Hour 1 – The USD Impacting Emerging Markets and Metals
Comments On Oil And Metals
Here’s What Doc Is Looking For Over Summer
The Fed Rate Hike Outlook and CoT Report Update
Metals vs Rising Rates and Bright Spots In The Junior Sector
Where Is The Next Bounce For The Metals?
My Presentation From The Cambridge House Show
Hour 1 – Metals with Cryptos And Real Estate
The Factors And Markets Keeping A Lid On Metals
Looking Ahead To The CoT Report Tomorrow
Considerations For The Big Picture – Inflation, Yield Curve, USD Moves
There Is Downside Support For the Metals
Gold Below $1,300 – Should We Be Worried?
Ned Schmidt – The Balance Between Metals Upside vs Downside
The Main Drivers To The Metals – USD and Inflation
Is The Gold Sector Ignored or Hated Right Now?
Is Today A Reversal Day?
Gold Bulls- Disappointed to see this taking place!
Lobo Tiggre (AKA Louis James) Introduces His New Newsletter And Investing Strategy
Market Wrap – USD, US Markets, Metals