Individual Stocks As Barometers For The Gold and Silver Sectors

April 17, 2018

There are a number of encouraging signs for gold and silver investors that continue to build behind the scenes. David Erfle, The Junior Miner Junky joins me to outline those signs. We discuss the rounded bottom for GDX and the fact that a major, Newmont Mining, is starting to break out to 52 week highs. We wrap up the interview with a couple stocks David uses as a barometer for gold and silver.

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    Apr 17, 2018 17:16 PM

    Actually, NEM by my charts, failed by about 5 cents to set a new 52 wk high. The thing I don’t like about NEM’s chart is the RSI reading failed badly to set a new high and is considerably (about 15 points) below the previous high.
    With that said, I don’t claim by any means to have the expertise that David does and like every thing he said during this interview. I’m invested heavily in the sector and am just waiting like everyone else. Thanks for the interview Cory.

    Apr 17, 2018 17:25 PM
    Apr 17, 2018 17:27 PM

    Interesting that China is loosening credit… if preparing for US sanctions.

    Apr 17, 2018 17:32 PM

    Looks like the Gold/Silver ratio might drop back below 80 today.

      Apr 17, 2018 17:51 PM

      see my notes earlier………..

        Apr 17, 2018 17:57 PM

        On April 17, 2018 at 8:50 am,
        OOTB Jerry says:
        Daily cup and handle on silver…..just broke out……lol

          Apr 17, 2018 17:58 PM

          I also said, check the 10 yr chart, ….peaked at 82

      Apr 17, 2018 17:07 PM

      Bob Hoyh…..was predicting 100 …..not going to happen… much for the gurus

      Apr 18, 2018 18:59 AM

      > Silver $17.08.

      Someone please send a memo to the Silver miners for today’s trading session 🙂

        Apr 18, 2018 18:02 AM

        Finally………cup and handle working fine…….. 🙂

        Apr 18, 2018 18:04 AM

        There are a lot of retards in the silver miners…….they should all unit, and run JPM out of business………..jmo

          Apr 18, 2018 18:05 AM

          unit….to unite……..

          Apr 18, 2018 18:11 AM

          They should all form an organization of silver miners . I think the last organization was in 1890-1891.

            Apr 18, 2018 18:12 AM

            Forget the comex…….and cftc………

        Apr 18, 2018 18:49 AM

        $Silver rallies typically start with a short squeeze. The May contract is up over 2% on the day and most silver miners are up 3%-6%. #SqueezeOn

        SI1:COM 17.16 USD/t oz.
        Up $0.373 (2.22% gain)

          Apr 18, 2018 18:04 AM

          More Extremes in Silver Positions
          The CTFC now reports that commercials in silver (who have never been net-long) hold the smallest
          net-short positions since June of 2013. Back then silver rallied almost $7, to $25.17 by the end of
          August. Gold rallied over $200 to $1434 in that same period.

            Apr 18, 2018 18:04 AM

            above from Bob Hoye…….see at 321

          Apr 18, 2018 18:18 AM

          Hey Ex, when you get a chance I asked a couple questions on Mexus…on the Sunday talk. Didn’t have service for a couple days😉

            Apr 18, 2018 18:19 AM

            Hi Whit. I did get back to you on the Sunday blog regarding Mexus.


    Apr 17, 2018 17:21 PM

    NEM is doing much better since Gary Goldberg became CEO. It is the only gold mining stock in the S&P 500, and it will explode when gold goes to 3K and pay a big dividend.
    MUX is wonderful too.

      Apr 18, 2018 18:21 AM

      Looking forward to seeing MUX get re-rated much higher on the next significant impulse leg higher in the PMs.

    Apr 17, 2018 17:13 PM

    I like the weekly charts in the precious metals still, but the rise in the junior miners since the beginning of March has been tepid. The intraday charts don’t look so good to me, and I didn’t feel like giving up the 14% I managed to eke out over 5 weeks (jnug), so I sold.

    I hope I don’t regret it. May jump back in very soon, tough to say. But for at least the very short term, uranium, cryptos, and pot look more interesting.

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          Apr 17, 2018 17:01 PM

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      Apr 18, 2018 18:27 AM

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