Post stimulus bill we discuss the market reaction for US Markets, Gold, Bitcoin, and Silver
A risk off trade to start the week – Here are a couple of the risk events this week
Comparing the USD to other important currency moves and the ins and outs of a possible fiscal package next week
Outlining the short term and long term possible catalysts for the precious metals
Monetary policy now vs pre-pandemic
What sectors will benefit if there is a Blue Wave in the US Election
Big picture thoughts combining gold, the US Dollar and oil
If we all accept that a government fiscal package will come let’s look at what happens after
Hour 1 – A fund manager, a broker, and a generalist share how they view junior metals stocks and US markets
Hour 1 – Taking toll of the big picture for investors: Volatility, Monetary Policy, and Election Results
As volatility continues the buy the dip strategy is working for risk on and risk off – What does this mean heading to the end of year
The government funding bill is dead for now – Here’s a balanced understanding of why it never was passed
Hour 1 – Filtering through misinformation for metals investors
Hour 1 – Wide Ranging Opinions On What The Economy and Daily Life Will Look Like After COVID-19
What will it look like this time when governments and central banks paper over everything?
Still worried about the markets and overall world? We try to look ahead to when we turn the corner to better times.
Everything moving higher, look as the spread between gold futures and spot