This week from the Silver Summit

October 22, 2011

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In this show Al discusses:

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    Oct 22, 2011 22:15 AM

    Many thanks,Big Al.
    A job well done.

      Oct 22, 2011 22:11 AM

      Thanks Matt B,

      Even though I was sicker than a dog, the interviews were really fun and informative.


      Big Al

    Oct 22, 2011 22:09 AM

    Hope you’re resting alot Al! As always great interviews. Looks like you have many more people following this site as of a few months ago. Congratulations! 🙂

    I remember 1-2 years ago.,,, almost noone used to comment on your interviews!


      Oct 22, 2011 22:23 AM

      Morning Max,

      Many thanks.

      You know, it’s all about learning from each other.

      I have never had so much fun in my life.


      Big Al

      P.S. I started this forum about 18 months ago at the suggestion of Sarah.

      Oct 22, 2011 22:32 AM

      Max….. Hay,(that is what we are making while the sun shines) speak for yourself….
      .I have tried to keep ALgoing since 06…I want my membership badge or a least a

        Oct 22, 2011 22:08 AM

        Hi Jerry,

        Send me a size and address and I promise you a tee shirt. Send it to

        You are great!

        Big Al

    Oct 22, 2011 22:20 AM

    Hi big Al,
    I bought Tony Blairs Gold and Silver and Gold in 1999. 250..00 for Gold at the local coin shop, and Silver for 2.50 for Silver. Thanks Tony, for puting in the bottom for me. Friggin moron. I have not made any Silver or Gold purchases since they were priced at 20$ and 550$. I am cnsidering purchasing some Silver if I can find a coin store with some Silver rounds at 30 bucks. Good luck on that one.

    I really enjoyed the Silver Summit show this weekend. Please tell Bill Murphy he is me hero. Bill is a bulldog.

    Have a good day Al,

    Alan (AKA: Ex Broker)

      Oct 22, 2011 22:25 AM

      Morning Alan,

      Yep, the Silver Summit was as always a good one.

      I felt bad that I had to leave early, but I have to say I am still feeling really poorly.

      Oh well, this too shall pass,

      Big Al

        Oct 22, 2011 22:24 AM


        Do you ever have conferences in the city of Calgary? It would be great to go to one (I think it would be fun). By the way, did you happen to run into the Xtierra crew while at the latest summit? If so, what were your first impressions of the company?

        As always, thanks!!!

          Oct 22, 2011 22:08 AM

          HI Bentnail,

          I did not meet with them.

          I actually left the conference one day early because I have been sick since last weekend.

          I am probably not going to attend the New Orleans Investment Conference as planned because I just can’t get over this thing.


          Big Al

    Oct 22, 2011 22:26 AM

    Greek creditors to suffer bigger losses
    Updated: 14:48, Saturday, 22 October 2011

    Eurozone finance ministers say they have agreed that private creditors will have to suffer much bigger losses on Greek bonds.

    Article Video (1) Comments (2)

    A woman passes by uncollected piles of garbage in central Athens during the ongoing strike over new government austerity measures
    Figures contained in a confidential report show that the Greek debt situation is worse than feared, with the so-called troika of international lenders predicting that the country will not be able to return to the debt markets for at least ten years and that a second rescue package could require creditors to accept a debt write-down of at least 60%.
    The figures are likely to further complicate efforts to reach a definitive solution to the eurozone crisis this weekend.
    EU finance ministers have gathered for another emergency meeting, while the French and German leaders are expected to hold talks later this evening.
    The figures on Greek debt sustainability, published in the Financial Times, will make grim reading for finance ministers as they gather this morning in Brussels.
    During last summer’s deal to provide Greece with a second bail out, it was agreed that creditors suffer a haircut of 21% and in return Athens would get an extra €109bn to avoid going bankrupt.
    The confidential report into the country’s true debt situation, however, has revealed that if that 21% haircut were to be maintained the country would require over €250bn to stay solvent, more than double the original amount.
    If the second bailout were to remain €109bn, then creditors would have to face a haircut of 60%, something which would have serious implications for Europe’s banking sector.
    This is bound to make a solution much harder to reach, since either tax payers in richer eurozone countries, or the banking sector will have to take on a bigger burden.
    The analysis was only delivered to eurozone finance ministers yesterday afternoon – the mood in Brussels was already grim, with many countries reportedly furious that Germany had called a second summit next week without going through the normal procedures.
    Arriving at a meeting of Europe and Foreign ministers in Brussels, the Minister for European Affairs Lucinda Creighton said the latest Greek debt figures were “a wake up call for Europe”.

