From The Casey Research 2013 Summit

October 12, 2013

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Our entire show this week originated from The Casey Research 2013 Summit held in Tucson  Arizona. Enjoy listening to the best of the best as we discuss economics and politics.

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    Oct 12, 2013 12:22 AM

    Seg1: my main concern is that unlike the stock and real estate bubbles where very few saw it coming, everyone and their brother is predicting a bond bubble burst….it doesn’t happen that way.

      Oct 12, 2013 12:03 PM


      I like your reasoning … Mass consensus is a disturbing sign more times than not. That is also why the entire “it’s the bankers” and “it’s Obama” talk seems very suspicious to me – considering Hollywood is spouting the same crap in films like Elysium (the globalists are the ones who control Hollywood and the fact that they are blaming the elitists is curious / very suspicious) in my opinion … Why would they point the finger at themselves unless it ties in with their agenda?). The whole patriot movement is suspect — so many holes in the concept that you could fly a dozen 747’s through it.

      Oct 13, 2013 13:48 AM

      We shall see, Bobby!

        Oct 13, 2013 13:13 PM

        70’s AL Bob champen 77 up up and away all the best !

    Oct 12, 2013 12:48 AM

    The people may predicting a bond bubble burst, but that is but a part of the problem ahead. Most of the whole world financial system will collapse.
    As Bob Moriarty pointed out, the whole system will come down. Trade will be interrupted. The 1929 collapse will look like a walk in the park. This will be a decades long problem.

      Oct 13, 2013 13:49 AM

      Unfortunately that is very possible, CFS!

    Oct 12, 2013 12:57 AM

    I disagree with Big Al and Bob, in that while I do believe having real things will help, I am not sure there will be a boom ahead for holders of precious metals and real things. I believe few people realize how long and how bad the collapse will be, or how long it will last. I hate to be a doomsayer, but I am seriously frightened by what the economic math is tending to predict; this is a highly singular event in the history of mankind.
    I do believe holding real assets is the best choice for a preservation of assets.

    Oct 12, 2013 12:27 AM

    cfs…….if you are right and you very well my be, I want physical gold/silver in a collapse to keep what wealth I have. I can’t think of any other asset to hold to “get to the other side” of a collapse. The US$? I sure am open to any ideas you may have.

      Oct 12, 2013 12:54 AM

      Very true…Those who held gold before the depression and sold it years after…profitted greatly.

        Oct 12, 2013 12:29 PM


        They did not have “bail-ins” back then (ones in which the government could force every person to trade in their gold for pennies on the dollar … Hold it and get fined / jailed). Where would you trade it in if it is illegal to own? Nowhere. And if I remains illegal for ten years, what will you live off of (bread crumbs???)

          Oct 13, 2013 13:42 AM

          I understand what you are saying. As some say, there is NO place to hide in this world if there is a collapse. I think one needs to take the position of not placing all HOPE in precious metals. I would say that looking at it as ones ace in the hole would be having the wrong perspective…However with that said…as a place to park excess money…It is not a bad place to be. You most likely will not lose all that you have invested as you can with stocks.

          I have never claimed I would eat gold in hard times…A smart investor is quite diversified in other assests as well.

            Oct 13, 2013 13:01 AM

            I agree Tim!

            Oct 13, 2013 13:29 PM

            I also agree … My mother told me to always do things in moderation … Not putting all of my eggs in one basket falls into that category.

          Oct 14, 2013 14:41 AM

          Thank you for raising this issue. I asked the same question a while back but got no answer. It’s an important and highly relevant point.

    Oct 12, 2013 12:33 AM

    How can the bond, stock and/or equity market crash when all the “key players” (Fed, Central Banks,China etc) are all in this thing together. They are all so-called “insiders” and are controlling all aspects of the market. Who could take the “insiders” down?

      Oct 12, 2013 12:21 AM

      Yes Don, the elite’s will win.

      Oct 12, 2013 12:55 PM

      Yes, they are in this thing together! But, you are saying they can print US$ forever with no consequences. Never been done. At the Casey Summit, Doug said Rome did it & had 30% on the dole. How did that work out & we have 50% on some sort of gov’ment assistance. Not going to end well.

