David Vincent – Long Term Cycle Setting Up Well For Gold

November 22, 2017

I received a number of comments asking me to have David back on the site after our initial call about a month ago. In this interview we look at the long term chats for gold where David outline the long term cycles. Check out the charts below to follow along with David’s comments.

You can also click here to visit the Canamex Gold website. David recently was appointed President and CEO.

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Long Term Gold Chart (Monthly)

HUI Chart (Weekly)


    Nov 22, 2017 22:18 PM

    Cory….really starting to like this guy!

    Nov 22, 2017 22:41 PM

    love this guy’s perspective. Let hope it works!

    Nov 22, 2017 22:57 PM

    Sooo if bitcoin trades sideways for 10 years, Gold will catch up!

    Nov 22, 2017 22:35 PM

    The Air Goes Out Faster Than It Goes In
    by @Goldfinger on November 22, 2017

    “Everywhere I went in October the favorite topics of conversation were Novo and Garibaldi (in that order). Questions such as “What do you think of Novo here?” “How high can Garibaldi climb?” “How many ounces do you think Novo has?” “Do you think Garibaldi is real?” were heard over and over again from Vancouver to New Orleans to Palm Beach.”

    “At some point in mid-October another momentum darling, HIVE Blockchain (TSX-V:HIVE), entered the fray and caught a great deal of attention. HIVE shares would proceed to gain more than 200% over the course of 3 weeks from October 12th to November 3rd (after already being up ~500% since it began trading on September 18th):”

    “And make no mistake there was plenty of envy to go around as these stocks made new highs on virtually a daily basis. However, one thing you can be sure of in markets is that the pendulum swings both ways; when it has swung powerfully to one side you can be sure it will swing back the other way, it’s just a matter of time.”

    “Investment markets follow a pendulum-like swing: between euphoria and depression, between celebrating positive developments and obsessing over negatives, and thus between overpriced and underpriced,” ~ Howard Marks

    “Another rule of markets is that the air comes out much faster on the way down than it went in on the way up. In the case of GGI and HIVE this rule has proven to be very true, while NVO hasn’t had a great November by any means it has held up much better than Garibaldi and HIVE:”

    “November has been the month of air being released quickly and violently from the highest flying Venture stocks. While Novo Resources is well off its highs, Novo bulls should take some respite from the fact that other high flyers have been sold mercilessly (you can throw other names such as GT Gold and Patriot One into that mix). After all a ~25% correction after a ~1,000% rally isn’t exactly an unusual or unexpected event.”

      Nov 22, 2017 22:39 PM

      This is a link to a contributor @PhotoJ over at, where he took the time to compile linked responses from Brent Cook, Eric Coffin, and Warren Irvin on the (GGI) Garibaldi phenomenon and drill results that underwhelmed.

      Worth the quick review of how speculative explorers, without proven resources, can come crashing down just as hard as they went up. Just like Northern Shield, Colorado Resources, and Moneta Porcupine last year, or Arizona Silver, GT Gold, and a few others this year.

        Nov 22, 2017 22:48 PM

        Here’s an earlier rant along the same lines:

        @Excelsior – “I hold 60 mining shares at present in Gold, Silver, Zinc, Copper, Uranium, Lithium, Cobalt and Specialty Metals so I’m all for discussing something beyond just NVO GTT and GGI. Honestly the obsession with these stories (360+ people in just the GGI room certain days) has sucked a lot of the air out of the Jr mining sector on all the other companies making good progress.”

        “It is a dangerous thing when speculators only pile into a few hot names at the exclusion of all else, but hey, that just creates inefficient markets for all the other companies flying under the radar.”

        — from #mbgtrends, about 3 hours ago

          Nov 22, 2017 22:50 PM

          @Excelsior – “I guess that is my point. The reality that the only precipitation falling on the Jr mining sector has been crammed into only a handful of names has created an even worse drought for all the other companies (many with defined advanced #Exploration resources, #development projects, or #production projects).

          “When we see all the subsectors start to rise in unison, then that will be the tide that lifts all boats. At present it is like there is a FAANG stock situation in the Junior miners just like in the general equity markets [only not on the large well established names, but the more speculative situations]. It would be more constructive to see more breadth of buying outside of just the “swing for the fences” plays.”

          “A few high-flying exploration stories are showing that the marketplace values early-stage exploration on “potentially” huge deposits, but it has shrugged of good results from many companies continuing to show even more good results (when it is known that they already have the goods.)”

          “Looking forward to 2018 where the whole sector may spring to life and surprise the hell out of the rest of the general investor community. Ever Upward!”

