Oil Commentary – Oil being attacked from both the supply and demand side
A Focus On The Crash In Oil – A Little History and Stock Comments
Energy Sector Update – Look at the yields of some of the largest energy companies
An energy market overview with a couple companies to watch in the near term
Hour 1 – The Best Investments In 2019 and Stocks To Watch For 2020
Hour 1 – A Focus on Resource Stocks and Building a Hit List For Tax Loss Selling
A close look at the oil sector – Price, Supply/Demand, and Major Players That Will Drive 2020
A Look At Some Of The Weaker Markets – Energy and Uranium
Recapping the Canadian Election Results and The Continued Shift Towards Risk On
Hour 2 – A Full Hour For Resource Investors!
There are many reasons to be worried about the health of the US markets
Raghee’s Positioning Into The Fed Statement
Political News Driving Oil Higher While The USD and Yields Are Testing Key Resistance
A Look Ahead To Central Bank News This Week and The Opportunities In Energy Stocks
Are The Summer Doldrums Here Already and Comments On A Couple Companies
Traders On Hold For The Fed Meeting And A Look At Oil
Energy Update – Breaking Down The OPEC and EIA Reports
The Comprehensive Oil Update You Were All Requesting
A Focus On Oil and The USD
Hour 1 – PMs, US Markets, and Oil… Where’s The Place To Be?