      Oct 13, 2013 13:52 AM

      Interesting question, Don. Remember that they caused this problem.

      Oct 14, 2013 14:47 AM

      “They are all so-called “insiders” and are controlling all aspects
      of the market. Who could take the “insiders” down?”

      During the French Revolution, it was the peasants and the unemployed starving city-folk who “took the insiders down”. Even King Louis XVI himself got his head chopped off.

      Feb 01, 2014 01:10 PM

      Well done to think of sominhetg like that

    Oct 12, 2013 12:45 AM

    In segment 6 it was mentioned that until recently companies had not been prepared to give warrants during the funding process. Now, out of desperation they will.
    I still maintain that giving warrants, while it may be good for the likes of Rick Rule, is bad for the companies. (For two reasons: it is deceptively dilutive; it opens up potential for possibility of company-killing naked shorting.)

      Oct 12, 2013 12:18 AM

      Yes, warrants are a horrible idea and steal from common shareholders.

      They allow someone with very little investment and risk in the game to take most of the benefits.

      Sounds like the banking system cartel in another form.

      Oct 13, 2013 13:54 AM

      You must have taught a lot of kids a lot of important things. Of course you are correct, CFS.

      Oct 14, 2013 14:39 PM

      Not just for the likes of Rick Rule but for the likes of anyone who takes part in the private placements!

    Oct 12, 2013 12:16 AM

    Lots of despair in this country, this economy, this market.

    PEople who know are FED up with the parasites.

    Oct 12, 2013 12:54 AM

    Your tax dollars at work:
    $660 million and countuing for cr*p computer code.

    Oct 12, 2013 12:24 AM


      Feb 02, 2014 02:36 PM

      You know what, I’m very much inecinld to agree.

    Oct 12, 2013 12:54 AM

    As is often the case, Rosenberg takes the other side of the debate.

    David Rosenberg: Why Janet Yellen isn’t such a policy dove after all

    Oct 12, 2013 12:43 PM

    When investing in mining stocks on The TSX-V they always say do your own due diligence the reason being you can’t trust anyone else’s recommendations because the risk is 1000% but so is the reward and even the so called experts get failure handed to them in spades, it really is gambling but if you can buy close to the bottom you might be successful but there still are no guarantees. DT

      Oct 14, 2013 14:25 PM

      Absolutely correct, there are no guarantees in this world, Machine Gun!

    Oct 12, 2013 12:50 PM

    Agree with Al that 85% of Americans are clueless–maybe more with each passing day. It was recently reported that the American adult population scored below average against the rest of the world in math and reading. They can rap, but they can’t read and add; thus they let the ‘pundits’ do their thinking for them! ….And who is easier to subjugate than a population of dimwits spoon fed propaganda via the corporate (mainstream) media.

      Oct 14, 2013 14:26 PM

      Sorry to say that I have to agree with you bj!

    Oct 12, 2013 12:10 PM

    Looking at the gold action in 2008, gold had a peak at $1025-1030 in March 2008 and corrected into the $800s over the summer and crashed to $680 on the Lehman Brothers collapse in September/October.

    Gold made a successful re-take of $1000 around September 2009. When gold re-took $1000, there was already a record commercial short interest and a record open interest, i.e. more than the first visit to $1000 in 2008. That was an orange flag. Gold then continued on to $1224 in 2009 and then on to $1430 in 2010 and $1920 in 2011.

    Perhaps you might say gold was always overbought at $1000 on overly zealous leveraged speculation. So one might conclude that a bear market would take gold under $1000.

    Now the manipulation guys who always complain about the COMEX did not complain when the COMEX took gold all the way to $1920 on a tidal wave of leveraged long speculation. To be consistent ,they cannot easily complain when the speculators take the short side and bring it down. We should have been prepared for that.

    We have had too many bottom callers in April and June 2013 at $1321 and $1180. They will be calling the bottom at $1030 in a few weeks if Gary Savage’s price projection is correct, leaving room for yet another leg down if they do.

    Since this is the most predicted financial collapse in historty (as Bob M said on the weekend show),then it will already be in the market before it happens and therefore cannot actually happen!

      Oct 14, 2013 14:36 PM

      Cannot actually happen?