          — from #mbgtrends, about 2 hours ago

            Nov 22, 2017 22:53 PM

            @Excelsior – “I fully recognize there are some investors or newsletter writers that like to highlight the big gains betting “all in” on Exploration narratives, but I’ve been to Las Vegas 8 times and the casinos are filled with photos of people that hit it big playing the one-armed bandits (slot machines).”

            “Everyone likes a high risk/high reward speculation, but the “investor” will lose many times, and NO a few winners don’t always bail people out. It ultimately comes down to #PositionSizing and how much at stake people place on the chopping block.”

            “Where are some of the investors that went “all in” in beating their chests on Northern Shield last year? (gone, wiped out). How about those that were so cocky about betting the farm on Arizona Silver? (bu-bye). It’s sad and unwise, like that guy that put 55% of his portfolio on that scam WHY recently (the magnesium story) and lost 90% of it. That kind of speculation is reckless, and is not being wise or diversifying. It is Russian Roulette.”

            “Personally, I can think of so many bloggers/pundits/ newsletter writers from 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 that went the #WayOfTheDodo going all in on the wrong “concentrated” positions.”

            “One reason I’m still here pissing in the wind on public blogs is that at least I was diversified across sectors and subsectors. There are plenty of voices in the wilderness telling the sheeple to buy right and sit tight (in their pick of course) and wait for it…. or to keep buying when the stock is insanely overbought.”

            “A post about diversification once in a while may not be popular but it comes from the spirit of wanting to protect investor #newbies to this space, so they can live to fight another day.”

            “Wishing all investors all the best and prosperity no matter what strategy they deploy.”

            — from #mbgtrends, about an hour ago


      Nov 23, 2017 23:54 AM

      Good comments worth pondering from Alan (not Allan) at ceo:

      @Alan – “Great statement regarding $NVO recently that is very accurate by Goldfinger – I believe it’s also important to point out that NOBODY knows the entire truth to the Pilbara story, or any other exploration story for that matter.”

      “We are all using the best information we can find to put the pieces of a puzzle together. While QH is undoubtedly a master at his craft and highly respected, he is also human and is not able to look under the earth for hundreds of kilometers.”

      “Sometimes it seems like investors assign a God-like status to certain high profile investors and management teams, everybody makes mistakes. However, I strongly believe that QH believes his thesis to the core of his bones and he’s also put his money where his mouth is. It’s all about probabilities, not certainties.”

      “A very interesting article by @goldfinger also regarding some of these risky plays

      “These prices rises in such a short period of time is not supported by reality. Theories are worthless until they are tested and confirmed. $GGI $NVO $HIVE They have took the elevator up and they may be taking the elevator down. In July 17 $NVO was $0.83, by October 17 it was $8.55, 10x higher in 3 months! And people on here were buying at the higher end.”

      “It’s unlikely fundamental value of 10x could have been added in such a short space of time. I mean we all know how slow things move in mining – permits, getting drills ready to operate etc. “

        Nov 23, 2017 23:57 AM

        Alpha Mining Stocks (What Goes Up…)

        by FI FIGHTER on NOVEMBER 22, 2017

        “With mining stocks, many investors/speculators are fixated on alpha plays because they are so damn exciting… With these stocks, it’s normal to witness double digit (or more) fluctuations in share price in a single trading session due to a new press release…”

        “Well, like most things, there’s a yin and a yang…”

        “What goes up usually comes back down….”

        “And oftentimes, on the way down, it can be even more dramatic (and sudden)… Going up feels like taking the stairs and going down feels like taking the elevator.”

        “Today, one of my holdings Garibaldi Resources (GGI.V/GGIFF) got massacred, to say the least…”

        —- @Jayfire

    Nov 22, 2017 22:35 PM

    That just the gold price NOT the gold or silver shares which can have 3-7 times more torque than that. As for BitCon, who knows….it will be interesting to see. In the mean time I will take the slow route and hold PM stocks and the bullion. I’m sure the EV metals will rocket too.

      Nov 22, 2017 22:44 PM

      confused – good point – the miners are where the outsized gains are to be found, not the metals.

      Metals are for holding longer term, but not nearly as good for speculating with. Since the cryptos have been a large speculation by most people (that didn’t even understand what they were investing in), then the miners are a better comparable.

      Yes the Energy Metals and Battery Metals like Lithum, Cobalt, Copper, Nickel, Graphite, and Manganese have already been the place to have investing the last year or two. There doesn’t appear to be much to slow down the momentum either as more battery plants are continuing to be built.

    Nov 22, 2017 22:15 PM

    now is David Vincent Spock? The TA guy?

      Nov 22, 2017 22:25 PM

      Don’t know. Maybe Cory can ask him. If he is SPOCK then I’ve enjoyed things he has posted on GoldTent for years.

