Markets, Gold, the Spending Bill, and a Canadian Medical Company

December 13, 2014

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    Dec 13, 2014 13:21 AM

    I had to refer to Seg 8 before any of the others. Brilliant, prophetic Bob is NOT using hyperbole when speaking of ‘a cesspit of criminals’. We have them here in the UK, insofar as most of our politicians are puppets of the Obama administration. Bob I know you’re not religious (can’t fault you there!), but you remind me of those solitary prophetic voices in the Old Testament, where one spokesman often against thousands (of false prophets) were derided, or worse still just plain ignored. Another prophetic voice – and not uncommonly dismissed for being a doom-monger is Paul Craig Roberts, whose message below is essential reading.
    Thank you Al and Cory for ‘daring’ to call on Bob’s unequivocal insights.

      Dec 13, 2014 13:20 AM

      We share your feelings about Bob. Just don’t tell him I ever said that!

    Dec 13, 2014 13:45 AM

    Thanks, Bob, for describing people like me as war criminals.
    So be it.
    In times of war, I guess it takes a war criminal to have the determination to win.

    The US waterboarded 3 detainees.
    I do not consider that as torture.
    The rest of those at Guantabino were not waterboarded.
    I do not consider stripping people of their clothes and putting them in diapers as torture.

    Since it is common practice in the US to waterboard their Seals as part of their training, I personally do not consider waterboarding as torture.

    Further in light of the information extracted, I consider the actions of the CIA as acceptable.

    Consider the so-called torture of one of the detainees, KJhalid Sheik Mohammed.
    He was the mastermind behind 9/11.
    Was he hunk from his neck until dead? No.
    He was treated with sleep deprivation and waterboarding.

    The information extracted from him, for the most part still saecret and not released, stopped a second 9/11 style attack (rumoured to be in California) from occuring and lead to the capture/killing of the 17 terrorists who would have carried out that attack.

    Similar waterboarding and treatment of other capture terrorists lead to information about the Bali bombings in Indonesia and have kept the US and the UK safe from further attacks so far.

      Dec 13, 2014 13:40 AM

      The United States government hung Japanese after WW II for waterboarding and only a total twit could read that 600 page report and not be deeply ashamed for our country. It was illegal according to international law, it was illegal according to the Geneva Conventions and it is illegal according to US law. It was run by a bunch of bumbling overpaid fools who tortured people before questioning them, murdered people, in the case of 26 people, tortured totally innocent people and it didn’t work You may believe Sheik Mohammed is guilty of something but none of us know, he hasn’t had any trial. If you think the US is safer today than it was on 911, you are unique, no one else does.

      You haven’t spent a day in combat because everyone who ever spends a day in combat knows that if you torture them, they torture you.

        Dec 13, 2014 13:29 PM

        You are absolutely “full of it” ……. I do thank you for your service but that’s where it stops Regards !!

        Dec 14, 2014 14:53 AM

        Agree completely bob. Majority of those detained according to how both our laws as well as international law were “accused” terrorists. What the bloody he’ll ever happened to innocent until proven guilty. If our system is so weak it can be bent by a few lawyers to legitimize torture and subvert due process then what are we supposedly defending?????? It sure isn’t the constitution.
        As a side note the science community has completely and outright proven the buildings in NY could not possibly have been brought down by planes so how did kaleed shake Mohammed plan that again??

          Dec 14, 2014 14:06 AM

          Thanks Jay.

          This certainly is a divisive subject. Agree?

            Dec 14, 2014 14:49 AM

            Only when it comes to definitions Al. Most reasonable human beings when given the chance and when terms are clearly defined would not even question the discussing nature of water boarding as being anything but an illegal form of torture (nor would they blindly accept ludicrous claims as laid out in the 911 commision report). jmho

    Dec 13, 2014 13:46 AM

    The detainees at Guantanimo were not Prisoners of War, but capture terrorists.

      Dec 13, 2014 13:53 AM

      captueD terrorists

        Dec 13, 2014 13:54 AM


          Dec 13, 2014 13:05 AM

          Finally CFS… put your glasses on! Ha

            Dec 13, 2014 13:09 AM

            I am left half side blind in both eyes, sorry, but glasses do not help my vision which is by peripheral rightside vision only. (Caused by brain tumor removal)

            Dec 13, 2014 13:24 AM

            I had no idea your vision was that bad.,CFS. Thanks for telling me.

          Dec 13, 2014 13:22 AM

          By the way, I agree with you. If this is going to become a big deal then the whole domestic imprisonment and criminal justice system in America and elsewhere will also need to be reformed. Is solitary confinement not standard practice these days? How about strip searches, isolation, verbal and physical abuse and even terrorization of the incarcerated? Why is that not the big story in the news while CIA activities abroad are front page? Basically this is just another media cloud intended to distract as usual. It is a story that covers up the real news which nobody gets to hear anymore.

            Dec 13, 2014 13:31 PM

            Ditto Birdman……

      Dec 13, 2014 13:24 PM
        Dec 14, 2014 14:10 AM

        Many thanks Ebolan. Stupid me did not know that. War is he’ll but justice is justice.

    Dec 13, 2014 13:51 AM

    The release of the “Intelligence” Committee Report; a one sided report written by Democratic staffers, without input from Republicans, and without any interviews being made with the 3 previous C.I.A. directors or the three previous CIA deputy directors was a hachet job, performed by an extreme partisan in the throes of losing power.

      Dec 13, 2014 13:25 AM

      Exactly…just the usual wad of bad politics.

      Dec 14, 2014 14:12 AM

      This is not a comment on the issue of torture but on the issue of politics and in this case I completely agree with you.

    Dec 13, 2014 13:01 AM

    OK, now attack me……

    I will return later to address comments.

    I believe, with some exceptions, the CIA acted with restraint.
    It did not use other than the minimum amouunt of coersion necessary to extract information vital to inhibit further attacks, in a TIME of WAR.

    And make no mistake, the Islamo-Facists have declared war on the West.

      Dec 13, 2014 13:26 AM

      No worries man. I am on your side here.

        Dec 13, 2014 13:44 AM

        Birdman, when it comes to torturing others that is a total waste of time because it doesn’t work, no one here doubts where you stand. When you think stealing is ok and cold blooded murder of children is ok, what’s a little torture between friends. If you support war crimes, that makes you a war criminal.

        I could make you confess to killing Lincoln in five minutes with a single sliver of bamboo. But who would be the monster?

          Dec 13, 2014 13:17 AM

          I do not agree with torture Bob. In fact I am totally opposed at every level. What I agreed with when discussing this with CFS was that it is a political issue with heavy partisan overtones. As most people are aware our prison system and what goes on there is as bad or worse than anything that ever happened overseas to inmates who were being questioned. To me that is a bigger story and one that is never addressed.

