Big picture for gold – Now is a good time to have some cash
Metalla Royalty and Streaming – Growth plans for 2021
December should be a good time to start accumulating positions in your favorite gold stocks
Addressing the longer term charts for US markets, gold, and silver
Hour 2 – Making sense of copper’s breakout, gold stocks continued correction, and possible M&A in the sector
As weakness continues to creep into gold stocks, the US Dollar and bonds are also moving down
Hour 1 – What happens to markets and commodities if a broad reopening happens?
Making sense of the different market reactions in gold, gold miners, and the juniors over the past 2 trading days
Hour 2 – A Focus On Precious Metals – Gold’s outlook, an M&A transaction, and how to analyze drill results
Big Picture Precious Metals Commentary – What’s Driving The Move In PMs and PM Stocks?
What now for gold and gold stocks post election – Key levels to watch
A discussion on trends for US markets, oil, and gold stocks
A focus on the selloff in metals and metals stocks
Gold and the US Dollar – Which one truly leads?
Key considerations for precious metals investors – Uncertainty in the US election, correlation to the USD, and key chart levels to watch
Gold’s correction – Levels to watch, trading strategies, and understanding the investors that just came into the sector
GDX and GDXJ vs junior gold stocks – The lower quality juniors have drastically under-performed
Where is the next catalyst for precious metals and thoughts on investing in the Golden Triangle
Metals stock have been under-preforming during this last leg higher
Today is all about the pop in gold and silver and drop in the US Dollar