    Oct 12, 2013 12:31 PM

    Now, Bob M. says that oil stocks are being slaughtered when oil is well up over $100 and how that doesn’t seem right. We have heard that kind of thing before.

    Remember that gold stocks were doing poorly when gold was hitting $1900? Why was that? Did the gold stocks rocket up to meet gold? Or did gold crash to meet the gold stocks?

    Hmmmmmmmmmm. Unfortunately, it was the latter!

      Oct 13, 2013 13:07 AM

      Absolutely correct Silverbug

      Oct 14, 2013 14:37 PM

      Yes Silverbug Dave,

      It certainly was the latter!

    Oct 12, 2013 12:01 PM

    Some good points in this forum. Bobs a great contrarian so how can a collapse be the most predicted? That’s not how markets work that’s for sure. I own to much gold and way to many stocks and I think we’re screwed as the bottom callers are coming out of the wood work producing only bear market rally’s. We should have put gold to bed in 2011 and bought productive land / real estate. It’s there when you get up everyday unless you leveraged the crap out of it. The greatest wealth transfer that has happened is the people that got sucked into resource stocks trading at a fraction of what they were. There is no safety in them but that’s what was touted!

      Oct 13, 2013 13:08 AM

      How can you possibly call yourself The Village Idiot?

    Oct 12, 2013 12:03 PM

    I’m sure the pro-chartists are well aware of this; a 50% retrace of the entire gold run from $253 to $1924 comes in at $1088.

    50% retrace is recognised as normal price action in a sustained run.

    Unrelated, but perhaps of interest to readers;
    “V” who I suspect to be a former researcher for Casey, was on “coast2coast” on Sep 25
    -the interview starts at 1:15:38

      Oct 12, 2013 12:20 PM

      Hi Irwin, I didnt listen to all of it, I got the gist.
      He figures the false flag set up didnt work due to the net, could be, the net is definatly whats letting people figure out its not “akmed the baker” wanting to kill “joe the plumber”, its the bankers.
      (I wonder if the net will turn out to have more influence than “the most read book of all time”).
      Its always good to hear more people that are figureing out whats happening.

      Doug Casey might be right tho, its too late to matter and we can only hope for the U.S. to go down with a wimper (like the ussr) and not a bang.
      Guess all most of us can say is “it will be interesting”
      Oh boy,interesting times.

        Oct 13, 2013 13:04 AM

        The most read book of all time is on the”net”!

      Oct 13, 2013 13:05 AM

      Thanks Irwin!

      Oct 14, 2013 14:38 PM

      Could not get anything on the link as it is currently labeled “private”.

    Oct 12, 2013 12:03 PM

    Bob M says we are putting in a bottom and I wish he was right but I think we are screwed. Wall Street dumped their commodities a year ago and be pouring money into productive real estate.

      Oct 14, 2013 14:39 PM

      Yeh Village Genius,

      I too don’t think that we are currently putting in a bottom!

    Oct 12, 2013 12:09 PM

    In the meantime, there’s not a damn thing we can do about it. We already know that the CFTC and the CME, along with the precious metal miners, aren’t going to do a thing about it either, so we just have to suffer in silence. This is just another sign of how corrupted the entire process has become, and it should be obvious to all that the system is rotten to its very core.

      Oct 14, 2013 14:40 PM

      Sure it is rotten to its very core, but we can still provide ourselves with a certain amount of security!

    Oct 12, 2013 12:16 PM

    bb: No sh*t eh?!

      Oct 13, 2013 13:00 AM

      Village Idiot?

      Common man, you are far from that!

    Oct 13, 2013 13:28 AM

    Folks, this is all a made for TV Houdini balancing act that has been in motion for decades with full blue-prints to study. They have told you and the world that there will be a bond implosion and it was done by choice not accident. They are telling you what is unfolding, now.

    This entire monetary experiment was created with the express intent of there being a finality to the system in place. The only reason was to game the system through humanities ignorance and enrich a few of those connected at the top and they knew they could utilize the productive labor and production capacity of the slave class (that’s you and me) to fund and reach these goals.

    The FED and the FRN were created by a small group of banking oligarchs to be used as a century long conduit for exploitation and control while building vast fortunes to buy and control real assets of the nation and world.

