Hour 1 – Comments On Uranium, Rate Cutting Cycles, and Company Updates

August 25, 2018

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On this week’s show we focus on the gold and uranium sectors along with a couple updates from Great Bear Resources and Novo Resources. Even during the downtrend in metals there are a select few stocks that are putting out good news and getting rewarded for it.

Please let me know if there are any questions, guests, or companies that you would like to see on the show. I can be reached at

  • Segment 1: Jordan Roy-Byrne, Editor of The Daily Gold shares his research on how rate cutting cycles impact gold. We also look at the CoT reports for gold in a historical perspective.
  • Segment 2: Lobo Tiggre from the Independent Speculator addresses why he is bullish on the Uranium sector.
  • Segment 3: Great Bear Resources released two high grade drill holes this week. The President and CEO Chris Taylor joins me to breakdown what these drill results mean moving forward.
  • Segment 4:  Quinton Hennigh, Novo Resources President and Chairman provides a comprehensive exploration update and answers your questions.

Exclusive Company Updates and Comments

Segment 1

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Segment 2

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Segment 3

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Segment 4

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    Aug 25, 2018 25:46 AM

    Thanks for inviting Quinton!

    Aug 25, 2018 25:55 AM

    Ding-Dong its me again..Thanks AL & the rest of the KER. crew.

      Aug 25, 2018 25:39 AM


        Aug 25, 2018 25:30 AM

        Double Ditto….. Big Ups to Big Al, Cory, and the KER Crew.

    Aug 25, 2018 25:03 AM

    Yep, thanks as always fella’s for putting the weekend show together.
    Much appreciated.

    Aug 25, 2018 25:18 AM

    Forget uranium weed running hard! I’m up 40% in 72 hours on IGC.

      Aug 25, 2018 25:56 AM

      Hi Jason…So you are up 40% in 72 hours on pot……………
      WELL DONT SMOKE SO MUCH…………..HaHa just kidding.
      Now if you are up 40% on profit…………then the next round is on you..make mine a Guinness…..cheers.

      Aug 25, 2018 25:36 AM

      (URG) (URE) Ur‐Energy Announces Global X Uranium ETF has Completed Rebalance with Respect to Ur-Energy Shareholdings

      by @newswire on August 23, 2018

      Jeffrey Klenda, Chair and CEO of Ur-Energy, stated, “We are glad to have been able to assist Global X in reaching their targeted rebalance figure. Whether intended or not, this type of trading activity can have a suppressive influence on a company’s shares. We are very pleased that any pressure has been removed with the orderly completion of the Global X rebalance with respect to Ur-Energy. Overall, we feel that our registry of shareholders has been strengthened through this process. We are pleased to have Global X continue on as one of our larger shareholders, and we look forward to working with them in the future.”

    Aug 25, 2018 25:27 AM

    up to july 2016 weed was under $3, now its almost $60.
    Pots been ok.

    Aug 25, 2018 25:32 AM

    Gold: A Case of Extremes
    By: John Hathaway – August 22, 2018 – Tocqueville

    “Intense liquidation of gold mining shares during the week of August 13, 2018 could, in our opinion, mark a trading bottom, if not the terminal point in the lengthy
    consolidation of the sector since the bottom of December 2015. To support our view, we note:”

    -Extreme bearish positioning of COMEX gold speculators;

    -Extreme bullish positioning of US dollar long speculative positions

    -Extreme bearishness in gold sentiment indicators;

    -Extreme washout volume on downward spikes of GDX, the Van Eck gold mining share ETF; and

    -Extreme improvement in broad macroeconomic and gold-specific microeconomic fundamentals.

      Aug 25, 2018 25:43 AM

      The Gold Market Explained…

      The past decade.

        Aug 25, 2018 25:59 AM

        >> Korelin Economics Report – (SBB) (SGSVF) Sabina Gold & Silver

        “Earlier this week Sabina Gold and Silver announced a new high grade discovery on its Back River #Gold project. The headline numbers of 11.58g/t over 39.5 meters provided a nice bump in the stock price.”

        “I followed up with the President and CEO Bruce McLeod to get some more information on the drill result and overall story. We discuss the already large resource that Company holds plus how he hopes the more #exploration focused drilling this year will advance the Company.” #DrillPlays

          Aug 25, 2018 25:08 AM

          Gold Juniors’ Q2’18 Fundamentals
          Adam Hamilton – Aug 24, 2018

          “The junior gold miners’ stocks have been thrashed in August, plummeting to brutal multi-year lows. Such carnage naturally left sentiment far more bearish than usual in this forsaken contrarian sector. But these extremely-battered gold-stock prices certainly aren’t justified fundamentally. Junior gold miners’ collective results from their just-completed Q2’18 earnings season.”

