Bonds, Gold and the USD all rising – Is this sustainable?
Summarizing moves in US markets, the USD, treasuries, and commodities
Currency charts that are key for the next move in precious metals
Hour 1 – Rick Bensignor, Marc Chandler, and an update from Great Bear Resources
Is confidence finally being lost in central banks?
Lots To Recap In The Last 24 Hours… Fed, Economic Data, Judy Shelton Comments, and Market Swings
A look ahead to the Fed meeting a couple market reaction scenarios
Gold continues to hold up well in the face of a rising dollar
Weekend Show Preview – How gold is reacting to economic data and the USD
Comments on the USD and the impact on the precious metals
It’s all lining up for a long term precious metals bull market
Recapping the moves this week in precious metals, currencies, and central banker comments
Addressing the market reaction to Powell’s prepared statement to Congress
What are the chances Powell surprises that markets with his comments in front of Congress?
With negative yields where can big money find returns?
Gold continuing to breakout but is a correction due?
5 Charts – USD and Gold
Low Rates, Iran Tensions, Easy Central Banks… All Helping Safe Asset Investing
Gold’s Setup Into The Fed Statement – Spec Positioning, Breadth, and Breakouts In Foreign Currencies
Comments on the moves in gold, oil, and the USD

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