Hour 1 – Inflation, US Markets Continue To Rise, and De-Risking Metals Stocks
Insights Into The Gold to US Markets Chart!
The Signs Of Weak Global Growth and Money Flowing Into The US
A Focus On The USD and The Impact On Broader Markets
Balancing The Rally In Gold vs US Markets
US Markets, USD, and The State Of The Union Speech
The Difference In The Gold Market In 2019
Hour 1 – A Focus On Metals and Specific Metals Stocks
Green Across The Board… Except For The USD
A Look Ahead To Next Week And US Market Drivers
A Look Into Currencies – USD, Euro, and Yen
Hour 2 – Metals and A Couple Company Updates
Hour 1 – A Focus on The US Markets and Major News Events Of The Week
A Focus On Oil and The USD
Silver, Gold, and The USD
Has The Mentality In The Markets Changed From Buy The Dip To Short The Bounce
The Bearish Road Map For The US Markets
Level Headed Comments On Gold and Gold Stocks
Gold and Gold Stocks Getting a Major Buy Today
The Environment Where Gold and The USD Move Up Together