    Everyone is trying to invent a nascent tin foil Eco monetary paradigm into something that was always intended to implode in due time, thus requiring a monetary reset.

    The banking and US centric oligarch elite just as the their British banking brethren who taught them well have known since 1913 that this system would and was created to blow sky high as the limits to expansion combined with mathematical debt exponents overwhelm the expansion of economic activity needed to service the debt saturation within the GOV bond edifice.

    The exponential mathematics function guarantees this end result but this time the monetary sociopaths will raise heaven and earth to instill their centuries old dream of ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT.

    That is where this is headed and no investment, no place and no one will be safe from the leviathan because of the scope and reach of the global authoritarian governing class and their desire for complete control and obedience is the end game.

    Oct 13, 2013 13:52 AM

    Nice Barron’s interview today with Jim Rogers. Jim states that gold could hit $960.00 within the next couple of years. Jim was one of the guys that got me interested in investing in gold and silver and I still respect his opinions. Back in the days when he was single, and email was just beginning to take hold, I could communicate with him personally. I can’t believe his daughter is now 9 years old.

    Oct 13, 2013 13:46 AM

    Apropos for a Sunday: Was Lincoln a Christian
    Date: February 15, 2004 (30 minutes)
    “Was Lincoln a Christian? In this message, Dr. Kennedy shows that while the younger Lincoln was a skeptic, during the course of the war (and especially after the death of his son), he became a Christian. By the time, Lincoln spoke at Gettysburg, he was a Christian. Dr. Kennedy shows how Lincoln’s Christianity is clearly reflected in his Second Inaugural Address (“with malice toward none, and charity toward all”). ”

      Oct 13, 2013 13:58 PM

      tank u nice to now franky

      Feb 01, 2014 01:00 PM

      Whoever wrote this, you know how to make a good areiclt.

    Oct 13, 2013 13:34 AM

    It wouldnt play for me, but thinking about it with the limited knowledge I have of the time and lincon, I would say at the start of the war he was christian, he made 2 speeches specifically stating that freeing the slaves was not his objective. The “southern” amricans were christian which allowed them to justify slavery from their kjv.
    I forget the verse in the kjv but it has Jesus supporting slavery, “obey your masters” somthing like that.

    But I can see how lincon as any critical mind would have to think about it, as the kjv contradicts itself, jesus doesnt like the moneychangers for example.

    Its easy for a non christian, to me, its obvious, the kjv is wrong. Just as Math 28.20 is a mistranslation for example.
    I tend to go with Jesus did not support slavery and all that goes with it.

    Oct 13, 2013 13:58 AM

    So, RT reports the banks are taking public lands in Italy.
    Funny, the banks use the same plan over and over again, expand and contract money supply until they own everything. Its how they end up owning complete nations and its resources, they will do the same thing in the states.

    Max Keiser (the most watched program in the world about this stuff) has been screaming for years thats the banks goals. (duh) But not enough care. Oh well, better than a reality show. When will people figure out, ITS THE BANKS. lol.

    A Grand Inquisitor’s villa, a Pope’s fort and a Venetian island will be sold off to fill Italy’s depleted state coffers, local media reports. It’s hoped the 50 historic sites will raise 500 million euros needed to obey strict EU austerity rules.

    The plan to offer some of Italy’s state-owned real estate to private investors is part of an emergency decree aimed at keeping the country’s 2013 budget deficit within 3 percent threshold set by Brussels, the Corriere della Serra newspaper reports.

    Im holding out for the collisium and statue of liberty, maybe the bank will loan me the money

    Oct 13, 2013 13:06 AM

    EBT Nationwide Shutdown – Financial Collapse & 72 Hour Martial Law Alert posted Oct. 13, 2013, since this site is all but doom & gloom anyway……

      Oct 14, 2013 14:44 PM

      I am not discounting the severity of the ebt boon doggle, but I think this particular site, in this case, went a bit over the top.

    Oct 13, 2013 13:26 AM

    100,000 – 300,000 Tons of Gold found in the US and the Gov`t knows all about it now this article seems more interesting than the doom and gloom EBT one above. For those who are into Silver, maybe that`s we should be. If there is no gold in Fort Knot, perhaps that`s a plus, but if the government got this much of an asset in the ground ??

