A discussion on USD/Euro moves and a couple story stocks to watch
US Markets continue to ignore the protests but look to the US Dollar which is breaking lower
The rotation trade continues, central bank news out of Europe, and an outlook for safe-haven assets
The S&P is at a key level where bears might have to throw in the towel
Hour 1 – Extended Interviews with Rick Bensignor and Joe Mazumdar
Precious Metals Comments To Wrap Up The Week
The COVID-19 Shutdown Impact On The Economy And Markets
Wrapping up the markets – The fear trade is making a comeback
Could the combo of COVID shutdown and oil collapse cause the financial system to fail?
Comments on oil, gold, and the USD
What currencies and governments could look like when COVID-19 is behind us
A bit of calm in the markets this week but watch the USD and upcoming earnings season for new opportunities
Hour 1 – This hour is all about the aggressive move to cash
Is there a major revaluation coming for financial assets?
If you think fear is dissipating for traders look at the USD closing in on 100
Volatility and Fear – Looking at the long term drivers for the markets, gold, and USD
Are we entering a new bear market for US equities?
An argument to build up cash in both risk on and risk off portfolios
Hour 1 – Featuring Rick Bensignor and Jesse Felder
The Dollar Is All About A Divergence In US vs European Data, Plus Comments on Safe Havens