Doc is back with comments on the set up in gold and silver
Hour 1 – Looking past the election for sustainable trends – Featuring Rick Bensignor, Peter Boockvar, and Aztec Minerals
US Markets, Yields, and metals – Plus a offer to get a look at a Premium posting focused on the VIX
Gold and the US Dollar – Which one truly leads?
Big picture thoughts combining gold, the US Dollar and oil
Inflation / Deflation / Stagflation – What environment are we in for?
Has the US Dollar bottomed? This could signal a big selloff in markets!
Gold Market Comments – Gold’s inverse correlation to the USD, low volume on the GDX, and CoT report updates
USD pops higher, gold’s under-performance, and yields continue to creep up – Here’s where Chris is focusing
Key considerations for precious metals investors – Uncertainty in the US election, correlation to the USD, and key chart levels to watch
Trumps positive test adds further uncertainty to the markets
A broad market rebound continues and news in the Lithium space drive Piedmont Lithium much higher
Hour 1 – After a volatile week in the markets we take a step back to understand where things go from here
What does a risk off trade look like in this market?
Doc and Chris Temple discuss the big picture for the gold market and gold stocks
With Precious Metals selling off, Sean is finding value in some other sectors
What’s driving the market selloff and where are the sectors that are benefiting?
Is this selloff enough to make the Fed do more?
The selloff today that’s hitting everything – Comments on US markets and precious metals
Recapping the Fed statement and markets reaction