The 2015 Silver Summit and Resource Expo

November 28, 2015

Hour 1:

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Hour 1:

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    Nov 28, 2015 28:01 AM


    Thanks for the Silver Summit interview with First Mining Finance Corp. (FF.V) President Patrick Donnelly. I really like their business model and would appreciate future interviews with them by the KER team.

    All The Best,


      Nov 28, 2015 28:13 AM

      Agreed. First Mining Finance is gobbling up under-priced assets in this low priced environment, and will sell them off at a premium down the road. Very wise.

      Cory – thanks for the coverage from the Silver Summit. I really enjoy the interviews at the different investment conferences you & Al attend.

    Nov 28, 2015 28:25 AM

    Avi is right on as usual.

    He only works the charts and does not buy the story, in other words he takes emotion out of the buying process. This the key to markets. I always love his analysis.

    Nov 28, 2015 28:41 AM

    Ditto Chris – ‘even the bulls have turned bearish’ offers those contrarians who’ve been hanging on in a bonanza.

    Nov 28, 2015 28:44 AM

    ‘Ignore the fundamentals, take the emotions out of it all’ – thanks guys.

    Nov 28, 2015 28:16 AM

    There’s an excellent article in about the Japanese asset bubble. This was an 8-year bull market. The article reads like a playbook of the North American Asset Bubble. The bull market in the Dow started in 1982 and has seen a historical top this year. A bull market lasting 30 years or more.

    Nov 28, 2015 28:23 AM

    Cory, thanks for discussing Richmont mines a little with Brent Cook. He also brought up Mirasol Resources, which is an interesting company that I’ve been following as well.

    Also, thanks for covering the review of Entree Gold. It was a helpful interview in unpacking their projects, management team change-up, and their vision for the near to mid future.

    Nov 28, 2015 28:47 AM

    Correction to corry…………silver broke $13.94

    Nov 28, 2015 28:56 AM

    OFF TOPIC: must listen American eye-opener.

    Incompetence of the Big Zero totally uncovered.

      Nov 28, 2015 28:28 AM

      good listen to ……… always………….

      Nov 28, 2015 28:52 AM

      Speaking of the Big Zero and incompetence…

      Is he incompetent or was this by design to usher in an eventual single payer system, i.e. socialized medicine?

        Nov 28, 2015 28:54 AM

        I was primarily considering defense policy when I called Obama incompetent.

        With regard to his MARXIST ideology and hatred of the U.S. , I usually refer to him as the devil incarnate, because of his apparent desire to destroy the U.S. as we knew it. He, by his encouragement of race hatred and his policies of division of various parts of society and setting them against each other, has already done irreparable damage to the U.S.
        I doubt not that history will correctly designate him as the Nero of the Great American civilization; a destroyer of a great experiment sadly now lost to humanity.

          Nov 28, 2015 28:00 PM


          Regretfully, I agree with your assessment. He has a Marxist agenda and most Dems share the same. I just pray that we can survive for the next 13 months and even then, no guarantees that he won’t be replaced by someone equally anti American.

          I’ll be supporting Cruz as I believe he is the brightest bulb in the group and is decisive.

          Nov 28, 2015 28:32 PM

          Divisive policies and set groups against one another. Planned prior and started implementation about 1914 I believe with the destruction of the remaining monarchys.
          Democracy, everyone gets an opinion, all as valid as the others, the disagreements are guaranteed to be never ending. lol

          The process has advanced a ways since then of course.

          If anyone hasn’t noticed, it makes no dif which party you vote for now, taking part in the election process only strengthens the “elites”, continues the deseption.

          All voting does now is tell those in control how many people are completely deluded.
          60% turn out, they figure “no worries, we do what we want”.

        Nov 30, 2015 30:48 AM

        You my friend have a phobia. Propaganda like a communist and a closet full of insecurity. Please leave.