            Dec 13, 2014 13:25 AM

            Okay Bird, I agree with you regarding your feelings about torture and politics.

            Dec 13, 2014 13:22 PM

            Anyone who believes there are two different political parties in the US is deluded. There is one snake with two heads. We do not have free speech or freedom to protest. We are the most spied on people in world history, far outdoing anything Stalin or Mao or Hitler ever did, all in the name of protecting America. If we would mind our own business and stop swatting hornet’s nests, we would not have all the enemies we have. 911 was nothing more than a retake of Charlie Wilson’s War. It was predictable and predicted. What is coming is worse.

            The prison system is out of control but both parties support “punishing” people for victimless crimes. In Florida the governor had to appoint someone totally outside the prison system to head it because the entire edifice was so corrupt it could not be fixed from the inside.

            While it’s true our prisons are cruel and corrupt, as Winston Churchill said, “The mood and temper of the public in regard to the treatment of crime and criminals is one of the most unfailing tests of the civilisation of any country. ”

            The US has been tested and found wanting. That US prisons are a cesspool of corruption is not a justification for war crimes and torture. We know what torture is. We also know it doesn’t work and says far more about our society than our enemies.

            Dec 13, 2014 13:13 PM

            I will agree with you there Bob. I really feel horrified by what I have seen and heard about the treatment of prisoners in the States. Actually, I suspect it is no better in Canada or some European countries but it just does not get the same level of scrutiny that US prisons have received. Such barbarism indeed speaks of the blackness of the hearts of the jailers. But I suppose that is all of us if we don’t stand up and express our disgust.

            Dec 13, 2014 13:48 PM

            The corruption is so deep now I feel revolution, burning it all down pretty much and rebuilding might be the only way left to anything resembling morality etc.

            I do get your point tho Bird as to why you oppose, guess I just don’t see another way.

          Dec 15, 2014 15:56 AM

          Did the CIA decapitate its detainees?
          Did the CIA gouge out the eyes of detainees?
          Did the CIA rape detainees?
          Did the CIA deal in slave trading?

          Hardly a case of do it to them and they will do it to you!

          Ask anyone who jump to death from the Twin Towers, or was burned to death or was crushed to death by the falling of the twin towers, if the CIA treatment was reasonable or if they would have changed places with a detainee……

          I believe the CIA acted reasonably, considering all factors.

          This report is a last ditch attempt to smear them from a person that is p*ssed at losing power. Good riddance to Feinstein was has done more to murder and mame civilians by endorsing cafe standards for new automobiles, than the CIA has physically done in the last decade.

            Dec 15, 2014 15:24 AM

            There was no information gained. If you watched Charlie Wilson’s War you would understand we invited 911.

            Even the CIA admitted that torture didn’t work, was poorly thought out, murdered people, destroyed the reputation of the US and was illegal. That’s why they are whining, they didn’t want their crimes exposed.

            If you support torture by anyone for any reason, you are a monster by definition, torture doesn’t work. It’s what evil people do to show how powerful they are.

    Dec 13, 2014 13:14 AM

    With regard to the Omnibus bill, the amount of earmarks was atrocious.

    Clearly most of the politicians are corrupt, ON BOTH SIDES OF THE AISLE.

    A revolution is needed.

      Dec 13, 2014 13:27 AM

      OK…I am not on your side anymore. Couldn’t you have just stopped at pointing out bad politics?

        Dec 13, 2014 13:26 AM

        You think the Omnibus Bill is okay?

          Dec 13, 2014 13:48 AM

          I am not up for revolution. I don’t think that is the answer to these problems Al. Look at every place it has happened before. The results are death and destruction, social and political turmoil, loss of confidence in all markets, hyperinflations or severe depressions etc etc. Nobody ever seems to come out a winner but a lot of people do usually end up dead.

            Dec 13, 2014 13:26 PM

            Revolution worked for the US the last time we tried it. Both Washington and Jefferson thought that now and again, it makes a lot of sense. I don’t support it but I can see what is in front of my eyes. People are pissed at the level of corruption in government and the abuse of power by the banks, by Wall Street, the fawning from the media and police totally out of control. I don’t think selling a cigarette on the streets deserves summary execution and I don’t give a damn what the color is of the victim or the killer.

            Dec 13, 2014 13:50 PM

            Totally agree Bob.

            Dec 13, 2014 13:46 PM

            Remember that my parents ran from Russia during that revolution. I may not have personal experience based on my having gone through it, but I have certainly seen the devastation that it caused my family and more than just a few close friends of my family.

            I also witnessed the scars, first hand, that were dealt to my family members. Not pretty at all!

    Dec 13, 2014 13:40 AM

    Now that cfs and BM have exhausted their self-congratulations I’d sooner heed Craig Roberts any day.

    Dec 13, 2014 13:43 AM

    Man jealousy?

    Dec 13, 2014 13:52 AM

    Silly, silly boy.

      Dec 13, 2014 13:56 AM

      Uh oh…it’s can-o-worms time at the K-Report.

    Dec 13, 2014 13:14 AM

    While folks are casually using the word “torture” to describe the actions of the CIA, perhaps you might wish to inform me, when any US court of record has ever ruled which specific actions of the CIA are torture.

    Good Luck on your search.
    In the absence of a specific finding that torture was used, why do you pander to the Idealogs in the Democratioc party smear campaign of Republicans?
    I dislike and condemn torture per se, but I also recognize a political attack when I see one.
    I also dislike the damage this campaign has done to the US image.
    I may have left the US as a protest against its corrupt politicians, but that does not mean I dislike the US itself or its people.

    I also feel that it is necessary to defend the once great country, not only against physical attacks of war, but even against bad publicity..

    Given that the country is under attack by Islamo-Fascists, I believe it is necessary to do whatever is the minimum amnount to thwart those attacks.

    I do not believe ANY competent Government should do other than what is necessary to protect its people.

    The debate should be about what is the minimum necessary, not a blanket condemnation, without actual discussion of details.
    I realize not all the details have been made public, but I feel Bob Moriarty to be in error when he claims nothing was obtained via enhanced interrogation ytechniques.
    In order to obtain information, it was necessary to break the spirit of such people as Khalid Sheik Mohammed.

    Perhaps Bob might tell us how he would do that.

    Evil happens in time of War, but I feel the US is much less evil than most countries/warring factions.

