A look at the downtrend in US markets and oil, and the uptrend in gold
Recapping the moves this week in precious metals, currencies, and central banker comments
Addressing the market reaction to Powell’s prepared statement to Congress
The argument for continued choppiness across the board throughout July
Comments on the moves in gold, oil, and the USD
The Next Week Will Be Very Important For US Markets Which Impact All The Other Markets
Gold continues to move higher and yields keep on dropping
Doc’s comments on the move in gold and oil
A Bullish Trade In Commodities
Pretty Much Every Market Sucks Right Now – What Do We Really Need To Worry About
Is The Longest Losing Streak In The Dow Since 2011 Something To Worry About
The Disappointing Close For Metals Stocks
A Move To Risk Off Today But Rick Doesn’t Like That Term
Oil and Cannabis – Weighing The Good And Bad In These Two Sectors
Treasuries, Oil, and Gold – What’s Important To Watch Both Fundamentally and Geo -Politically
EIA Oil Data and Corresponding Trading Strategy
Hour 1 – Extended Conversions On The US Markets, Metals, and Oil
Crude Oil Data Summary – Courtesy of Josef Schachter
A Focus On The Trade In Oil
Introducing a New Guest Andy Hecht – Fundamental Comments on Gold, Silver and Oil

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