Hour 2 – KER Politics
Hour 2 – Politics – Racism in America
Fundamentals just don’t matter for the markets anymore
Hour 2 – Politics – The Mueller Hearing and US Political Values
Hour 2 – Politics
Politics – Key Political Topics This Week
There’s A Lot Going On Around The World But A Serious Lack Of Clarity Moving Forward
Hour 2 – Politics – US/China Trade and The Issues Facing Joe Biden
Hour 2 – Politics – Comments on Joe Biden and Political Correctness
Hour 2 – Politics

Segment 1 – Lowell Ponte discusses reparations to African Americans. Segment 2 – Lowell Ponte discusses the Democratic Party. Segment…

Trade Comments By Robert Lighthizer Muddying The Trade Waters
Gold Just Above $1,300 and What’s Really Going On In The Goverment
Politics – Trade Issues, The Boarder Wall and Immigration
Hour 2 – Politics – The Major Political Topics Of The Week
Politics – A Focus On The Epoch Times Newspaper
Hour 2 – Politics – Conversations of Tariffs and The Mexican/US Boarder
Hour 2 – Boots On The Ground Coverage Across America
Hour 2 – Politics – Looking Past The Mid-Term Elections
Hour 2 – Politics – Looking Ahead To The Mid-Terms and Bigger Picture Politics

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