      Nov 28, 2015 28:25 AM

      Interesting…that new weapon that Roberts mentioned the Russians have used twice was used last year and ironically by the same type of plane the Turks shot down.

        Nov 28, 2015 28:11 AM

        Ebolan, precisely so.

        The only other piece of information US citizens might want to consider is that the sometime US puppet, England, does hold war-games with its commonwealth countries.
        Most noticeably, with India whose air force uses Russian supplied planes.
        In air combat simulated fights, over the last 2 years, India using primarily Sukhoi 30MKIs against RAF typhoon FGR4s ( as on Aug, 2015), but also against RAF f-35s, since Modi’s election in May of 2014, the RAF has lost EVERY battle similutation fight, even though India has used just a random selection of pilots, and England, determined to not be beaten yet again used its very best pilots in August this year. (Steve Dalton has complained bitterly about being forced to only have American or European built planes.)

          Nov 28, 2015 28:19 AM

          Basically, with the UK, Using its BEST pilots, against Russian planes, without electronic jamming capability, lost 10 out of 10 war games.
          A US war with Russia would be a humiliating loss for the US, plus an economic collapse would result.

            Nov 28, 2015 28:29 AM

            And just wait until the US and it’s allies have completed outfitting their air forces with the multi-trillion dollar F-35 turkey. The MIC is bankrupting this country and guaranteeing its defeat with crap like the F-35.

          Dec 01, 2015 01:33 PM

          It should be noted America is British property and all earnings are divided amongst foreign entities. America is the cash cow puppet.

    Nov 28, 2015 28:18 AM

    Please God may Washington’s ludicrous treachery be exposed for all to see. Also off message CFS but essential viewing SGT on Larry Nichols…

    Nov 28, 2015 28:23 AM

    can’t hear because the ‘music’ is playing…

    Nov 28, 2015 28:30 AM

    Brent Cook has not been positive for yrs….interesting interview..

      Nov 28, 2015 28:05 AM

      He has also been correct regarding his sector for years.

    Nov 28, 2015 28:41 AM

    Re: seg 6 Cyclical markets, psychology

    These sicklical markets will make you want to see a shrink.

    And Frank from Moscow killed the Gator (Jerry the Long OTB). Jerry should have gone short.

      Nov 28, 2015 28:45 AM

      Frank shorted Jerry.

        Nov 28, 2015 28:43 AM

        that is a gator tale, if I ever heard one….lol

          Nov 28, 2015 28:39 AM

          Is Frank OTB?

            Nov 28, 2015 28:44 AM

            OOTB… be correct…………

            Nov 28, 2015 28:48 AM

            but, Gator is a Jerry also……………….so, that should not be to confusing……lol

            Nov 28, 2015 28:17 PM

            I always thought it was OTB (outside the box). But outside of the box or out of the box is prolly used more.

            Nov 30, 2015 30:36 AM

            Out Of The Box…….OOTB…….reconfigured as a BOOT……..

            This is how J…..The Long….OOTB transformed into Frank from Moscow……The BOOT.

    Nov 28, 2015 28:43 AM

    Interesting article by Avi Gilbert on Market Watch front page…

    He ends with
    I am not expecting to see signs of the coming storm until at least around 2020. However, do not say you have not been warned, as this is something which at least needs to be considered.

    But why not until at least 2020?

    Nov 28, 2015 28:07 AM

    Time & Price Armstrong

    ANSWER: Yes, we give projections for the ideal targets, but they are broad in one way and when geared with time they can be more reliable. But as in the Dow, there were three 18500, 23000 and 40,000. If this was the end of a bull cycle, then the 18500 would be sufficient. However, we still have time so that means we should look at the next target.

    Technical projections will be provided at the specific time target. TIME is the main issue ALWAYS. There is a TIME for everything. When we reach the Benchmarks, will not matter if the low in gold will be $902, $875, or $680.