      Dec 13, 2014 13:09 AM

      CFS, I don’t mind what you say about Guantanimo. However CIA is no more than a state sponsored terrorist organization. It works hard to turn friendly country into rivals and turn unfriendly country into deadly enemies. It obeys no law and any international convention and recognizes no borders. Its method is brutal and provocative. It even routinely spies on US allies. Examples are overwhelming. They have killed more than 40 Iranian military scientists simply because they work for Iran. Classmate of mine and his coworkers do not dare to travel outside of China because they face CIA assassination and detention only because they work for Chinese military research institutions and have some excellent achievement. China is a US friend at least on the surface. Chinese Arm dealers are targeted for assassination while US arm dealers run around the world. Lucky it cannot operate inside China, otherwise how many people will get killed. It also use a lot of bribery to buy out traitors in other countries. You should know, CIA is banned from carrying out any activity in US and yet operates freely in many weaker countries. It is one of the most brutal and lawless organizations. They contribute to the fact that US has no friends but only subordinates. Once US is weakened, every country in the world will step on it. I am not unti-America but I hope US can control its desire to rule the world and makes some true friends. There is no way for US to be a dominant country forever and it should think for its citizen. Why is being American so dangerous in some parts of the world?. It not because other countries hate US but due to its own action.

        Dec 13, 2014 13:12 AM

        CIA has a license to kill and carries out war time activities in peaceful time

          Dec 13, 2014 13:21 AM

          I am afraid one day some methods will be used against its own citizens. It already start to happen

      Dec 13, 2014 13:51 AM

      Why did we need to break the spirit of KSM? Are you some kind of a monster? If someone is suspected of rape or murder, things we consider crimes, should we torture them to break their spirit?

      If we could prove his guilt, why didn’t we give him a fair trial and appropriate sentence.

      Should we have tortured the Dancing Israelis that were arrested on 911? After all for them to know in advance that they wanted to be standing on a van across the river in advance of the attack means with videos turned on they knew something.

      Should we have tortured the senior Saudi officials that we allowed to fly out of the country immediately after 911 when Americans couldn’t fly but they could. After all, we know there was sponsorship at the country level. We know who did 911 and it sure wasn’t OBL, he wasn’t even charged.

        Dec 13, 2014 13:05 PM

        Bob—no Bob, we should just wait for them to behead us, fly planes into our buildings,
        or other things…………..Kill or be killed…..I choose not to be killed. And you?

        Dec 13, 2014 13:04 PM

        Great post Bob, you make Joseph Goebbels proud. Although in my opinion your hatred of Jews is quite evident I would never consider you anti Semitic.

          Dec 14, 2014 14:17 AM

          Trust me Key lime, Bob is in no way anti Jewish. May be hard for you to accept but I know the man very well and he is not anti Jewish any more that I am.

            Dec 15, 2014 15:22 AM

            Al, If David Duke requested to be on your show to talk about Israel would you have him on?

        Dec 14, 2014 14:47 AM


        From what I just read the witness that reported that van with those men and copied down the license plate, only saw them after the first plane struck the WTC, not before. What evidence do you have that they were there before the first plane hit? Just asking.

          Dec 14, 2014 14:47 AM

          not sure where he gets his facts about Israel and Jews but apparently he may be blessed with knowing the real truth.

          Here’s another great insightful post.

          Bob Moriarty
          Nov 13, 2008

          I’m pleased to see Barak Obama hit the ground running after his election on the 4th. The US needs change.

          I’d like to see him announce the death of Osama bin Laden as one of his first official duties. Bin Laden often better known as bin Forgotten died in December of 2001. There is nothing I am saying that is news to anyone who has actually spent any time thinking.

          Osama bin Laden had serous kidney disease that required him to have dialysis treatment twice a week. There aren’t any dialysis machines floating around in the border region of Afghanistan and Pakistan. A few months back a reporter finally asked the question that should have been asked years ago at a White House press conference.

          How is it that a guy who was seriously ill seven years ago is getting treatment for end-stage renal disease in some cave in Afghanistan? The woman conducting the press conference panicked at the thought of answering that most basic question and immediately canceled the rest of the briefing.

          The United States does not need a boogieman living in a cave in Asia. Osama bin Laden is dead. Barak Obama should be honest enough with the American people to declare him dead.

            Dec 14, 2014 14:27 AM

            Thanks Key lime,

            I never read this.

          Dec 14, 2014 14:45 PM

          They said on TV in Israel that they were sent to record the event and didn’t deny being Mossad agents. The FBI released all their notes on the case and one comment should concern any American. It rings true.

          Give us 20 years and we will take over your media and destroy your country.

          Israeli employee of Urban Moving Systems September 2001 (From FBI Report of 9/11/01)

          We are 13 years into the planned 20.

    Dec 13, 2014 13:23 AM

    A comment to Glen Downs:
    I don’t think any restrictions/regulations/laws are going to save the TBTF banks, in the coming default. At extremis there is not enough money in the world to rescue the situation.

      Dec 13, 2014 13:31 AM

      Agree with you on this one. (And many others, by the way!)

    Dec 13, 2014 13:29 AM

    P.S. Notwithstanding their lies to the contrary, the Democrat leaders were fully briefed on all anti-terrorist actions (“torture”) etc. in September of 2002.

    e.g. using a paper of record, go look at Dec 9, 2007 print edition of Washington Post.

    (There had been a Freedom of Information lawsuit filed against the CIA and when it was clear they were going to lose the action, the CIA dumped a lot of records on the public in early December v2007.)

    Dec 13, 2014 13:42 AM

    The course of stocks and the World economy has gotten down to two words ” Money Printing”.

      Dec 13, 2014 13:32 AM

      Agreed Machine Gun.

    Dec 13, 2014 13:06 AM

    One huge factor for the displacement of the middle class is artificial intelligence, we no longer have to wrestle with ” over production or over capacity” like the late 1920’s now we have a situation of no jobs. Artificial machines can and do design their own replacement.

    Dec 13, 2014 13:14 AM

    Record Oil Tankers Sailing to China Amid Stockpiling Signs

    China sees blue light special on crude.

    Dec 12, 2014 12:26 PM ET

    The number of supertankers sailing to China jumped to a record in ship-tracking data amid signs that the oil-price crash is spurring the Asian nation to stockpile.

    There were 83 very large crude carriers bound for Chinese ports, according to shipping signals from IHS Maritime compiled by Bloomberg at about 8:30 a.m. today in London. The ships would transport 166 million barrels, assuming standard cargoes, the largest number in data starting in October 2011. The cost of hiring the vessels surged to the highest in almost five years, according to Baltic Exchange data.

      Dec 13, 2014 13:39 AM

      Markedtofuture, China will want a more favorable energy contract with The Russians, China needs and wants cheap energy and The Russians need to sell to survive. Ask yourself this “Is the process of deflation well underway”.

      Dec 13, 2014 13:33 AM

      Thanks Market.

    Dec 13, 2014 13:32 AM

    Maguire – This Is What Has The Gold Shorts So Terrified

    “With massive sovereign bids in place at the $1,208 level and below, and the gold market in London imploding, it will be very difficult for the cartel to have a sustained push to the downside in gold. It would have the unintended effect of exacerbating what is already a very panicky situation for the bullion banks and others.

