The Fed’s Balance Sheet, Gold, and Key Dates For Next Week
Hour 1 – Markets and Metals – The Fed Put, Gold Stocks to Watch In The Golden Triangle, and Great Bear Resources
A great rundown of big picture market moves, Fed and government spending, COVID news driving markets, and next weeks key data
The Fed vs Reality for Equity Markets
Hour 1 – Making sense of the US Market Selloff and an update from Great Bear Resources
The possibility of the Fed implementing yield curve control
Recapping the Fed statement and market selloff today
Do fundamentals even matter for investors anymore?
What to watch this week for the Fed meeting, US Dollar and Gold
Hour 1 – Jesse Felder and Doc – US Dollar, US Economy, and Metals
Liquidity is helping investors ignore all the global tension and weak economic data
A look ahead to the Fed meeting in 2 weeks
What’s truly driving these markets… Fed, Vaccine, Other Central Banks?
Hour 1 – All you need to know about ZIRP around the world
NIRP in the US? Just How Crazy Of An Idea Is It?
A quick update on Rick’s forecast for US markets, GDX, and SIL
US Markets vs Gold Stocks – Two very different outlooks
Mergers in the mining space continue and comments on the negative Fed Funds Futures
Recapping the biggest financial stories of the week – German Court vs ECB and Fed Fund Futures negative
Fed and ECB Policies and Precious Metals Moves