    When TIME runs out that is it. That is always the key issue. PRICE is secondary.
    Gold & the Dollar Surge

    If gold closes below the 1043 level at year end, you can bet on new lows next year in 2016. We will most likely see a real surge in the dollar yet with the Euro collapsing. So pay attention also to the year-end closing for the Euro. If that is under 10365, the dollar surge is underway.

    Nov 28, 2015 28:09 AM

    The price of gold is rigged daily in the paper futures market………..the whole game is phony………….this price of $1056 is fake! Dec 1st will be interesting!

      Nov 28, 2015 28:45 AM

      correct once again…………..

        Nov 28, 2015 28:12 PM

        And wait and see what happens when they can’t supply China with 47 tones of gold each week! That’s when the fun begins! So let them take the price down, they are only hurting themselves!

          Nov 28, 2015 28:58 PM

          Gold and silver are just another great bargain on Black Friday ……. Sale continuing for ? How long ?

            Nov 28, 2015 28:42 PM

            THE WEST HAS NO GOLD…………. So China is just calmly waiting……..they know that they are dealing with psychopaths in the west! So now it is just a matter of time!

    Nov 28, 2015 28:06 PM

    Here’s a question for y’all……
    We have noticed terrorist attacking Paris recently, because it was heavily reported on radio and TV.
    HOw many people do you think by Islamic Scum terrorists in the year 2014. (I’m talking in terrorist attacks, not killed in fighting in Afghanistan or Iraq or Syria.). I think the number will surprise some of you.

    I’ll post the answer in a couple of hours.

      Nov 28, 2015 28:55 PM


      Nov 28, 2015 28:56 PM

      When I started to notice how many people were murdered by Muslims and how slow Islamic Imams were to condemn such murders in 2013, I began to criticize the religion of Islam itself, often described by liars, overt, proven liars as a religion of peace. Murders by Islamic terrorists, who admitted the crimes in 2013 exceeded 18,000.

      Terrorist killings in 2014 are in excess of 32,650.
      This number is probably quite considerably on the low side of the true number.
      Murder by stabbing in Israel are not included. So-called honor-killings by Muslims are not included because they are not terrorist acts. Many unsolved murders are obviously not included because the motives are not known.
      To have anyone call the Islamic religion one of peace, without condemning Islamic terrorist violence in a follow-on sentence, is a sign of ignorance or total stupidity.

    Nov 28, 2015 28:50 PM

    of course the terrorist scum is funded & trained by whom…..and the western media is owned by whom….???

      Nov 28, 2015 28:08 PM

      If, Agatha, you are implying by your question, that terrorist scum, and in particular Islamic Scum, are trained by U.S. Operatives, I must ask you; ” Have you actually observed any U.S. Government operation to work efficiently and effectively?” I do not know the origin or development of ISIS OR ISIL, but, of course, have read reports or their creation or support by the U.S.
      I tend to believe, however, despite my dislike and general disgust of Obama, that neither he nor his minions are capable of producing as winning a force as ISIL. I do have great hopes that Russia will eliminate that scourge from the face of the earth.

    Nov 28, 2015 28:14 PM

    The Western media is over 90% democratic voting reporters – consequence of liberal universities producing too many students in the humanities and too few scientists and engineers.
    Liberal arts graduates need to get a job somewhere, I guess. It is a pity many lack the analytical skills more commonly found in scientists.

    Nov 28, 2015 28:48 PM

    Hello Al

    I subscribed to the Morgen Report for a couple of years and found your interview with Dave was interesting if not informative. I realize you have to treat these guys like raw eggs otherwise they wouldn’t come back. Some of my favourite quotes from Dave are “Any thing less than 30 is a buy” and (my personal favourite) “I go on record as saying 1300 is a bottom”. One of his top picks was Colossus Minerals before it went bust. Incidently, thanks for turning me on to Kitco. They are a very professional organization that I use a lot.