    But it’s also important to note that if the 100-day moving average is taken out on the upside in the gold market, then the sovereign buyers will almost certainly raise the price of those bids. This would have the effect of putting additional pressure on what are already very fragile and worried short positions in the gold market.” The incredible Andrew Maguire audio interview is available now and you can listen to it by CLICKING…

      Dec 13, 2014 13:53 AM

      Great post Markedtofuture, more so as I couldn’t download this direct from KWN. Thank you.

      Dec 13, 2014 13:19 PM

      The gold market has been “imploding” for years. All this BS and talk about empty vaults at LMBA and Comex and failure to deliver imminent is nothing but hype and crap and we have been hearing it for years. If the vaults are empty prove it. The onus is on the gold bugs in that regard 100% Why? Because Russia, India and China have been supposedly ordering and receiving multiple tons each month for the last several years and there has been NO issues whatsoever in them receiving that gold. Could Russia order and receive 55 tons of gold last month if there was a shortage and imminent collapse? Its all BS.

        Dec 13, 2014 13:49 PM

        I kind of agree with you Duke.

        The million dollar question remains. Why no proof?

          Dec 14, 2014 14:35 AM

          I would like to believe it Al , but I have heard the sky is falling argument for so long its falling on deaf ears. Sprott, Maguire, etc all spouting there is no gold for years now yet every month well over a hundred tons are pretty easily shipped. Many people claiming that Fort Knox is empty, Comex and LMBA is empty and they are asking for proof that the gold is actually there. The proof is – it gets ordered and shipped without any issues month after month after month. Maybe its not the fed and the gov that is misleading us.

      Dec 13, 2014 13:28 PM

      Thank’s for the info !

    Dec 13, 2014 13:55 AM

    I would encourage listeners of this weekend report to focus on the Michael Belkin commentaries. I believe both are excellent and “right on”—-probably because they reflect a lot of my feelings for the markets going forward. Oil will fall further as will most of the commodities. They will be bottoming out late in the first quarter of next year. The PMs and stocks are already bottoming with minimal downturn from here. I like particularly his feelings about Pretium and Newcrest mining companies—-from a technical standpoint. The conventional markets are in a broad topping pattern and at great risk. Sentiment should start to shift as we move into the new year. The dollar is in topping mode but should not see a significant move down until the second quarter of 2015. However, it’ll all be a process for the PM stocks. Most will trade in ranges for weeks to months before we see the next large move up for the PMs. A minority of PM stocks will start their moves higher before the large majority of companies when their all in sustaining costs are under control and they show free cash flow on a consistent basis, solid measures of liquidity and ongoing exploration for future reserves. There are only a very small number of companies currently in that boat.

      Dec 13, 2014 13:59 AM

      I would amend my “free cash flow” to cash flow——-It’ll be very difficult for those “small number of companies” that meet my criteria to maintain “free cash flow” as they explore for an increase in reserves.

      Dec 13, 2014 13:05 AM

      I have been watching insider trading buys in the precious metal stocks particularly within the last three months to a year, if this isn’t a factor with companies being discounted just don’t get involved.

        Dec 13, 2014 13:25 AM

        DT; excellent point—-one of the variables I’m watching as well.

      Dec 13, 2014 13:10 AM

      I agree Richard, those two segments with Michael were the best of the show.

        Dec 13, 2014 13:35 AM

        He is a very interesting man, Bird!

          Dec 13, 2014 13:49 AM

          And he has the craziest hair I have seen in ages.

            Dec 13, 2014 13:50 PM

            Not sure if it is the craziest hair I have seen in ages. To me it is a sign of independance and character!

      Dec 13, 2014 13:49 AM

      RICHARD ~
      I was wondering if Kirkland Gold (KGILF) would be in “that boat” mentioned in your last sentence? I have been vacillating on long-term ownership of their stock (I currently own shares, but am down 10%). I have the following snapshot stats for KGILF: Grade: 14.0 g-AU/ton, Production: 140K oz-AU/year, EPS (forward-annual): 0.28, P/E: 10, Price/Book (Yahoo):1.0. If you look at the projected (2017), operational stats for PVG, which has a similar grade and expect 500K production, a share price of $3 for KGILF seems about right.

      Also on the fence for long-term ownership, I have recently bought shares of Victoria Gold (VITFF). Lower grade, but huge deposit. I am buying it strictly for M/A event.
      Thanks in advance

        Dec 13, 2014 13:22 PM

        Brian, between KGILF and PVG I would pick PVG as a long term play based both of fundamentals and technicals. By the way, I have a trailing P/E for KGILF of about 98. They have a pretty good cash position but quite a bit of long term debt. They’re probably priced pretty good right now. They could move a little lower but it appears most of the price depreciation is over. It’s one I would personally would put on my watch list and watch future quarterly reports.

    Dec 13, 2014 13:33 AM

    Re Seg 7 by sanitising our language we suppose it means something different. e,g and here I’m not homophobic, ‘gay’ means homosexual, but why call it by that absurd name? Or why ‘straight’ for heterosexual? For doesn’t that suggest that non-heterosexuals are crooked? As for Quantative Easing it’s nothing other than money printing. Likewise Enhanced interrogation techniques are just a bluff term for torture.
    Al ponders how we can do something: It’s a very good question. But I’m minded to think that Burke’s dictum about ‘evil flourishing when good men do nothing’ needs an updated amendment: ‘Evil flourishes when good men who choose to do nothing thereby compromise their own goodness’.

      Dec 13, 2014 13:38 AM

      You are discussing one of the reasons for this show and this forum. But then, you probably are aware of that, Reverend

    Dec 13, 2014 13:03 AM

    I hope Bob is right and a revolution happens.

      Dec 13, 2014 13:42 AM

      Going back to your comments the other day in which you stated that no one who visits this site is duped by the “War on Terror,” are you paying attention to the comments above, bb?

        Dec 13, 2014 13:53 AM


        Those people aren’t dupees, they are dupers.

          Dec 13, 2014 13:22 AM

          Come on Bob (and Matthew)…..this is just politics.

          Dec 13, 2014 13:43 AM

          Bob, CFS is a dupe, in my opinion, not a duper. Maybe you know something I don’t.

            Dec 15, 2014 15:13 AM

            Please read, for example:


            or other real information about what actual information WAS obtainbed via “torture”.
            Bob claims no information was obtained. He is wrong.

            Much information was obtained.

            I may not agree with some of the actions of CIA operatives, but I try very hard not to blind myself by prejudice and hatred of anyone. (Even if I despise Obama and dislike Feinstein.)
            I choose to be as informed as possible, and anyone who claims no useful information was extracted from detainees is simply choosing to not accept the truth.

