Great Bear Resources – More information on the new Auro discovery
Hour 1 – Rick Bensignor, Marc Chandler, and an update from Great Bear Resources
Great Bear Resources – Continuing to expand the resource with high grade drill results
Thoughts on Great Bear, Westhaven, and Nevada Exploration
Great Bear Resources – More Information On A New High Grade Gold Discovery
Great Bear Resources – More information on the new high-grade discovery at the Dixie Limb Zone
Hour 1 – Upbeat US Data Stagflation, and Resource Stock Hot Spots
Great Bear Exploration – Looking At The Overall Scale Of The Dixie Lake Project
Outlining Some Standout Metals Stocks
Hour 2 – Metals and A Couple Company Updates
Great Bear Resources Provides A 3D Model Of The Dixie Project
Great Bear Resources – Just How Big Could The Dixie Project Be?
Great Bear Resources – A Comprehensive Overview With Key Long Term Goals
Insights Into Vanadium, Uranium, and Gold Stocks
Great Bear Resources – Recapping Recent News That Shot The Stock Higher
Hour 1 – How Dangerous Are The US Markets After This Week?
2 Full Hours Of Investing Commentary – Recapping The Metals Markets and Stocks
Hour 1 – Focusing On The Good Metals Companies
Irrelevant Seasonality and Re-looks At Old Projects Getting Attention
Hour 1 – Comments On Uranium, Rate Cutting Cycles, and Company Updates