    Robert Grierson


      Nov 28, 2015 28:19 PM

      Market timing and stock picking…if people could do either with any degree of regularity why would they need to sell newsletters?

      Nov 28, 2015 28:02 PM


      Agreed, David Morgan has had many loosing stock picks the last 4-years. But to be fair, he had just as many winners before the down turn and I think his top tier and second tier selections will have their day in the sun when the PM market turns around.

      All The Best,


        Nov 29, 2015 29:47 PM

        Jim, a blind monkey using a dartboard could look like a genius when the bull was on.
        the only “misses” I had were crooked companies, and even 1/2 of them paid.

        Dec 01, 2015 01:37 PM

        Morgan is very good at changing his story as he goes along.His record has been far from perfect but he trots out there and makes his living.

      Nov 29, 2015 29:43 AM

      I started listening to DAVE MORGAN……..11 yrs ago……..he was spot on then, …did not let everyone know the top was in, and now he is back full cycle. I think Dave is more than 50% correct, …..but, heck so am I………….lol

    Nov 28, 2015 28:48 PM

    Great show this weekend guys,
    Thanks for providing it.

    Nov 28, 2015 28:06 PM

    There are a lot of fickled posters today and they have a lot to say that is negative but nothing much that is constructive to show how their complaints can be rectified to improve our society. Being critical is easy but offering solutions requires more thought. DT

    Nov 28, 2015 28:33 PM

    You are correct with that comment. I have given the Thomas Jefferson blueprint many times, only to get the “eyes glazed over” non informed comment ridicule!
    1. Repeal the act of 1871.
    2. Go back to asset based currency.
    3. Go back to common law and abolish admiralty law.


    Everything else is, BS..

    Nov 28, 2015 28:58 PM

    And if you “think” you’re smarter than Thomas Jefferson? By all means, step up!

    Nov 28, 2015 28:14 PM

    Really enjoyed Cory and his interviews. Great show guys!

    Nov 29, 2015 29:14 AM

    P. C. Roberts piece may be considered comical by some, but it is far from the truth. I must admit I do not know the price of prostitutes in Greece, but he is wrong about government economics. The problem in Greece is not specific instances of bribery of officials to accept loans from other countries, but rather the structure of welfare and taxation in general.
    Greeks can retire on full pension far too early and play the game of tax evasion far too well, to cite just two problem parts of the economic structure.

      Nov 29, 2015 29:00 AM

      CFS- western media is very contained.ISIL is Israel & Saudi Arabia and U.S. through Israel,
      Jordan?.. thats what I read..and the forthcoming news supports that. Its more pertinent to look at who is destroying ISIL…its high time for us to get off the right & the liberal…
      that is divisive. TPTB want to divide us…. don’t allow them.

        Nov 29, 2015 29:52 AM

        Agatha, I’m sorry, but I do not understand what you wrote.

          Nov 29, 2015 29:56 AM

          ISIL is the abbreviation for “Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant”. The Levant is a region which historically included Cyprus, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria.

            Nov 29, 2015 29:05 PM

            I thought isis was……… Israeli secret intelligence service

      Nov 29, 2015 29:23 AM

      coming to America……..California Highway Patrol retiree gets $105,000 in pensions, Californian retiree of the state are guaranteed their money, and there is a short fall from the interest on the bonds which support the payments, but, the taxes will be raised to offset the difference of the low paying bonds……State govt is going to be in trouble. Since, California could be considered the 7 th. largest country according to some.
      The US govt has no debt ceiling, until visited again in March of 2017. and $18 trillion in debt.
      The Fed is leveraged 80 times and is broke…..per Rickards.
      The US govt. has 800 times more debt than income annually …..per KWN Pento.
      Just more to come.

        Nov 29, 2015 29:58 AM

        CALPERS is in serious deficit. Either pensions will be lowered or taxes raised, but it is not clear to me that taxes can be raised enough to solve the problem.

