Hour 1 – Featuring Axel Merk, Mike Larson, Jesse Felder, and IsoEnergy – Let’s look big picture at the markets
Time to focus on oil breaking down and gold’s reversal yesterday
Comments on the US markets pullback, GM investing in Nikola, Tesla pullback, and the general commodities pullback
The USD downtrend continues – Here’s what matters and what’s impacted
Oil and Natural Gas Outlook – Near term catalysts and the stocks to watch
Commodities – What’s driving the moves in PMs through to base metals?
Oil Insights – Recapping the recent EIA data and looking ahead to earnings and the potential bankruptcies
USD and base metals are telling an important story about investors risk tolerance
US Markets are range bound while commodities broadly are outperforming
What’s driving these markets? US Markets, Gold and Oil
Energy Update – Price actions vs fundamentals and a look at recent bankruptcies
How irrational markets can play havoc on investors psyche
Oil continues to climb and the UK negative yielding 3 year notes
US Markets, Metals and Oil
Market Wrap – US Markets, Gold and Gold Stocks, and Oil
Bitcoin vs Gold and the oil market
Oil Market Update – Recapping recent earnings form major producers
US Markets and the Disconnect From The Economy
Hour 1 – Extended Interviews with Rick Bensignor, Adrian Day, and SilverCrest Metals
Is USO, the US Oil Fund, the worst financial instrument to play an oil rebound?