            Dec 15, 2014 15:30 AM

            Not only are we talking about torture here, but we’re talking about the torture of people who have not been convicted (or even charged in many cases). Those who would sacrifice such individuals “for the greater good” are collectivists and criminal. You have a lot to learn if you think the MSM has any interest in shedding light on the deeds of its owners or those close to them.

        Dec 13, 2014 13:18 AM

        Mathew, I guess your saying that people on this site have fallen for this “war on terror” hook line and sinker?
        Pretty standard everywhere as far as Ive been able to tell.

        Andrews link to a PCR article talks about where our hope has to come from.
        American people, maybe western people, are blind and ignorant.

          Dec 13, 2014 13:25 AM

          bb, Matthew is making a bland assumption (or accusation) and he is wrong as usual.

            Dec 13, 2014 13:40 AM

            Bird, perhaps someday you will know what you are talking about before flapping that pie hole of yours.

            On December 10, 2014 at 3:12 pm,
            Matthew says:

            The war on terror is really the war on sheeple. It provides cover for the rise of the police state. The sheeple will buy into any absurdity.

            On December 10, 2014 at 3:56 pm,
            bb says:

            Yes Mathew, but its old news now for a long time.
            …The people that need to know that stuff are not here, Ron Paul (and others) does a great job of “opening eyes”, but I doubt he would waste his time on a bunch of people that already know that stuff.

            Dec 13, 2014 13:41 AM

            So bb was wrong the other day and Bird is still trash.

            Dec 13, 2014 13:27 PM

            Well, Mathew, is there any hope if the supposed intelligent and informed have no clue?

            Dec 13, 2014 13:27 PM

            “The war on terror is really the war on sheeple. It provides cover for the rise of the police state. The sheeple will buy into any absurdity”. ~~ Matthew
            That is your personal belief being expressed. It shows your fears but it is not a fact.

            Dec 13, 2014 13:48 PM

            Bb, there is hope only for individuals. Ironically, the collective will benefit if enough individuals wake-up.

            Dec 13, 2014 13:48 PM

            BM, sorry, it is fact.

            Dec 13, 2014 13:57 PM

            Well, I gotta go with Mathew on this “war on terror” I too think its used to restrict the liberty of the people.

            My only point the other day is its old news, and maybe your right Mathew, maybe the people on these sites that talk about it on a regular bases don’t understand what it is their talking about.
            I assumed they did.

            Dec 13, 2014 13:20 PM

            Who knows bb, but I have never made a comment or expressed an opinion on the war on terror on this site or any other site for that matter. Not once in my life. Actually, I have still not taken a position other than to say Matthews comments today strike me as entirely personal viewpoints. Suppositions and strongly held beliefs are not really what I think of when the word “objective” comes to mind.

          Dec 15, 2014 15:15 AM

          A small excerpt from comments by CIA directors:

          First, its claim that the CIA’s interrogation program was ineffective in producing intelligence that helped us disrupt, capture, or kill terrorists is just not accurate. The program was invaluable in three critical ways:

          • It led to the capture of senior al Qaeda operatives, thereby removing them from the battlefield.

          • It led to the disruption of terrorist plots and prevented mass casualty attacks, saving American and Allied lives.

          • It added enormously to what we knew about al Qaeda as an organization and therefore informed our approaches on how best to attack, thwart and degrade it.

          A powerful example of the interrogation program’s importance is the information obtained from Abu Zubaydah, a senior al Qaeda operative, and from Khalid Sheikh Muhammed, known as KSM, the 9/11 mastermind. We are convinced that both would not have talked absent the interrogation program.

          Information provided by Zubaydah through the interrogation program led to the capture in 2002 of KSM associate and post-9/11 plotter Ramzi Bin al-Shibh. Information from both Zubaydah and al-Shibh led us to KSM. KSM then led us to Riduan Isamuddin, aka Hambali, East Asia’s chief al Qaeda ally and the perpetrator of the 2002 Bali bombing in Indonesia—in which more than 200 people perished.

          The removal of these senior al Qaeda operatives saved thousands of lives because it ended their plotting. KSM, alone, was working on multiple plots when he was captured.

          Here’s an example of how the interrogation program actually worked to disrupt terrorist plotting. Without revealing to KSM that Hambali had been captured, we asked him who might take over in the event that Hambali was no longer around. KSM pointed to Hambali’s brother Rusman Gunawan. We then found Gunawan, and information from him resulted in the takedown of a 17-member Southeast Asian cell that Gunawan had recruited for a “second wave,” 9/11-style attack on the U.S. West Coast, in all likelihood using aircraft again to attack buildings. Had that attack occurred, the nightmare of 9/11 would have been repeated.

            Dec 15, 2014 15:32 AM

            So if the director of the CIA said the sun rises in the west, would you believe him? Has it ever occurred to you that the one constant from the government is lying. They aren’t lying about a few things, they are lying about everything.

            At least the Mossad has the guts to advertise, “By way of deception” that means don’t be real surprised if they are lying to you. that’s how they do business.

            Al qaeda as you spell it didn’t even exist any more that Isis existed until we created the conditions for AQ and ISIS. The US is not some innocent giant doing good worldwide in the interests of peace and justice. We are the bad guys, not the good guys. We need to go back to what the founding fathers believed in and mind our own business and stop playing victim.

    Dec 13, 2014 13:01 AM

    Absolutely Bob. On a lighter note get a look at Putin’s tiger.

    Dec 13, 2014 13:11 AM

    Very good to hear you Bob, thought your posts were excellent too.
    Unfortunate so few are as informed as yourself.

      Dec 13, 2014 13:39 AM

      Thanks Peter

    Dec 13, 2014 13:51 AM


    You know what’s torture?

    When animals cut people’s heads off and want to make sausage meat out of it.

    That’s torture.

    When animals rape little girls, then mutilate them and light them on fire.

    That’s torture.

    Depriving terrorists of sleep is not torture

    The problem is we have twisted perverted anti Semites like you who call right wrong and wrong right.

    Get your head out of your communist manifesto and see the writing on the wall, you twisted POS.

    you know what I’m sick and tired of?

    Americans living off the blessings of this country and trashing it nonetheless.

    We are the most charitable, giving nation this world has ever known.

    And you have socialists anti Jew anti Americans who want to take it down.

    Get out of the country, spend a few years somewhere else, than come back, get on your knees, repent, and thank the Lord for the United States.

    In the mean time keep selling your useless information to your followers you take advantage of.

    You are nothing more than a twisted perverted capitalist with a gift of gab. And that is putting it kindly.

      Dec 13, 2014 13:01 PM

      Nations are not judged on their greatest achievments alone, they are also judged on their lowest forms of degradation.

      Dec 13, 2014 13:56 PM

      I have to assume that you are referring to Bob here.