          Nov 29, 2015 29:43 PM

          I would agree with your assessment………

            Nov 29, 2015 29:46 PM

            The land of milk and honey…………….milking the tax payer…, and honey let’s move.

            Nov 29, 2015 29:00 PM

            Logically, it could be argued that pension problems have been exacerbated by the Federal Government holding interest rates low and thus a problem created by the Federal Government should be solved by the Federal government, but I don’t see that happening.
            Except, of course, Illinois defaults first……and a lot of the big zero’s skeletons are buried in Illinois. Blackmail might set a precedent for bail-outs.

            Nov 29, 2015 29:08 PM

            Just add it to the $18trillion….

            Nov 29, 2015 29:09 PM

            add it while everyone is on holiday…………….lol

            Nov 29, 2015 29:20 PM

            I heard the debt is 18.7 trillion now. Is it true?

            Nov 30, 2015 30:13 AM

            The amount of $18 billion does not include future promises………nor anything in the BLACK BUDGET.

    Nov 29, 2015 29:35 PM

    Refugee ………EU to pay Turkey 3billion to stem flow of refugees………….zerohedge

      Nov 29, 2015 29:37 PM

      First Turkey gets cheap oil, that ISIS stole, now they are going to loot the EU…….LOL

    Nov 29, 2015 29:58 PM

    those erdogans have connections…
    von greyerz has had many predictions.. kwn is gold pumpers

      Nov 29, 2015 29:04 PM

      Since, they want to store people’s gold, maybe they are passing/loaning it on to the comex…….lol

        Nov 29, 2015 29:14 PM

        More likely ETF gold is being drained through redemptions. Nobody mentions this because gold ETFs are the main investment strategy for investors.

        Very possible central bank gold is being leased, but after lease rates went positive(or negative GOFO), reporting of lease rates was pulled from the market, suggesting that physical gold held in storage is being sold out from under investor’s noses.

          Nov 29, 2015 29:22 PM

          I think you are correct……I was kind of kidding concerning the storage facility provided by egon’s company.

    Nov 29, 2015 29:07 PM

    Scientists turn gold into foam as light as air & malleable by hand.

    Kind of a neat story on RT today.

      Nov 29, 2015 29:12 PM

      that should read……scientist foaming at the mouth, and hands gold over to feds

    Nov 29, 2015 29:14 PM

    BLACK FRIDAY SALES A BUST………….zerohedge and FSN……….

    Nov 29, 2015 29:17 PM

    18,000 CONTRACTS dumped on comex……in 30min. pre Thanksgiving treat…….jsmineset……nice little chart included.

      Nov 29, 2015 29:17 PM

      posting this one for MARK……….. best……..jootb

      Nov 29, 2015 29:41 PM

      clip_image001jsmineset pretty simplistic,naive

      In fact, there were 4 single minutes which saw a total 7,000 contracts dumped on the market. For perspective, 18,000 contracts represents 1.8 million ounces of gold …while COMEX claims to have a grand total of 150,000 ounces available for delivery! 1.8 million ounces of gold is equal to well over one week’s production of every gold mine on the planet, 150,000 on the other hand is just over 16 hours! For further perspective, China has been importing over 1.3 million ounces of real physical gold each and every week and amounts to nearly 80% of all gold produced. Why is this important? China is importing each week nearly 10 times the total amount of gold COMEX has for delivery in total. Put another way, COMEX gold “pricing” rests on a foundation 10 times smaller than what China imports each and every week! How is it credible that COMEX can sell 12 times as much “gold” …in just 30 minutes as they claim to have available for delivery?

      COMEX currently has a problem in my opinion. Their registered (dealer deliverable) category has not received any gold over the last two plus months and has done nothing but shrink to a level equal to just 16 hours of global production. First notice day for December gold is this coming Monday. With just one day left there are still 24,000 contracts open. If history is any guide, Monday will see a drop of 12,000 contracts and a 40% bleed down during the month. If this were to occur, we will see over 600,000 ounces standing with only 150,000 ounces available for delivery. We have seen this potential situation several times over the last couple of years but never with an available inventory as feeble as it is now.