      Oct 13, 2013 13:53 AM

      Screw gold, it is the play-thing of the PTB. Silver all the way. Solar panels over wind any time. (Except night-time !;-)


        Oct 13, 2013 13:40 PM

        I hate to say it, but I am starting to agree with you.

          Oct 13, 2013 13:00 PM

          Big Al, i don’t, I’ve been saying it for years,” why buy gold when there’s silver”.

            Oct 14, 2013 14:44 PM

            Yes you have Greg J. And, the last purchase we made in size was silver.

      Oct 13, 2013 13:19 AM

      I always thought it would be funny to find out the reason there hasnt been a gold audit for so long was there was lots more than admitted to being stored.

        Oct 13, 2013 13:25 AM

        Geez, if thats the truth I would have to put gold in the same ledger as women booze and gambling, just to justify the losses of course. lol

          Oct 13, 2013 13:40 AM

          “I spent half my money on gambling, alcohol and wild women. The other half I wasted.”
          –W.C. Fields

            Oct 13, 2013 13:25 PM

            i tink rick rule is getting banker sick ! and i hope him now Nuclear love Steve jobs didn’t stop cancer maybe he can !

          Oct 14, 2013 14:45 PM

          No bb, booze is strictly for mental health!

    Oct 13, 2013 13:04 AM

    Big Al: I was once well off. Wisdom if I have any usually comes from large mistakes.
    I read Bob M day one and agreed with him. People laughed and then gold went up and real estate crashed US side. Where did I go wrong? I sold a business in canada well into the 7 figures as Bob had me Sh*t scared about the global collapse. Casey ect. Let’s just say financially I am a shadow of my former self owning the most volatile dangerous game in the universe. The real cash flow/productive capacity was in my business. I should have been borrowing and expanding NOT heading for the bunker. If there was a crash I would have got out of bed and there would be a standing producing business in demand, not living in the manipulated world I now live in. The destructiveness of resource stocks is staggering AND forget trying to tag stock valuations or trends to the underling commodities. So we got the first half right but the more websites and predictions made…well the exact opposite has occurred. Real estate has declined a bit here but who cares? Cash flow was king and placing you your bets in the market…well everyone write some of the time. All of the paper hangers made a buck and Wall Street. There maybe a boom ahead as almost all markets terminate that way but it’s a long ways and a lot of equities will be insolvent. I appreciate the site and others thoughts. PS I’m not broke yet at 48 and may still have to hold me 10-20years but god only knows how it plays out!

      Oct 13, 2013 13:46 PM

      Mr. Certainly Not the Village Idiot,

      Please at the age of 48 simply learn the importance of diversification.

      I have been involved in this business for close to 40 years and that is the one thing I have learned. (More on this in the upcoming week.)

      You sound like you really have it together and I am confident you will recover financially.

      I too once was on my you know what!

        Oct 13, 2013 13:53 PM

        AL are yo go the Bob chapman work diss nice tank u !

      Oct 13, 2013 13:29 PM

      VI, You know, your story is the exact one that shows these sites are dangerous places, some of these guys talk like they commune with the devine as well as Jesus himself did.

      I actually thought about doing the same thing, after thinking about it I figured I would ask Jim Sinclair before I did just to get some reasurance.
      Basically he said, forget it, buy gold a bit at a time every month, keep your other stuff and enjoy life.
      Sure glad I followed his thinking in that regard.
      I actually think the only guys that should be talking about aquireing PM should be J Turk and Jim Rickards. and jim sinclair lol Whats with all the Jim and James guys?
      So easy, 5=20% every month, think of it as insurance, 20% being very agressive.
      And dont make the amount you purchase hard on yourself in any way.
      Anyway, best of luck to you VI

        Oct 14, 2013 14:57 AM

        Well said bb, especially the danger warnings

    Oct 13, 2013 13:09 PM

    Thought that I would post this here, because I doubt that the MSM will show it

    Here is another image from Sunday’s gathering in DC, this one really touched me

      Oct 14, 2013 14:07 AM

      Rob, thanks for the links. Unfortunately IMO these closures are nearly to distract from the real issues, to anger people, and to force a rapid closure.

      Oct 14, 2013 14:46 PM

      No we certainly did not hear about it on MSMBC!