      My feelings are, as I have stated numerous time on the record, that I love my country. I comment about torture is that, “we can do better than that”!

        Dec 13, 2014 13:30 PM

        James are you referring to a guest on Al’s show who I believe may be related to Joseph Goebbels?

        Don’t say he’s an anti Jew for he’ll accuse you of being some type of Zionist spy. To me his hatred of Jews is obvious but I wouldn’t call him him anti Semitic.

      Dec 13, 2014 13:43 PM

      James…good post..well stated….Regards !!

        Dec 14, 2014 14:59 AM

        It was a moronic comment.

      Dec 14, 2014 14:56 AM

      James, I think if you read about what Christians did to to other religions in the Crusades, you would be climbing off your high horse. And if you think the world now isn’t directly related to what happened then, you are wrong.

      The Uncle Eric (Richard Maybury) series of books are awesome. I would start with “The Thousand Year War in the Middle East- How it Affects You Today.” The book is easy to read, very entertaining and very educational.

    Dec 13, 2014 13:53 AM

    Today sat. they vote before 12 midnight to pass 9 month budget. If not an extension till wensday. I agree with elizabeth warren that this budget bill is a mess and give big banks a free ride. The tenfold expansion in amount rich can contribute to a political party. its ridiculouse waste of money best to all S

      Dec 13, 2014 13:56 PM

      You are certainly not unique in your beliefs R Scott.

    Dec 13, 2014 13:19 AM

    Al, thanks for having Michael Belkin as a guest in the first two segments, happen to agree with his analysis. With regard to the current state of world governments and their affects on life, economy and culture wanted to mention a very good book ” The Race to Save our Century ” Five Core Principles to Promote Peace, Freedom and a Culture of Life “by Jason Scott Jones and John Zmirak. It offer a great review of how cultures and humanity have come to this point of war and corruption but more importantly very powerful sound remedies to get the USA and and all nations back on track. It would be great if you could get them on the show with Ron Paul and Peter Grandich in a round table panel, to name a few !!! Always listen to the weekend show and enjoy the commentary.

    Here is an interesting story from Casey Research re Thomas Jefferson’s’ reflections on the early days of the Republic in America as well. Great video on the Christmas Truce of 1914 at the end.

      Dec 13, 2014 13:59 PM

      Thanks Mike, you will be hearing back from us on your commentary.


    Dec 13, 2014 13:02 PM

    The US Government Don’t make mistakes ok ! All is plant ! Bush and Dick Cheney are no Crocks day rule you ! OK stop DREAMING !

    Dec 13, 2014 13:17 PM

    For me, torture is justify IF the information needed has corfirm. Otherwise is war crime. I say that if someone in my family is hijacked and I find the bandit, I gonna torture him and then kill.

    Dec 13, 2014 13:44 PM

    if ISIS was trained by US/NATO intelligence in Jordan. Bin Laden a paid CIA asset, the Egyptian spring funded by USAID and other ngo that get funding from congress. The US (NSA) can listen in on conversations of everybody along with their cohorts in UK (GCHQ) NZ (GCHB) Aust (DSD) and Canada (CSE) ala Echolon. They can just focus in on the person of interest and intercept all communications and know what they are going to do before they do. Why do they fund all the other groups I mentioned? To create strife in anothers country. Overthrow and if it doesn’t work out per the western handlers send in NATO/US force to take control. Why the torture if they can get the information other ways? Turn out prisoners to work for Western Intelligence to keep the game going. Spy on others, lead movements to overthrow or cause conflicts in other countries or to fight NATO forces so NATO can keep a continued hold in the region if it wants. Think ISIS in Iraq.

    Dec 13, 2014 13:45 PM

    if you think this has something to do with getting information, you have been fooled

      Dec 15, 2014 15:18 AM

      The majority on the Senate Intelligence Committee further claims that the takedown of bin Laden was not facilitated by information from the interrogation program. They are wrong. There is no doubt that information provided by the totality of detainees in CIA custody, those who were subjected to interrogation and those who were not, was essential to bringing bin Laden to justice. The CIA never would have focused on the individual who turned out to be bin Laden’s personal courier without the detention and interrogation program.

        Dec 15, 2014 15:13 PM

        We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false. CIA Director William Casey

    Dec 13, 2014 13:50 PM

    If you are into numerology, today is interesting!
    Today is the last sequential DATE EVER !

      Dec 13, 2014 13:25 PM

      Ha…..good one Chartster. Unless someone messes with the calendar and adds a thirteenth month next year this is the end…..OMG, maybe that Aztec calendar about the end of times is going to be right after all. Shoot! Then I am just wasting my time trying to grow a better garden.

        Dec 13, 2014 13:24 PM

        This is all very exciting NO ? Birdman ?

        Dec 13, 2014 13:06 PM

        Lol, it’ll take a little more than ” someone ” to rearrange the solar system.

          Dec 13, 2014 13:08 PM

          Or should I say ” the ” someone

            Dec 13, 2014 13:15 PM

            The divel is a fallen angel of GOD !

            Dec 13, 2014 13:19 PM

            The devil always over-plays his hand!
            Evil consumes it’s self!

            Dec 13, 2014 13:54 PM

            Humans are the chippes the more money the more humans ! soles is the winings !

            Dec 14, 2014 14:24 AM

            Yes Chartster – the devil always but always overplays his hand. In this season of Light (Advent) we know that is true.

        Dec 13, 2014 13:03 PM

        Interesting commentary from all of you!

      Dec 14, 2014 14:04 AM

      “Today is the last sequential DATE EVER !

      May be not forever but certainly in this century.

      Dec 14, 2014 14:39 AM

      1-2-34 would seem to be sequential, and that is about 19 years away.

        Dec 14, 2014 14:35 AM

        You are correct

        Dec 14, 2014 14:06 AM

        There are only three decades each century without such sequential dates: ’00s, ’20s, and ’90s.

    Dec 13, 2014 13:53 PM

    CFS, you need to do some research. You are seriously indoctrinated!

    Dec 13, 2014 13:33 PM

    Makes sense to me Bird, I don’t ever recall you saying anything on it.

    I actually agree with your position on pretty much everything, except of course Isreal and Palistine, which I see Bob M as having it figured out.

    I have read a bit on this “war on terror” as far as I can tell its propaganda used to relieve us of liberty.
    Like this TSA at airports, all bs, its just training people to obey uniforms.
    There are videos of guys flying all over the states, going thru multiple security checks with flasks, simply to prove its bs.

    We are living in a fascist police state, with all the educated souls around here, we still don’t see it.

    The elites prepareing to take us to yet more war have nothing to worry about.

    Your right to be off this continent imo.

    Dec 13, 2014 13:19 PM


    Dec 13, 2014 13:04 PM

    Once again guys thank you for the weekend show.
    I enjoyed listening to Michael Belkin…but….