      Oct 22, 2011 22:31 AM

      Thanks as always Mr. Irish,

      As we discussed yesterday this is going to be one hell of an interesting weekend. Please keep us posted as further news comes out over in your neck of the woods.


      Big Al

      Oct 22, 2011 22:37 AM

      Irish,,,,ANY NEWS ON PORTUGAL..
      thanks Jerry
      by theway… hope you are having a great week end,
      Sun is shining here in sunny florida…all is good…

        Oct 22, 2011 22:22 AM

        Hey Jerry,

        Don’t forget the address and size

        Big Al

    Oct 22, 2011 22:07 AM

    HI AL…………What an awful mess we have over here in europe, & things here in the UK are not much better. Because we still have the pound, we are not being grouped in with the euro crises , & talking to people, & watching whats going on around the country, i can tell you there are a lot of very unhappy people out there. Its not just the working class, its the middle class the are the ones with the most anger, their anger is aimed more at the government, than at the bankers. I cant see “THEM” comeing up with a solution to this mess over the next week…………………Remember all the kings horses & all the kings men could not put humpty together again. Or perhaps that should read………..All the Europe Governments, & all the Central Banks, could not put the Euro currency together again

      Oct 22, 2011 22:24 AM

      Hi Mr. Irish,

      So the general attitude in the U.K. is one of anger. Is that attitude getting worse as the days go on?

      Big Al

        Oct 22, 2011 22:39 PM


          Oct 22, 2011 22:06 PM

          I second that from England.
          English silverbug Dave.

            Oct 22, 2011 22:09 PM

            However, a lot of people in Englnd have an attitude problem. Lots of them think the government is the answer to everything! It’s taking them a long time to come to the realisation that it is the primary cause of most of the problems. Also there are ever more people who have been prospering for decades on handouts robbed from those who work for a living, That includes government workers and various scroungers. There is a massive ‘dole’.

            Oct 22, 2011 22:09 PM

            HI silverbug(Dave)

            Just how angry are the folks and from your comment I would surmise that it is escalating.

            Am I correct on that point?

            Big Al

          Oct 22, 2011 22:07 PM

          Thanks Mr. Irish

          By the way, Jeff Deist said hello.

          Big Al

    Oct 22, 2011 22:26 AM


      Oct 22, 2011 22:27 AM


      The shoot-off took place yesterday at The Silver Summit.

      We were asked by the organizers to film the event and Kitco came in and said no, we have an exclusive.

      That was and is fine with us because we don’t need the extra work.

      I assume that it will be up on their site shortly as I just looked and it was not there yet.


      Big Al

        Oct 23, 2011 23:09 AM

        Hello Al – I saw the video of the debate – I watched parts of it 2x. Several times I was not too impressed with Jeff Christian’s powers to convince me. Maybe he was coached by Jon Nadler.

        Clearly, silver and the metals have not kept with inflation since 1980. Does not make sense. When I look at my silver coins and rounds, I do not understand how it could only be $31 an ounce given the cost of things that cost $31 an ounce and are replenishable.

        I am so disgusted with kitco that I refuse to ever buy from them again and we all should do the same. Kitco tries to ride two horses at the same time.

          Oct 23, 2011 23:03 AM

          I agree with your point on JEFF…, OVER ALL THE WHOLE THING WAS WEAK..

            Oct 23, 2011 23:17 AM

            To be honest, this was a lousy debate.
            Pretty far from the great silver debate that it was called out to be.
            About half the time they try to discredit each other and the other half they debate rather lame topics that perhaps have merit in other discussions but give little or no baring for the future of the silver market.
            JC also dodged a lot of the real questions that BM asked.
            They did not go into the amount of leverage that exist, neither did they discuss the supply side of silver.
            And for a great debate I think 30 minutes is laughable at best

          Oct 23, 2011 23:10 PM

          HI James B,

          They do seem to be riding two horses at the same time.

          The question is why?

          The answer is because they are a HUGE bullion dealer and they are hedging their bets. If I were in their position, I might do the same thing. But I would not be in their position.

          I think you have to take a stand and then if you are wrong you have to admit it. Bullion dealers of size need to be either bullion dealers or advertising agencies. You can’t serve two masters as my best friend once said.

