Market and Commodity Comments from a Fund Manager and Currency Analyst
A focus on where the big money investors are investing
Another wild ride for Bitcoin but today it’s a big move down
A look into next year for the USD and Silver
In depth discussion on the reflation trade underway and an update from Cartier Resources
Fed policy, USD weakness and the reflation trade – Here’s how they all will impact 2021
Ignore the Fed and Political news and focus on these factors to foretell moves in the precious metals
Comparing the USD to other important currency moves and the ins and outs of a possible fiscal package next week
Is the bottom in for the correction in gold?
Comments on the pullback in gold and the USD – What to watch for internationally as key drivers
Gold and the US Dollar are falling while commodities and Bitcoin are rising – Making sense of it all
As weakness continues to creep into gold stocks, the US Dollar and bonds are also moving down
A comparison to 2002 for the US Dollar that points to a commodities super cycle
Hour 2 – A Focus On Precious Metals – Gold’s outlook, an M&A transaction, and how to analyze drill results
Hour 1 – A Focus On The Broad Markets – US Dollar weakness and major trends to invest in heading into 2021
A focus on markets post voting day in the US
Comparing the current market moves to last election and what to watch between gold and the USD
Markets and Metals – focus on the election and how will will impact the markets and get an update from Novo Resources
Doc is back with comments on the set up in gold and silver
Hour 1 – Looking past the election for sustainable trends – Featuring Rick Bensignor, Peter Boockvar, and Aztec Minerals