What is yield curve control and how likely is the Fed to implement at this week’s meeting?
US Markets, Gold Miners, Bonds, and Bitcoin – What’s just getting going and what’s topping
A focus on the rebound in gold and continued rise in long term interest rates
Weekend Show Preview – How vaccine news has drastically altered investor outlook and money flows
As weakness continues to creep into gold stocks, the US Dollar and bonds are also moving down
Is rotation in the markets actually a positive if that rotation is into dog sectors?
Election news and COVID vaccine news driving optimistic thoughts from traders – We dive into US markets and gold
Hour 1 – A Focus On The Broad Markets – US Dollar weakness and major trends to invest in heading into 2021
Post election moves in the VIX, yields and gold need to be noted
A focus on markets post voting day in the US
Hour 1 – Looking past the election for sustainable trends – Featuring Rick Bensignor, Peter Boockvar, and Aztec Minerals
US Markets, Yields, and metals – Plus a offer to get a look at a Premium posting focused on the VIX
Inflation / Deflation / Stagflation – What environment are we in for?
If we all accept that a government fiscal package will come let’s look at what happens after
Market Wrap – What happened to all the fear in markets from the last couple weeks?
Lots to touch on this week – Strong bond auctions, a weak PPI number, upcoming Earnings Season, and precious metals moves
Hour 1 – Markets and Metals – The Fed Put, Gold Stocks to Watch In The Golden Triangle, and Great Bear Resources
US Markets continue to ignore the protests but look to the US Dollar which is breaking lower
Oil continues to climb and the UK negative yielding 3 year notes
The ECB might have it’s QE powers limited thanks to a German court ruling