          Big Al

        Oct 23, 2011 23:13 AM

        AL,, good thing you did not record the event,,,you would have wasted your film..(so to say) I was not impressed with either delivery…
        Jeff,,is more on the side of the pockets he picks…meaning the banks,,fed..,puts up a semi-good front…for the uneducated masses…
        Bill needs to control his emotions when speaking in public…needs to take a course in public speaking at a community college…, message overall was so-so , neither one would have received a grade better than a B-, FOR ALL THE HIPE,,,DISAPPOINTING AT BEST.
        With that said….I appreciate all the work that Bill has done even thought the comments may not reflect such..
        Much was hyped and little resolved.

          Oct 23, 2011 23:12 PM

          Well Jerry,

          Kitco wanted the exclusive.

          I guess we were lucky.


          Big Al

      Feb 03, 2014 03:17 PM

      Grade A stuff. I’m unqbtseionauly in your debt.

    Oct 22, 2011 22:34 AM

    Hi JERRY…………….I think MURPH will win it on points. Should be a good fight, oops i ment a good debate.

      Oct 22, 2011 22:51 AM

      Hi, irishtoney …I agree with you…100%…

      SINCE you are a long time visitor to the site, I have requested from Al, that long time listener should receive a badge or a t-shirt, which would you prefer.
      This would fall in line with Obama’s thinking of “something for nothing”
      and take from the rich and give to the poor.something like a Robin Hood idea,,
      what do you think?

        Oct 22, 2011 22:31 AM

        Hi Jerry,

        Not at all like something for nothing. You folks are what make this forum really GREAT.

        You have a great idea and I am HAPPY to send commemorative tee shirts to all meaningful contributors. Not at all the rich giving to the poor, but me paying college tuition because I learn so much from all of you.

        I am not kidding, my friend!

        Mr. Irish send me a size and an address. (

        You guys are great,

        Big Al

    Oct 22, 2011 22:12 AM


    Oct 22, 2011 22:39 AM

    Hi JERRY………..Yeah yeah…I think thats a great idea,& yeah because BIG AL is richer than me , because im poor, then yeah he should give me something for nothing….A slight problem, i have loads of t-shirts, so dont want one of those…..Sorry to say but i am allergic to badges, yeah they bring me out in an awful rash, cant even look at one……….sod it just started itching, thinking about them. Do you think you could have a word with Big obama ALL, & ask him if i could have a 1oz silver round instead, after all silver has healing powers, so it would cure my rash, after all it was AL’S fault i started itching , because he suggested a badge in the first place………Thank you. Your poor friend………tony.

      Oct 22, 2011 22:06 AM

      As Sara Palen would say….. “I’LL get back to ya , on that….”

        Oct 22, 2011 22:35 AM

        Okay Mr. Irish and Jerry,

        Silver rounds are pretty expensive, but the idea of something along those lines only smaller is a great idea. I will look into it.

        Jerry, I understand that the entire population of Florida is filthy rich and retired. Is that really true?

        Big Al

          Oct 22, 2011 22:28 PM

          no just filthy and retired…You know we love the show,,and we were just kidding about
          the badge and t-shirt…,,but,,,I think irishtony,,might still want that silver round,
          but , of course you might ask him, if you could delivery it in person,,of course am sure tony would pay the shipping cost(which includes your airfare)

            Oct 22, 2011 22:36 PM

            Shipping costs……………………sod off…….haha

            Oct 22, 2011 22:14 PM

            Hey Jerry,

            I am really interested in the idea of getting some tee shirts. I think that would be kind of cool. I mean it!

            Maybe give veterans like yourself and Mr. Irish and other the shirts and then give them away to the best comment by a new comer each week.

            Actually, that would be really fun!


            Big Al

            Oct 22, 2011 22:32 PM


      Oct 28, 2012 28:59 PM

      Posted on Honestly if you havent waethcd this yet youre missing out. It is one of the most entertaining shows on television. Its like a train wreck you cant look away from and the VH1 editing (especially sound effects) is terrific. Plus Bret is wearing the same clothes he wore circa 1990 (long Cow leather duster last night). You really cant beat it.

    Oct 22, 2011 22:11 AM

    JERRY………….Just being thinking, (oop’s that could be bad for me), I believe you are richer than me, & all the rest of the really really clever, & beautiful, kind, generous,rich , ladies & gents, on this site, are rich, & im so poor. Therefore i think you should all send me silver rounds, i wont even mind if they are tarnished. I remain your very poor fellow blogger……….mr. poor irishtony.

      Oct 22, 2011 22:38 AM

      Hi Mr. Irish,

      I will call a tax attorney and try to figure out how we can make this a tax deductible contribution!

      Big Al

    Oct 22, 2011 22:51 AM

    Great program as usual. I had forgotten how big Canasil’s land package was. That was why I bought shares a long time ago.

