Oil and Natural Gas Outlook – Near term catalysts and the stocks to watch
Gold stocks, oil stocks, and cannabis stocks – Select opportunities is each
A focus on commodities – Silver, base metals, and energy
Oil Insights – Recapping the recent EIA data and looking ahead to earnings and the potential bankruptcies
Gold moving higher is telling us a different story from the oil and copper rebound
Energy Update – Price actions vs fundamentals and a look at recent bankruptcies
Oil continues to climb and the UK negative yielding 3 year notes
Oil Market Update – Recapping recent earnings form major producers
US Markets and the Disconnect From The Economy
Oil price in the dumps, will central banks/governments step up to save the companies?
Oil is crashing today but is now a buying opportunity?
Hour 1 – US Markets, Oil, Gold, and an update from Novo Resources
Market Wrap – US markets rallying and gold fading from the early week highs
Oil Commentary – Oil being attacked from both the supply and demand side
A Focus On The Crash In Oil – A Little History and Stock Comments
Energy Sector Update – Look at the yields of some of the largest energy companies
An energy market overview with a couple companies to watch in the near term
Hour 1 – The Best Investments In 2019 and Stocks To Watch For 2020
Hour 1 – A Focus on Resource Stocks and Building a Hit List For Tax Loss Selling
A close look at the oil sector – Price, Supply/Demand, and Major Players That Will Drive 2020