    His promoting of Aussie listed Newcrest (NCM) cocerns me somewhat.
    Yes…the share price is beaten down.
    Yes…after many years of absolute sh@t management they are slowly turning things around & have slashed costs everywhere.
    As an ex shareholder I would personally not buy now.
    Look beyond the share price….look at debt…& when its payable.
    Then look at their margins.
    A capital raising ‘maybe’ necessary to reach debt obligations if the gold price was to fall further or go no where for a considerable time.
    Want to speculate then go for your life ?
    But be careful who you choose is what I’m saying.

      Dec 13, 2014 13:35 PM

      Thanks for the heads up on that one Skeeta

    Dec 13, 2014 13:36 PM

    I am appalled that some on here think torture is OK.

    If another country took your *insert* father/mother/wife/brother/sister/child & submitted them to the same atrocities would you also think its OK because that was in their national security interests ? Or would you change your tune ?
    Would you also find it acceptable for your own country to torture your family members if the thought it was necessary?

    Be careful what you wish for….what is good for the goose is good for the gander.

      Dec 14, 2014 14:28 AM

      GREAT point Skeeta.

      Dec 15, 2014 15:20 AM

      So the bottom line is this: The interrogation program formed an essential part of the foundation from which the CIA and the U.S. military mounted the bin Laden operation.

      The second significant problem with the Senate Intelligence Committee’s report is its claim that the CIA routinely went beyond the interrogation techniques as authorized by the Justice Department. That claim is wrong.

      President Obama ’s attorney general, Eric Holder , directed an experienced prosecutor, John Durham, to investigate the interrogation program in 2009. Mr. Durham examined whether any unauthorized techniques were used by CIA interrogators, and if so, whether such techniques could constitute violations of U.S. criminal statutes. In a press release, the attorney general said that Mr. Durham “examined any possible CIA involvement with the interrogation and detention of 101 detainees who were alleged to have been in U.S. custody” after the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. The investigation was concluded in August 2012. It was professional and exhaustive and it determined that no prosecutable offenses were committed.

        Dec 15, 2014 15:25 AM

        You trust ANYTHING directed by Holder? You believe one party is really going to make the other accountable for anything of any importance? I suppose you also believe that the “three branches” of government really do “check and balance” the system! Lol… scary stuff.

    Dec 14, 2014 14:51 AM

    I see some sentences above on Anti-Semitism.

    Historically, an Anti-Semite was a Gentile that hated Jewish people for their behaviour, for what they owned, for what they thought, for the power they had, or simply for having the label Jew,

    Today another possible definition exists: an Anti-Semite is a Gentile that is hated BY Jewish people for their behaviour, what they own, for their power, for what they think or point out about anything contrary to Jewish collective interests.

    In a sense, one needs to clarify which Anti-Semitism is in play, or if both are, in what senses and contexts.

      Dec 14, 2014 14:41 AM

      That is pretty interesting James!

    Dec 14, 2014 14:44 AM

    james – I like your comment. Of course originally a semite was anyone of mid-oriental background – Arabs as well as Jews. However as the term is now understood we all know that naked anti-Semitism (anti-Jewishness) is a light sleeper, and to be abhorred. The trouble is that the whole subject of Jews living in Israel portrays good Jews and extremist Zionist ones (bad Jews) in the same light. Post WW 2 and who could blame the Jews of Europe and Russia for seeking aliya and wanting a homeland of their own? However aided and abetted by politicians, born-again Christians and Zionists – the conviction grew that Israel was there by divine right. Many Jews and Christians would contest that. Best, A

    Dec 14, 2014 14:44 AM

    U.S. Bank examiners to become the new preppers.

    Dec 14, 2014 14:46 AM

    Citing moral outrage at so called torture that violates some Geneva treaty is a canard. During war, one does what is necessary, not what is just moral. Should president Truman have been prosecuted for war crimes for incinerating 200,000 Japanese civilians in Hiroshima and Nagasaki? Thousands of civilians were tortured for weeks before they died from radiation burns. Because of the war circumstances, I would still argue that it was necessary, but by no means moral. That was then, but do morals really just change with the fashions of the times, and rules conjured in Geneva? Our constitution protects citizens against cruelty from government, but does not apply to enemy prisoners of war.

    That some innocents may sometimes get cruel treatment during war, is regrettable, but women and children killed in a drone strike is at least as abhorrent, and we know that occurs far more more often.

    War is hell. It is by nature cruel, brutal and unusual. Many of us accept that God had the authority to order Saul and David to kill all of the Amalikites, from men, women, children, and even livestock because God deemed it necessary. Are we to judge this as a war crime? Our shallow understanding of morality has nothing to do with war.

      Dec 14, 2014 14:23 AM

      What Truman did was neither necessary nor moral.

      The masses have the shallowest understanding of the puppet masters and will always be manipulated by them. Always.

      “Knowledge will forever govern ignorance; and a people who mean to be their own governors must arm themselves with the power which knowledge gives.”

      James Madison

        Dec 14, 2014 14:37 AM

        “If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be.” – Thomas Jefferson

        Madison and Jefferson were right, and it explains the trajectory of the U.S. over the last century and a half.

        Dec 14, 2014 14:04 AM

        Good quote!
        I always thought Madison and Thomas Jefferson had the most correct and timeless quotes.
        Jefferson was a smart one.

      Dec 14, 2014 14:43 AM

      Food for thought, Pixelbill.

    Dec 14, 2014 14:35 AM

    These last days I have been becoming increasingly optimistic on the gold action for the coming year. As I watch the dollar in particular it is telling me that its time has come to begin a reversal versus the Euro. That could be in the works already although my target was for the start of the year. Gold looks poised to break above 1250 as early as Monday or by Tuesday at the latest and silver should respond by heading above 17.50 ….so for me it is short dollars, long gold (and particularly miners) as 2015 gets underway with targets to start acquiring oil producers at any time but more aggressively if price breaks below 50 which I believe is coming. whether right or wrong, that is the simple plan at this time.

      Dec 14, 2014 14:45 AM

      This will be an interesting week, . Bird!

    Dec 14, 2014 14:03 AM

    I still think we have a big washout coming in gold before the bear cycle ends.
    I’m sure I’m the only one thinking this right now. Lol

    Dec 14, 2014 14:11 AM

    It seems everyone is lost regarding TA.
    Which is right where it needs to be pre-washout.

      Dec 14, 2014 14:33 AM

      Chartster, I’m not trying to be rude, but you’ve been putting dates on your washout for many weeks and each has been wrong. Do you consider yourself to be lost regarding TA?
      It is true that few get a major turn right, and right now, there are a lot more who think that gold is going lower, not higher. Just look at sentiment readings.

