
A Look Ahead To Central Bank News This Week and The Opportunities In Energy Stocks
Lot’s to look ahead to… US economic data, Brexit updates, and the possibility of foreign money flowing into China.
With A Yield Curve Further Inverting What Other Markets Are Going To Break

Nicholas Pardini, Founder of The Davos Investment Group joins me to outline the options that Fed and other central banks…

Hour 1 – The Environment Where Central Banks Are Scared
The Fed Now Sees The Light – Trader Vic
Thoughts On The Fed Statement And Where To Invest
The Fed Is Worried, Bullish Bonds and Gold, Bearish US Markets
Market Moves Into The Fed Meeting and What To Watch For In The Statement
Market Wrap – The Sell Off Into The Close, Fed and China
Traders On Hold For The Fed Meeting And A Look At Oil
Just How Powerful Is The Powell Put?
Looking Ahead This Week – ECB Meeting, Jobs Data, and A Wild Market Reversal
Don’t Fight The Fed… But Also Look To Other Sectors That Can Benefit
Market Wrap – Recapping The FOMC Minutes and Market Moves