Introducing A New Guest Erik Wetterling, The Hedgeless Horseman
The Fundamentals That Support Strong Gold Prices
Gold and Copper – Watch The Long Term Charts
Hour 1 – The Truth About The Recent Strength In The Gold Market
The Importance Of Deciphering Why Certain Investments Are Moving Higher
Key Breakout Levels For Gold, Gold Stocks, and The USD
A New Guest David Brady – Some Valuable Insights Into The Gold Market
Short Term trading Thoughts For The Metals Markets
Market Wrap – Gold, USD, and The S&P
Gold Breaking Out Against Other Currencies and A GDX Gap Higher
A Look Into Gold’s Move Higher and Walmart’s Earnings Beat
Insights Into The Gold to US Markets Chart!
Outlining Some Standout Metals Stocks
Reasons To Be Optimistic For Gold and Gold Stocks
A Focus On The USD and The Impact On Broader Markets

It was another slower week for markets where news drove US stocks and at the tail end of the week…

Short and Long Term Factors To Consider For Gold
After the Fed Pause Look What Happened To Gold and Bonds
The Short Term Trend for GDX and Gold
Balancing The Rally In Gold vs US Markets