Hour 1 – Investment Strategies For The Broad Markets and Resources
Targets For Gold, Silver and The S&P
The Balance Of Central Banks Buying But ETFs Shedding Gold
Bullish Comments On Gold – It’s All About Time Frame
Just How Powerful Is The Powell Put?
Gold vs The Stock Market – Can You Really Consider This Outperformance?
Comments on Lithium and Central Bank Buying Of Gold
Hour 1 – Post-PDAC Rumors, Themes, and Company Updates
Comments On US Markets, The USD, Gold, and GDX
The Monthly Charts Are Still A Concern For The Precious Metals
Momentum vs Sentiment For Gold
Metals, US vs. Global Markets, and The FAANG Stocks Coming Back
GOLD Records Large Bearish Reversal at Triple Resistance
Hour 1 – US Economic Data, Resource M&A Activity, and An Update From Novo Resources
Currency and Metals Charts – Don’t Fight The Trend!
Balancing A Pullback In US Markets And PMs At The Same Time
Gold Market Comments – Where To Find Value And The Issues With A Barrick / Newmont Combination
If The Pullback In Metals Is Now Here’s The Levels To Watch
Don’t Fight The Fed… But Also Look To Other Sectors That Can Benefit
Do The US Markets Need To Crash To Help Gold Breakout?