      All I know is that he is the CEO of Canamex Gold and it is a pleasure to get his insights here on the KER. 🙂


      “Canamex Resources CEO David Vincent shares his insights on the resource sector, the position of the company’s Bruner project and how Canamex aims to increase shareholder value.”

        Nov 23, 2017 23:30 AM

        Pretty sure he is I read his stuff on goldta

          Nov 23, 2017 23:14 AM

          Thanks Clare. I just couldn’t seem to find a way to tie the name with the moniker.

    Nov 22, 2017 22:37 PM

    Pento-Rickards discussion on systemic monetary destruction- helicopter money, etc.

    Nov 22, 2017 22:09 PM

    Jim Rogers on cryptos……..after a few minutes.

      Nov 23, 2017 23:01 AM

      Rogers got lucky one time, and that was with his partner…..Soros……which made him a Billionaire……Rogers is no guru……

    Nov 22, 2017 22:22 PM

    > $EMX EMX Royalty Corp. (Scott Close) – #CorporatePresentation

    Metals Investor Forum #MIF Nov. 2017: #VIDEO

      Nov 22, 2017 22:23 PM

      >> “The Leeville #Royalty” Gwen Preston & Scott Close

      “Gwen Preston, Editor of Resource Maven, interviews $EMX EMX Royalty, Scott Close, Director of Investor Relations at the November 10+11, 2017 Metals Investor Forum.” #MIF #VIDEO

        Nov 22, 2017 22:24 PM

        >>> “Explains How EMX Is A #Royalty Company” Sean Brodrick & Scott Close

        “Sean Brodrick, contributor to The Edelson Institute, interviews $EMX EMX Royalty Corp, Scott Close, Director of Investor Relations at the November 10+11, 2017 Metals Investor Forum.” #MIF #Video

    Nov 22, 2017 22:32 PM

    “Location, Location, Location” Eric Coffin & Michael Williams, President, CEO & Director

    “Eric Coffin, Editor of HRA Advisories, interviews (VTT) (VDTAF) Vendetta Mining Corp., Michael Williams, President, CEO & Director at the November 10+11, 2017 Metals Investor Forum.” #VIDEO

    Nov 22, 2017 22:48 PM

    (ORE) (ORZCF) Orezone Gold Corporation (Patrick G. Downey) – #VIDEO

    Metals Investor Forum Nov. 2017: Corporate Presentation

    Nov 23, 2017 23:41 AM

    Panel Discussion – “Where To Invest”
    Gwen Preston, Greg McCoach, John Kaiser, Jay Taylor

    Metals Investor Forum #MIF Nov. 2017: #VIDEO

    Nov 23, 2017 23:33 AM

    Thank you making the time to give us your thoughts David,
    Much appreciated.
    Thanks for getting David back also Cory for another chat.

      Nov 23, 2017 23:16 AM

      US visit not healthy ……for some.

    Nov 23, 2017 23:21 AM

    And OUT they Come into the light………..More problems for HILLY AND BILLY….I think they are going under the BUS…….

    Nov 23, 2017 23:25 AM

    Michigan…….finally getting it……correct…….Nestle ain’t the best…….

    Nov 23, 2017 23:30 AM

    Jimmy D……..better hope Trump only last for one term…….because he might be put in jail , after the Clintons receive the bus tour……….

    Nov 23, 2017 23:37 AM

    Fat turkey gobble……no NFL today……..they done screwed up…..Take a knee for the turkey ………

    Nov 23, 2017 23:03 AM

    For those following Scorpio Gold (SGN) (SRCRF):

    Things have been really wild the last few days, and a large fund has been liquidating shares, but a few investors are starting to wake up to just how insanely undervalued this company is. It is encouraging to see lots of interest on today.

    [of course, I couldn’t help but throw in my 2 cents as well 🙂 ]

    Nov 23, 2017 23:34 AM

    For those following Auryn.

    With all the back log at the labs from drilling this summer the results have taken longer then everyone has expected. That said we do have results starting to come in with some partials and mediocre holes so far. The best part of the drilling took place in the later half of the program which is understandable as this was our first time on the property.

    As for Peru drilling, we ended up adjusting our final drill plan which has caused us a two week delay in the start of the drill program – as soon as we officially start drilling we will announce this news which I expect any day now.

    Please let me know if you have any other questions.

    My best,

    Jay Adelaar
    VP of Investor Relations


    Nov 24, 2017 24:11 AM

    oh more LONG TERM predictions about gold going up…then in the long term when it doesnt happen AGAIN…there will be more LONG TERM predictions of it going up…..GOLD HAS BEEN GOIN DOWN since august of 2011 ..if anyone noticed…..KEEP DREAMING BOYS