      Oct 22, 2011 22:16 PM

      Hi cfs,

      The stock is down along with many others but I really like the company as does Dr. McGaw,

      We’ll stay close and keep everyone posted.

      Big Al

    Oct 22, 2011 22:11 AM

    Big Al – I am happy to hear about Aurcana and their nearly completed execution of the Shafter mine development. I also realize this is a free website and whatever I get in the way of information is gravy to all of us. However, some info that is not readily available on the internet and I believe should be a part of an interview with Aurcana management is the following – 1) What about exploration results. They had a significant hiring of a recognized geological expert early in the year. When this gentleman was placed with Aurcana, he had stated that both land parcels had much promise and he was anxious to get moving on resource definition. If the Shafter mine build-out is priority #1, then this guy’s success at finding and defining resources is priority #1A.
    2) What about the status of the Sprott lawsuit? Sprott is a big player in precious metals and he has a lot more firepower than Aurcana. An update would have been helpful. Finally 3) Part of the reason Aurcana has such a small share price has been the heavy dilution of shares. This has to stop or the Company will always nullify an operating success by watering down its effect by an ever expanding common shares base.

      Oct 22, 2011 22:17 PM

      Hi going UP fast,

      I will do that this week.

      Thanks for the idea,

      Big Al

    Oct 22, 2011 22:16 PM

    Wow, Big Al, nice job. I couldn’t even tell you were under the weather.

    Nothing gets Big Al down. He is indestructable!

    And I am very sorry to hear you had parted ways with Jay Taylor.

    It’s sad but I guess that’s just the way it goes sometimes.

    I guess these kinds of things are inevitable since it seems everyone with anything to say these days wants to have an Internet radio show or at the very least put out podcasts.

    But it’s a big Internet out there and I think there are plenty of ears for both your fine shows.

    Maybe there will be a time when you two will mend fences, if not in this lifetime then in the afterlife.

    I know you two are good Christians who will forgive and forget and maybe things aren’t so bad because I thought I saw a link to your site on his.

    So I am sure there will be a reconciliation down the road.

      Oct 22, 2011 22:19 PM

      HI Ken,

      We are far from being enemies. Trust me.

      Also, our show is not just internet we also air on a number of stations.

      Thanks for your concern. Jay is a good guy.

      Big Al

    Oct 22, 2011 22:27 PM

    Hi Irishtony,
    Thanks for all the great updates!! Enjoy your weekend.

      Oct 22, 2011 22:43 PM

      Yes & you enjoy yours……….NICE LADY.

    Oct 22, 2011 22:56 PM

    Going down fast,
    Not sure why you do not keep up with the Aurcana story but I can help with all your answers.These issues are fully discussed on stockhouse or the tfmetals site.
    Nobody but Big Al does repetitive interviews with L,enic,to his great credit.
    Lenic stated that a drill was being located for a drill program and an IP was conducted earlier.That was a month ago so exploration is ongoing.
    The lawsuit is discussed openly at the two sites above and Big Al has commented upon it in the past.A decision is pending Nov 4th.
    As for shares there are 350 million out and AUN should be a senior producer with a stated third acquisition.Be grateful you can receive a gift if you have no idea what the company will be worth producing ten million oz Ag + per year.
    Lenic has stated- numerous times–the capital structure is now complete.

    Oct 22, 2011 22:23 PM

    Hi Al,
    I sure hope your are feeling better. You might try tea with honey, lemon and a big shot of whisky. I guarantee you will feel better one way or another.
    Great weekend show. I really enjoyed the interview with Bill Murphy and of course agree with him 100%.
    As far as the Republican primary I still think Ron Paul is the best person for this country especially after he presented his plan for $1 trillion in spending cuts. Actually, they all present some great options for turning this country around but I do believe in the end Romney will win because he is the favorite among the Republican establishment. However, I am in the ABO camp. (Anybody but Obama).

      Oct 22, 2011 22:22 PM

      Interesting question for you Karen,

      Can the President be beaten? A lot of my conservative friends don’s seem to think that he can.

      I think if our party gets its act together, the President is beatable. Will be a very interesting next twelve months.

      Big Al

    Oct 22, 2011 22:49 PM

    Hi Al,
    I do believe Obama is a one term president. According to polls, he has lost many who have voted for him. I also think everyone is tired of his blame game. Even on his recent bus tour he did not draw a big crowd. The important thing for whoever wins the primary is to explain to the average citizen the negative impact Obama’s policies are having on job growth. Would like to know why your friends think he can win.

