Yields, China Issues, and a look ahead to next week’s news
As trade drives markets now some bigger themes need to be noted – Yield Curve Inversions and Fed Policy
Just How Likely Is China To Break Off and Set Up A Major World Divide For Trade?
Is the buy the dip mentality starting to change for US markets?
Risk on continues to get sold off… but is a major decline right around the corner?
Stocks Continuing To Crash While Gold Is Soaring
The disconnect behind labeling China a currency manipulator
Is the ongoing trade war going to be the biggest policy mistake for markets and the economy?
What are the chances Powell surprises that markets with his comments in front of Congress?
Breaking Down the Trump Xi Meeting, North Korea Meeting, and Market Reactions
Positive trade talk driving gold down… Here are some levels to watch
How to position your portfolio into a news heavy weekend
What can we reasonably expect to come out of the G20 meeting?
Expectations have now shifted to a July rate cut… Will it happen and will it help?
Hour 1 – What’s Driving The Continued Move Into Safe Haven Assets
New tariffs on Mexico shocking the markets and moving investors further into safe haven assets
Hour 1 – Featuring Jesse Felder, Mike Larson, Rick Rule, and Joe Mazumdar!
US and China Tensions Are Going To Get Worse Before They Get Any Better
Trade Ideas For Coscto, Microsoft, and Alibaba
There’s A Lot Going On Around The World But A Serious Lack Of Clarity Moving Forward

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