      My point to writing about the current COMEX conditions is simple. Though COMEX currently “prices” gold, they have little to no inventory to back them up. China imports more in a single day than what COMEX claims they have to deliver. Nearly any Black Swan, be it a financial, geopolitical or military event will strip the COMEX of any ability or credibility to continue as “manipulator in charge”. I have asked in several writings why the CFTC has allowed the pricing mechanism to be so corrupt after each blatant raid such as this past Friday’s. They found “nothing actionable” in the silver market which in my opinion is code speak for “we can’t arrest the government” …therefore “not actionable” in the interest of national security.

      As for COMEX, I would ask this. Why is it allowed for any institution or group of institutions to sell in 30 minutes, twelve times the amount of paper contract gold than is claimed to exist for delivery? The December month alone looks to be quite problematic, why is this practice allowed as a failure to deliver could be created by a mere 1,500 contracts? Is the final solution a force majeure and just go on down the road?

      As for you as an individual investor, can you see the danger here? A failure to deliver or a “caused” failure ending in a force majeure will be catastrophic. The candy store will be closed …and then what? Do you really believe metal will be available for you to purchase at any price even resembling the current? I have said all along, the entire game will change when the last ounce available for delivery is gone. When I say the “entire game” I am speaking to ALL of it. When the fraud in gold is exposed and understood, do you understand that the confidence in the entire financial system of dollars, Treasuries and all the rest will be broken for our lifetimes?

      To finish, much of what we see in our daily lives is nothing more than a fraudulent mirage. Our way of life and standard of living depends entirely on this mirage and collective madness to continue. However, some very ugly truths that come naturally as a gift from Mother Nature herself have been appearing. These “ugly truths”, each and every one of them should be an impossibility in logical nature but they exist and are appearing with more frequency. Can you handle the ugly truth?

      Standing watch,

      Bill Holter
      Holter-Sinclair collaboration

        Nov 29, 2015 29:51 PM

        thanks for posting…..I thought you did not like Holter…………..

          Nov 29, 2015 29:15 PM

          I think Holter is naive and I don’t understand the collaboration..I posted it Frank to make it convenient…theres space between like & dislike..

            Nov 30, 2015 30:38 AM

            I like things black and white., shades of grey are wishy washy….and reminds me of forgetting to separate your colors before doing your laundry………….lol

        Nov 29, 2015 29:08 PM

        That was a great read by Holter. Spot-On!

          Nov 29, 2015 29:10 PM

          I thought it was great also….glad I mentioned it…………….lol

          Nov 29, 2015 29:43 PM

          what was spot on..????

            Nov 29, 2015 29:28 PM

            I agree with Holter ( and many others ) that the crimex is about to go night night…. And you know about to be pricing gold soon… He who holds most if the phyz…

            And this happens tomorrow, to no surprise..

            Nov 29, 2015 29:57 PM

            Cant say I think it will be “horrible” not that very many ever take phyz possession, contracts would just be settled in cash, whats the big deal?
            Sounds like “bugs” screamin shortage to me.

            Nov 30, 2015 30:41 AM

            thanks for the post Chartster……………………..

            Nov 30, 2015 30:43 AM

            bb…..if, your currency is being devalued… will be a big deal……..

        Nov 29, 2015 29:47 PM

        I just do not understand why LBMA has a lot of delivery request and COMEX longs don’t do the same thing? Is there any restriction there so people cannot ship the gold they demand for shipping out of US? Why do all the physical buyers favour LBMA?

    Nov 29, 2015 29:50 PM

    In my highly uninformed opinion. The Fed won’t ruin anybody’s holiday by rising rates this year.

      Nov 29, 2015 29:53 PM

      Especially the retailer’s holiday season.

