Revising the Dow:Gold – A Negative Monthly Close

September 29, 2017

Doc and I have been watching the Dow:Gold ratio for over a year now. This chart (below) is what gives us confidence that the metals will start outperforming the risk on assets near year end and into next year. Unfortunately the ratio is above the 200 month moving average which is throwing this narrative on its head. Listen to the comments because it is not all bad… for now.

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    Sep 29, 2017 29:46 PM

    DOD and HUD Missing Money: Supporting Documentation for $21 Trillion of Undocumentable Adjustments

    [Update from CAF: Dr. Skidmore and his team have now reviewed additional documentation and undocumented adjustments at DOD and HUD now total $21 trillion – more than the outstanding debt on the US government balance sheet. The report table has been updated as of Wednesday, September 27 to include these staggering amounts.
    The Summary Report still uses the prior totals. Our gratitude for Dr. Skidmore’s efforts to understand and document this phenomenon is “off the charts”! We will be adding additional files and information as they find them.]

      Sep 29, 2017 29:49 PM

      You need to start reading the other sections……day late and a dollar short….. 🙂

        Sep 29, 2017 29:06 PM

        You need to start reading the other sections……day late and a dollar short….. 🙂

        Jerry…you posted it today. I was over there this morning. Its a technical foul…not a day late.:-)) That missing 21 Trillion needs to be clawed back with interest.

        On September 29, 2017 at 4:58 am,
        OOTB Jerry says:
        sorry ,,,,,,,to much post………..should have only posted…..
        Catherine Austin Fitts, President of, will be the guest for the Early Sunday Release. Fitts will explain how the federal budget cannot account for $21 trillion dollars and that is just HUD and DOD. You will not want to miss this. “We the People” are being robbed.

          Sep 29, 2017 29:07 PM

          🙂 Got ya………

            Sep 29, 2017 29:29 PM

            ditto……….I like the interest part……I would say…..18% interest would be good …………..missing 21 Trillion needs to be clawed back with interest.

          Sep 29, 2017 29:51 PM

          Contact the BIS and see if they have any idea where those funds went.

      Sep 29, 2017 29:58 PM

      Thanks for post……..others need to get a handle on this one……….jmo

    Sep 29, 2017 29:52 PM

    China Squeezes North Korea, NFL Kneel Will Cost Money, Fed Was Wrong

    The NFL is supporting its players in taking a knee during the national anthem before the games to protest police brutality. The majority of fans are outraged and are burning jerseys and season tickets because they think it’s a political stunt. If this keeps up, it will trickle down to the NFL sponsors, and it could turn into a flood of negative sales. Catherine Austin Fitts says this is a distraction to keep the public from waking up to the massive fraud going on with the federal government’s budget. She contends that $21 trillion, yes, $21 trillion is missing, and “We the People” are basically being robbed. She is the guest for the Early Sunday Release.

      Sep 29, 2017 29:35 PM

      NFL……Not For Long…………

    Sep 29, 2017 29:13 PM

    When the players take a knee just wave your Confederate flags at them and sing “Dixie.”
    Exercise your freedom of speech too.

      Sep 29, 2017 29:56 PM

      If they recover the $21 Trillion, they should split it 325 million ways among the citizens excluding bankers, regulators and politicians.

        Sep 29, 2017 29:26 PM

        Vietnam has a way of dealing with their crooked bankers & politicians.

        Vietnam Shows How To Clean Up The Banking System: Ex-Banker Sentenced To Death For Fraud

        The lack of prosecution of US bankers responsible for the great financial crisis has been a much debated topic over the years, leading to the coinage of such terms as “Too Big To Prosecute”, the termination of at least one corrupt DOJ official, the revelation that Eric Holder is the most useless Attorney General in history, and of course billions in cash kickbacks between Wall Street and D.C. And, naturally, the lack of incentives that punish cheating and fraud, is one of the main reasons why such fraud will not only continue but get bigger until once again, the entire system crashes under the weight of accumulated theft, corruption and Fed-driven malinvestment. But what can be done? In this case, Vietnam may have just shown the way – sentence embezzling bankers to death. Because if one wants to promptly stop an end to all financial crime, few things motivate as efficiently as a firing squad.

        According to the BBC, the former head of a major Vietnamese bank has been sentenced to death for his role in a fraud case involving some 800 billion dong (which sounds like a lot of dong, but equals roughly $35 million) of illegal loans. Nguyen Xuan Son, who served as general director of OceanBank, was convicted of embezzlement, abuse of power and economic mismanagement. Bank founder, tycoon Ha Van Tham, and dozens of other banking officials are also on trial, accused of lending violations.

      Sep 29, 2017 29:01 PM

      Just out of curiousity Bonzo, who sings this “Dixie” song youre referring to?

    Sep 29, 2017 29:17 PM

    200-month moving average doesn’t mean anything in my view, why isn’t it the 240-month moving average or the 180-month moving average, its illogical, its like looking for pattens in cobwebs