Hour 1 – Wide Ranging Opinions On What The Economy and Daily Life Will Look Like After COVID-19
This month gold had a false breakout and a false breakdown
A look back to Tuesday when the physical market for gold dried up
A Secular Bear Market For US Markets, Gold and gold Stock Thoughts, and Uranium Developments
Weighing The Downside vs Upside risk in Markets
A historic day, this time to the upside for markets broadly
Cash Is Still King, When To Get Aggressive With Your Portfolio, and Gold vs Gold Stocks
Everything moving higher, look as the spread between gold futures and spot
The Government Funding Bill, US Markets fighting For a Bottom, and Gold Popping
US Markets, is it too late to short? Gold stocks, was yesterday a key reversal day?
Do technicals even matter in these fear driven markets?
Could the US be in for some controlled bankruptcies when this is all said and done?
With markets hitting circuit breakers again is there anything safe out there?
Hour 1 – Making Sense Of The Washout In Precious Metals Stocks
Stimulus and interventions helping stocks but not the precious metals
Let’s compare the charts of gold, GDXJ and actual gold juniors
Doc’s thoughts on the Coronavirus, Saudi-Russia Feud, and overall market fears
Hour 1 – Looking at the big picture for investors in equities and resources
Volatility and Fear – Looking at the long term drivers for the markets, gold, and USD
A quick update comparing gold vs silver vs gold stocks