    Oct 13, 2013 13:27 PM

    fukushima is eat us !!!!!!!!! crazy !!!!!!!!!!

    Oct 13, 2013 13:45 PM

    Big Al: One of the top fund performers in Canada 30% compound over 23 years called it “Diworseification” and he WAS right. You can’t make real money a little here a little there. A lot of folks have 10-20% equity in a house and leveraged to the hilt! I think we will have a recovery when as Martin Armstrong says “When all the Gold bulls are crushed” I suspect hes right on as there are far to many bottom callers. I was diversified House and a remainder commercial property paid for. Plenty of cash but resource stocks put some serious hurt on that portion. I would have sold out a year ago but was convinced by Bob M to sit tight. He had a great track record but so did that fund manager (smashed after 20+ yrs). We”ll sit tight with some hedges in. When these things move against you you get out!! Trust NO ONE….THANKS. and well survive to fight another day.

      Oct 14, 2013 14:48 PM

      Hey Village Genius,

      Big Al too lost a ton of money in the resource sector. Does that mean that I am giving up? Heck no! Too much fun!

      Feb 01, 2014 01:11 PM

      A really good answer, full of ratainiloty!

      Feb 02, 2014 02:01 AM

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    Oct 13, 2013 13:47 PM

    PS Franky: donworryaboutit! Get yourself some a jug cause were all gonna die!

      Oct 13, 2013 13:41 PM

      this video is a file log, its like asking you for the answer of pie, which is an infinite number. If you want some bad news, try this `Muslim Brotherhood In the White House posted October 10, 2013 — On Sept. 13, 2013, Mohamed Elibiary was named the head of the Obama`s administration`s Homeland Security Advisor Council. This same Mr. Mohamed Elibiary is a Muslim Brotherhood apologist and IS synonymous with Islamic terrorism…… Watch the video to find out why a member of the Muslim Brotherhood is pulling the levers of power in the White House.

    Oct 13, 2013 13:09 PM

    franky me hop 2

    Oct 13, 2013 13:35 PM

    no crash no collapse coming not yet cole cole

    Oct 13, 2013 13:52 PM

    The Gold exit was 2011 and he sayed so. Sayed buy US Housing. CORRECT CORRECT.
    Casey, Bob M ect ect wong vewy wong Greater fool idiot correcto
    Hmmmm daaaaa
    Maybe da highly predict bond market pops? When everyone predicts!? Dought

    Oct 13, 2013 13:26 PM

    In segments 7 & 8, sounds like this video, in essence – `Why Obama Will Never Be Impeached` 7:56,

    Oct 13, 2013 13:30 PM

    If the Federal Reserve is a private institution, then why does the President appoint the Fed’s chairman? Any insight would be appreciated.

      Oct 13, 2013 13:00 PM

      From wikipedia:
      The Federal Reserve System has both private and public components, and was designed to serve the interests of both the general public and private bankers. The result is a structure that is considered unique among central banks.

        Oct 13, 2013 13:39 PM

        Thank you Matthew. I should’ve just wiki’d that in the first place. Again, appreciate it.

          Oct 13, 2013 13:03 PM

          You’re welcome.

      Oct 13, 2013 13:03 PM

      Start this clip at about 3:33:

      Oct 13, 2013 13:37 PM

      If Federal Express wanted to let the US President appoint it’s chairman it could. That wouldn’t make FedEx a government agency*, though. It’s just a ploy to confuse the 99%.

      * Although you could get your packages delivered by a B-52.

      Oct 14, 2013 14:49 PM

      The answer is to simply look at the ownership.

    Oct 13, 2013 13:32 PM

    A word from MA, the man they will no longer interview:

      Oct 13, 2013 13:34 PM

      Big Al, why not buck the trend and invite Armstrong to your next round table, I dont mean Lance.

        Oct 14, 2013 14:02 AM

        That’d be good!

        Oct 14, 2013 14:03 AM

        Also Eric Janszen 🙂

      Feb 02, 2014 02:17 PM

      So true. Honesty and everything redongizec.

    Oct 13, 2013 13:32 PM

    But Louis Armstrong is long dead and Neil Armstrong unfortunately died last year;>)

    Oct 14, 2013 14:05 PM

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