Opportunities in Financials and Natural Gas

July 24, 2018

Chris Vermeulen, Founder of The Technical Traders joins me to outline the opportunities he sees in the financial sector and for natural gas. We also look at the precious metals and how the USD could further provide some headwinds.

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    Jul 24, 2018 24:45 PM

    Silvercrest drills 2.2m of 7,436g/t AgEq at Las Chispas

    2018-07-24 07:12 ET – News Release

      Jul 24, 2018 24:48 PM

      Another very nice narrow but very high grade drill hit from Silvercrest (SIL). They’ve done a good job of delivering on exploration over and over again.

      At least in their case, the market has noticed and moved their stock higher and higher.

      There are other companies that put out stellar holes and well, and it is like the zombie investors are totally oblivious to similar monster holes.


      (EXN) Excellon DrillS 3,428 g/t Silver Equivalent Over 10.2 Metres At Platosa

      May 31, 2018

      Jul 24, 2018 24:15 PM

      Another company (that I personally passed on for personal ethical reasons) definitely hit paydirt and did get rewarded by the marketplace for it.

      (MYA) Maya Intersects 186 G/T Ag Over 38m At Surface Including 2.419 Kg/T Ag Over 2m At Zgounde

      October 23, 2017

        Jul 25, 2018 25:45 AM

        Excelsior –

        What do you think of Group 10 Metals? I recently Red Bob Moriarty’s comments and am considering putting some money to work there for Platinum/Plaladium exposure. I had a position in Platinum Group Metals, but sold out due to the political uncertainty in South Africa and continued missteps by management.

          Jul 25, 2018 25:13 AM

          I have a position in both of Greg Johnson’s companies – Group Ten Metals (Nickel Creek Platinum and Stillwater Platinum’s neighbors); allong with Metallic Minerals (Alexco’s neighbors).

          I expect both to pop on good drilling news this season, and they have excellent land packages and exploration teams.

      Jul 24, 2018 24:24 PM

      Heck even some of the mid-tiers will make nice new discoveries at times, but the market often shrugs those off as they are known deposits. I’d submit that a producer can monetize the results, where many grassroots explorers may not get the opportunity as there are many factors as whether a deposit will be economic.

      Having said that, it is nice to see some of the larger companies still making discoveries>



      December 4, 2017

      “Drilling highlights include 2,043 gpt silver and 13.2 gpt gold (2,967 gpt silver equivalent (AgEq)) over a 2.8 m true width AgEq over 9.2 feet (ft)) in hole CLT-15 within the Calicanto vein.”

        Jul 24, 2018 24:26 PM


        October 24, 2017

        “Another high grade intercept assayed 4,641 gpt silver over a 2.3 m true width in hole CV27-2.”

          Jul 24, 2018 24:29 PM

          (SVM) Silvercorp Intersects 3,363 g/t Silver and 2.06% Lead over 2 Meters, 1.2 Meters True Width, from Its 2017-2018 Drilling Program at the LMW Mine, Ying Mining District, China

          June 26, 2018

            Jul 25, 2018 25:59 AM

            (SVM) Silvercorp reports that the GC Project has a net present value of US$160M pre-tax or US$120M post-tax at 8% discount rate

            @nasdaq on July 25, 2018


            Jul 25, 2018 25:16 AM

            Looks like MUX is starting to piece together everything nicely. The black fox etc…. wouldn’t want to point out how strong it’s stock looks vs gold itself…..someone lurking might have something to say about … 12 months. 😮

            Jul 25, 2018 25:20 AM

            haha! good on the 12 month sleeper…. 🙂

            Yes, MUX has been strong, and I trimmed my way back expecting more fallout from the Argentina currency collapse, but expect Rob and crew to have nice leverage over the metals prices medium to longer term.

            Jul 25, 2018 25:51 AM

            LOL Wolfster! Something tells me we won’t be waiting 12 mos., but I hope he does check out for 12 months because if he does he will have missed a big opportunity. But hey, that’s just me. If I’m wrong, you won’t hear from me for more than 12 months!

            Jul 25, 2018 25:34 PM

            Seriously I never take issue with anyone’s calls up or down. I’m here to share thoughts and ideas to make my money work for me so I don’t have to work any more. Arguing about who’s right or wrong especially when you’re not suggesting a way to make money but just trying to belittle others opinions or suggestions really irritates me to the core. Most of us here have made most of our money trading penny/small caps. The operative word is “trading”….even when commodities are trending down there are outliers you can make money on or bouncing to play. Nothing more needs to be said in my opinion …..but I’m sure someone there’s someone who will disagree. 🤔

            Jul 25, 2018 25:40 PM

            And auto correct on a cell phone sucks while I’m ranting. Makes my English look like a 3rd grader wrote it

    Jul 24, 2018 24:32 PM

    Interesting chart/diagram using “clock” that got posted on BNN recently:

    > Where are we in the mining investment cycle?

      Jul 25, 2018 25:05 PM

      Nice! That would be a handy reference tool to have access to 24/7. Of course individual charts and analysis rule.

    Jul 25, 2018 25:05 AM

    Companies are just screaming about inflation, yet the PM’s / other commodities are barely even impacted. We had Caterpillar last quarter and companies like GM and Wirlpool complain this quarter so far.

    Jul 25, 2018 25:29 AM

    long ALDR

    Jul 25, 2018 25:31 AM

    long APTI

    Jul 25, 2018 25:59 AM

    Tiny RZL is up 100% this morning on 1.55M shares.

      Jul 25, 2018 25:19 PM

      Now over 4M shares traded and as much as 133% today.

    Jul 25, 2018 25:11 AM

    The junior miners are a buy relative to the senior miners and that is bullish for the whole sector…

    Jul 25, 2018 25:14 AM

    The loonie is at resistance…

    Jul 25, 2018 25:53 AM

    Hey Matthew, can you give me an update read on TRCH? Its playing ping pong around that 1.05 level you said had to hold.

      Jul 25, 2018 25:18 PM

      Here’s a “plan B” line in the sand since you probably don’t feel like dumping it anywhere near a turn (even a short term turn)…

    Jul 25, 2018 25:03 PM

    Things are definitely starting to pop. GSV is breaking above trend line resistance that dates back to January 2017

    Jul 25, 2018 25:32 PM

    Thanks Matthew. I’m just above breakeven on my current position. I feel like at least a bounce is near, but might need to take some off if it doesn’t turn real soon.