      Nov 29, 2015 29:00 PM

      the FED…….is broke according to Jim Rickards……

        Nov 29, 2015 29:02 PM

        The Rickards is a Shill….according to history..

    Nov 29, 2015 29:54 PM

    Here is a good one………WANT TO BUY A SILVER EAGLE one oz of silver from the USMINT……………..price……..$39.95

      Nov 29, 2015 29:55 PM

      not a proof either……….want a proof….$49.95

      Nov 29, 2015 29:04 PM

      But, you could buy at Apmex for $18.44

      Nov 29, 2015 29:10 PM

      border gold sells maples for 22.68 eagles 24.22 Canadian.
      odd their cheaper than the mint.

    Nov 29, 2015 29:13 PM

    why is kitco screwed up

      Nov 29, 2015 29:21 PM

      I noticed that earlier……..maybe the night watchman is still on holiday…..

    Nov 29, 2015 29:42 PM

    7.5 Million homeowners still under water………….undernews……..

      Nov 29, 2015 29:11 PM

      got at link for that Jerry?

        Nov 30, 2015 30:32 AM

        go to solori report….cath. Austin Fitts site……..and look over in the bottom left hand corner……………

    Nov 29, 2015 29:07 PM

    I’ve been saying the same thing as Avi, too many people expecting sub $1000 gold. That probably means it won’t get there just like it didn’t get to $2000 that everyone was looking for at the 2011 top.

      Nov 29, 2015 29:09 PM

      I would not use that strategy, gary! in 2000-2001 we would always say buy silver up to $10.00 and gold to $500.00. Looking like we might be testing those highs again.

        Nov 29, 2015 29:14 PM

        I think you are going to be correct. We should test those levels.

          Nov 29, 2015 29:24 PM

          It could be quick or take 5 to 10 years to happen. time is a key element here.

        Nov 29, 2015 29:36 PM

        Is there any producer able to survive that price?

          Nov 29, 2015 29:03 PM

          i certainly would not be betting on it.

            Nov 29, 2015 29:19 PM

            I guess if the price is pushed to that level for any significant amount of time, most producers will go bankrupt and we have no more supply. The supply crunch will be acute for silver. Then what happens after that is very obvious.

    Nov 29, 2015 29:16 PM

    yeah & Avis been predicting it for 3 yrs…

      Nov 30, 2015 30:29 AM

      cfs go to THRIVE-foster gamble.
      This film you link sounds dubious at first… Gamble has a lot of data.. FYI.

        Nov 30, 2015 30:16 AM

        Thrive is highly questionable.
        25% truth…..25% emotion …. And 50% crap in my opinion.
        Hardly “a lot of hard data”
        I inserted the word hard, because it NEEDS to be sourced, not pulled out of the air.

        That’ s my first flag against the UEA…….they would NOT provide source data when repeatedly asked.

          Nov 30, 2015 30:17 AM

          alright.. as far as Im concerned theres something too agenda driven by climate change/
          doing right by the environment is another thing…
          whats UEA

            Nov 30, 2015 30:04 AM

            University of East Anglia, which together with Colorado have “done” the most climate research

    Nov 30, 2015 30:53 AM

    *********** IS THERE GOLD IN THEM THAR VAULTS ***************
    Staying on topic:
    This recent interview with David Jensen explains the future outcome for gold as a result of the loss of gold at the LBMA and at the COMEX!

    Nov 30, 2015 30:09 AM

    This is a very, very good interview on gold!

      Nov 30, 2015 30:57 AM

      DITTO………looks like a shortage and reinventing of the numbers , going back to 2013

    Dec 11, 2015 11:48 AM

    Questions for Theralase

    1. Have they received a ‘non-objection’ letter from HC about Phase 1b
    2. Has the REB meeting occurred or not.
    3. Have the TLC-2000’s been manufactured and sold.
    4. Coffers

    Please if there is a segment.. dont ask questions to run out the clock.. thanks