Hour 1 – Gold and the USD plus an update from Auryn Resources on the Eastmain acquisition
There’s been some strange developments in the CoT reports for gold and silver
A new guest, Michele Schneider discusses US markets and gold
Metals stock have been under-preforming during this last leg higher
The Dollar Decline Continues and No One Is Talking About The Bullish News For Uranium
Gold and Silver – Looking at ETF demand and the CoT reports to understand the investors entering the sector
There are a couple key reasons that safe haven assets continue to move higher
Big picture thoughts on gold, US Dollar, and US markets
Recapping last week, gold breaking to $2,000 and the US Dollar continuing to breakdown
Big Tech Earnings Crush It and Gold Breaks Above $2,000
What’s more vulnerable to a near term correction… gold or the gold stocks
Precious Metals Insights – What’s driving the market and where the money is coming from
Precious Metals Volatility – The Fear Trade Is Growing But Where Does Gold and Silver Go From Here?
Precious Metals Volatility Overnight and Large Tech Earnings
Today is all about the pop in gold and silver and drop in the US Dollar
Precious Metals Continue to Breakout
Hour 1 – Featuring Doc, Matt Geiger, and An Update From GR Silver – This hour is for the metals stock investor
The Breakdown In the USD This Week Is Key For A Wide Range Of Markets
A strange day for Precious Metals investors – Gold closes in on $1,900 but gold stocks and silver drop
Precious Metals – Metals prices moving higher while stocks are seeing some profit taking