    Dec 14, 2014 14:10 AM

    I am completely lost regarding TA. That’s why I look to others better than my self.
    It is true I’ve been looking for the wash for about 8 weeks now. It actually is 6 weeks behind schedule, according to the cycle.

    I do follow global finance a bit better than most. The wash will come, guaranteed!

    You’ll see

      Dec 14, 2014 14:22 AM

      Thanks, Chartster, I do appreciate you sharing your views, especially since you’re so confident. It’s food for thought. Right now, I still think gold is more likely to go higher. If it does pull back first, I think 1155 is the worst case.

    Dec 14, 2014 14:30 AM

    We all have our opinions here, and I’ve learned some valuable things from many on this site. As a collective group, there is much wisdom here.

    I would rather voice my opinion ( right or wrong ) rather than lurk and learn.

    Anyone that’s lurks has nothing to give ( therefore is nothing )

      Dec 14, 2014 14:47 AM

      Boy Chartster do I agree with your last sentence!

    NEW TOPIC…………….ABE WINS IN LANDSLIDE…………….JAPAN………..what does that tell us…………………………QE more than ever……………………………jmho

    Dec 14, 2014 14:19 PM

    Arabs happy to see oil to 40 bucks. Middle East stockmarkets crashing today.

    HONG KONG OPEN………………………gold up………….

    SIDNEY……….what is happening……….another world problem………………..

      Dec 14, 2014 14:36 PM

      Australia sell Gold to pay Sydney hostage situation ! Gold down ! The next TV BOLL COMING !

    Dec 14, 2014 14:29 PM


    That is the crime. It is white Genocide. IT is state violence. Politicians past and present must be held accountable. ‘Just obeying orders’ is not an excuse.

    The state hides behind its guns and use of force while it avoids accountability to the population for the creation of multiculturalism, White genocide and state over-reach into everything.

    Dec 14, 2014 14:08 PM

    The four stupid things the Americans have done in the war on terror……all have made the situation actually worse.

    #1 The unjustified wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Lies and weapons of mass destruction that didn’t exist. The 911 terrorists came from Saudi Arabia yet the house of Saud got a free pass. No focus with a shifting game plan. Was this about freedom or oil? Did Bush junior try to finish his daddy’s war?

    #2 Guatanamo. Bush should never have opened it and Obama who promised to close it continues the injustice. The injustice becomes a great tool for recruiting new terrorists. Anyone who defends torture hasn’t learned from history and doesn’t deserve the freedom they are trying to defend.

    #3 Drone strikes….far too much like playing a video game with no accountability or skin in the game. Far too many innocent lives lost.

    #4 The police state. If you give up your real freedoms in the name of a freedom in name only are you any further ahead? Has it made anybody safer?

    Dec 14, 2014 14:19 PM
    Dec 15, 2014 15:42 AM

    Doc…..I ask about the charts and your opinion on RIG a few days back, and you suggested I follow up near the middle of the month. What’s your thoughts??

    Dec 15, 2014 15:21 AM


    It’s one ugly chart! I’d say its going down to test the bottom of the channel at around 11/12 bucks. There demand is not as needed with the coming cost cutting measures. Personally if it sails down into that channel and its late jan/feb you go in 50% first tranche.. Feel her out then add more.

    Not investment advice but glens eyes looking at a chart. 🙂

    Dec 15, 2014 15:26 AM

    I keep hearing words like washout,murked,cleansing etc etc. Ladies and gentlemen we have a bottom and that was on november 5th. I hate to say this but many of you are going to be left behind as miners within my portfolio are confirming breakouts comparable to 2008 charts. My forte is reading the miners cycles themselves and there charts. Forget the rest. Iamgold has broken out and is leading the pack as it lead it down in 2011. I can’t express this in any other way. Start buying..The correction will come in january but it will be a retest of breakout.

      Dec 15, 2014 15:04 AM

      I agree, Glen, and the timing of your comment will prove to be excellent.

        Dec 15, 2014 15:21 AM


        Matthew having you on board and then the change of sentiment from bird and I feel good about my position.

        Best of luck.

          Dec 15, 2014 15:41 AM

          I think this site is well balanced. We have bears and bulls. Much better than most of the other sites.

    Dec 15, 2014 15:31 AM
    Dec 15, 2014 15:13 PM

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    cell 503 481 1578
    KUIK 503 640 3160



    Dec 15, 2014 15:15 PM

    With respect to segment 8 and Bob Moriarty, it sounds like you are a bunch of democrats partisan hacks piling onto the CIA. That report was written by democrats without any input from the CIA. In other words, the democrats wanted to portray a certain point of view and they cherry picked the facts without showing all the facts. That is like a court case where a judge allows the
    prosecution to present its case without letting the defense present its side. I am extremely disappointed you guys just piled on like the mainstream press without having the facts. It was very clear you had very, very few facts.

    It is all the rage these days to pile onto the police and to pile onto police-like organizations like the CIA. Honestly, if these people did not show up every day to defend us this country would be like Iraq right now. What this report was was a democrat food fight in the Senate for political reasons and none of the facts were properly presented. This report was a fraud and a lie.

    I simply cannot believe you did this hatchet job. Most of your other programs are pretty good, but this was amateurish beyond belief. You might do well to interview someone to explain the CIA’s side. You might realize just how stupid and ignorant this democrat report was. Check out for example this interview of James Mitchell who personally interviewed Kahlid Sheik Mohamed and listen to what was done. None of this was in the democrat report.

    Again, I cannot tell you how disappointed I am in your hit piece against the CIA in segment 8. It was extremely ignorant and uninformed. I can tell you that we have not had an attack on American soil because of the great work the CIA has done in the last 13 years. They deserve a little more respect then this hit piece crap you put up. That was pathetic.

    Dec 15, 2014 15:15 PM

    We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false. CIA Director William Casey

      Dec 16, 2014 16:18 AM

      +1 Bob
      Gil can now return to his regularly scheduled programming.

    Dec 16, 2014 16:57 AM

    Interesting, the comments have not refuted what I have said. Again, that torture report was a democrat opinion and nothing more without showing the facts but hat are facts to democrats.

    Here is an idea to the Kereport peole. Invite James Mitchell to come on Kereport to hear his side; or, another idea would be to invite Hughe Hewitt to comment to give a more balanced approach. You might learn something. Hewitt would be a very interesting counter balance. Would that be possible? Or do we just want to here one small myopic side and bury the rest? This was not a very informed interview at all.

      Dec 16, 2014 16:24 AM

      Do William Casey’s words mean nothing to you?
      You’re focusing on the report with only politics in mind because your trusted MSM wants you to.
      I don’t care about the report or what your James Mitchell has to say, torture is wrong and criminal even if they declare it “legal” —especially when it’s done to people who’ve not been convicted or even charged with anything. (And a conviction is no guarantee that the person is guilty!)