Powell’s Comments, US Markets, Gold, and Oil – It’s important to focus on the big picture
Key events for this week – 10 Fed speaking events and an OPEC+
Featuring Jesse Felder and Rick Bensignor – The big picture of a breakout in Commodities and yields
A focus on the cannabis and energy sectors
Energy/Oil Update – Recent data and where to build your energy stock shopping list
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Here are the markets and sectors that will do the best during the Biden Presidency
Commodity recap including Bitcoin – How a wide range of commodities are set up into 2021
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US Markets, Oil, and Gold – Looking at key drivers for this month and into early next year
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Energy Sector Overview – Breaking down the oil fundamentals and where to find value in the underlying stocks
A discussion on trends for US markets, oil, and gold stocks
The best preforming and worst performing sectors are in energy – Is it just a trade or a long term trend?
Market Wrap – What happened to all the fear in markets from the last couple weeks?
Energy Sector Updates – How is oil hanging around $40/barrel with all the negative data and economic news?
Hour 1 – Featuring Axel Merk, Mike Larson, Jesse Felder, and IsoEnergy – Let’s look big picture at the markets
Time to focus on oil breaking down and gold’s reversal yesterday
Comments on the US markets pullback, GM investing in Nikola, Tesla pullback, and the general commodities pullback