      Oct 22, 2011 22:21 PM

      HI Karen,

      They basically think he can win because we don’t really have anyone who can at this point.

      The President is a very shrewd politician. He will point to Osama, Libya, out of Iraq, etc. And, you watch the employment picture will be better by then.


      Big Al

        Oct 23, 2011 23:04 AM

        Good morning Al,
        Yes, Obama has the media on his side to glorify and take credit for more than he actually accomplished. However the facts are that Americans are living through the downfall of America and realize it is not the hope and change Obama promised. Unemployment is up, homes are underwater, there are no shovel ready jobs, class warfare, attack on small business, attacks on the doctors, drug companies, big business and oil company. His constant fueling the fires on racial issues. If that is not enough, lets look at fast and furious and solandra and the car bailout to prop up the union pension fund. and lets not forget the healthcare bill he forced through that is preventing business from hiring. etc. etc. etc…..Not sure why anyone would think he is good for the country and I think whoever wins the primary will win the presidency by a landslide.

          Oct 23, 2011 23:14 PM

          HI Karen,

          You could be right and I hope that you are. I, by the way, agree with you as does Rick Ackerman. (Who voted for him last time.)


          Big Al

        Oct 23, 2011 23:09 PM

        Al, Karen,

        Obama is indeed shrewd, but too much for his own good. There is a very strong core base for Obama still, but that oh-so-imporant 15% who swing left or right each election is not forgetting trillion dollar deficits or ACORN or tele-prompting. People remember being fooled, because it affects them personally. I’m not sure that means their will be a Republican president, but Obama is one-and-done.

          Oct 23, 2011 23:16 PM

          As I have said earlier, John W, the next twelve months will be really interesting. And, the events will get more and more dramatic as November, 2012 approaches.


          Big Al

    Oct 23, 2011 23:59 AM

    Segment 2. Greg McCoach. The man knows what’s going on. There has been an ongoing illegal manipulation scheme relative not only to precious metals, but the stock markets. It’s admitted!

      Oct 23, 2011 23:17 PM

      Hi Big Al Martin,

      I think that Greg will become more of a regular on our show.

      You are correct, he is bright and he is a good person.


      Big Al

    Oct 23, 2011 23:47 PM

    Tim Tebow time. Reminds me of the PM market. Charts look bad, psychology is negative and up steps a game changer. Denver/Miami where Tebow changed the outcome of the game. Same will happen with PM. Got ot hang in there and believe!!! It will happen.

      Oct 23, 2011 23:48 PM

      Hi Jerry Mabie,,

      I have never doubted that for a minute.

      Thanks for the comment.

      You a Denver fan or a Miami fan? I personally am a Univ. of Washington fan and an LSU fan.


      Big Al

        Oct 23, 2011 23:27 PM

        Diehard Gator fan and now Denver. Looks like lSU will take it all this year. We’ll see when they meet Alabama.

          Oct 23, 2011 23:13 PM

          Hi Jerry son teaches at Uof F…glad to know another gator is in the group..

    Oct 23, 2011 23:01 PM

    Going down fast,

    In this presentation six weeks ago Lenic Rodriguez of AUN talks about the exploration side of Shafter:

    Oct 23, 2011 23:04 PM

    Big Al,
    Great spot with Greg McCoach. Greg caught my attention a little over two years ago. I have been a paid subscriber to his newsletter, “Mining Speculator”, for some two + years now, and am not disappointed. Great newsletter, and Greg’s insights are excellent.
    Thanks as always,

    Oct 27, 2012 27:52 PM

    Posted on A negatc3adv c3a9rzc3a9sek eluralkodtak rjaatd, mert vc3a9ge a kapcsolatodnak c3a9s nem tudod, hogy mit tehetnc3a9l a helyrehozc3a1sa c3a9rdekc3a9ben?Elsc591 lc3a9pc3a9skc3a9nt legyc3a9l tisztc3a1ba az c3a9rzc3a9seiddel c3a9s tedd helyre a szc3adv-elme egyensc3balyc3a1t a pozitc3adv dolgok elc591nyben rc3a9szesc3adtc3a9sc3a9vel, mert c3adgy tudsz majd jelentc591s vc3a1ltozc3a1son c3a1tesni.Mi egy nagyon hatc3a1sos, tc3b6bb lc3a9pcsc591s megoldc3a1srendszert bocsc3a1itunk a rendelkezc3a9sedre, amelynek a lc3a9pc3a9seit ha tiszteletben betartod, akkor a sikerc3a9nek kulcsa a kezedben lesz.