            Aug 25, 2018 25:13 PM

            Just like my comment on pots I think the same thing will be happening in the gold jrs sector…need to figure out which jr miner and explorers will be in play…..osisko is one I really think will be bought out in the next year

            Aug 25, 2018 25:29 PM

            Agreed Wolfster. We’ve seen a number of mergers go well over the last year or so like Klondex, Richmont, Aurico, Integra, Arizona Mining, and the pending one for Northern Empire Coeur.

            Then there were some takeouts that happened near lows in those particular stocks like Primero, Trek/Castle Gold by Equinox, Marlin Gold, Red Eagle Exploration, and Metanor, where even the takeover premium didn’t make most invostors whole.

            Lastly, we saw a few failed mergers like Dolly Varden by Hecla or Maritime by Anaconda that may go back on the table in the not so distant future.

            It will be nice to see the M&A space heat up a bit more and consolidate things as there are just too many mining companies, and some would be better off to just merge as equals, or to turn over the keys to a larger company.

            Aug 25, 2018 25:31 PM

            Investors interested in #WestAfrica – Make a note of this passage from the recent interview that @Goldfinger did with Ross Beaty:

            > Goldfinger: “Where is Equinox looking geographically?”

            >> Ross Beaty: “I like the Americas, I know the region very well and I’ve worked in almost every country there. The management team at Equinox is also extremely experienced in #WestAfrica so we are looking at opportunities there. We really want to stick with where we know and where we feel we have some strategic advantage.”

            “All we’re looking at are, operating mines. An operating mine would bolt on very well to the two world class development assets that we already have. We’re also only looking at ~large projects (more than 100,000 ounces of #gold per year in #production).”


            This makes me wonder which one they may have in their sites for an #Acquisition? I’m guessing $HUM.L Hummingbird, $ASO Avesoro, $PRU Perseus, $ROXG Roxgold, or $AKG Asanko. (which all qualify)

            The other producers like $TGZ Teranaga, $SMF Semafo, $BTO B2Gold, $RSG.AX Resolute, or $EDV Endeavour are a bit too large to be “bolt on” companies.

            Definitely something to keep an eye on, and not just from Equinox, but from a number of larger Mid-tiers and Majors that may want to diversify into #WestAfrica.

            * One last point to make is, once again, it proves that #Producers are often the focus of #TakeOver deals, (not just hot #Explorers or #Developers).

      Aug 25, 2018 25:45 PM

      Is Now The Time To Buy Gold As Six-Week Losing Streak Ends?

      Neils Christensen – Friday August 24, 2018

        Aug 25, 2018 25:47 PM

        Gold Miners Not Done Selling Yet, Says Expert
        Aug 24, 2018 Guest(s): David Erfle Kitco News Contributor

        “Gold miners could see more pain before prices get better, said David Erfle, founder of”

        “Miners have already given up more than half their gains, the big tell that gold was not going to bounce very high here was silver was lagging considerably and so were the miners. So unfortunately, on the bad news, there’s going to be a little more pain, but the good news is prices are going to get even better,” Erfle told Kitco News.

        “On gold, the precious metals is yet to see a bottom, and investors should be wary of jumping in too soon, Erfle said.

        “If gold did not close about $1,200 [an ounce] on a weekly basis last Friday, then it sets up more pain for the gold sector here, possibly $1,140 or even maybe $1,125,” Erfle told Kitco News.”

          Aug 25, 2018 25:50 PM

          Gold Feels Very Unsettled

          Peter Hug – Friday August 24, 2018

          “Gold rejected the $1,200 level Wednesday and rejected the $1,180-ish area overnight. The market seems unsettled and we suggest the risk rests with the bears. The bounce overnight was the result of some profit taking and value buying ahead of Fed Chairman Powell’s speech to central bankers later today. The market’s conflict comes from the U.S.-China trade war and the Turkish currency crisis on one hand, which has created flows into the dollar and has been gold negative, and the view that the President’s growing political issues may derail the equity market. There is also growing disagreement within the Fed on much how much more tightening is needed. Fed Chair Powell is the primary hawk and today’s speech will be dissected for any signs that the he is concerned about the effects on U.S. growth from any of the bigger macro issues.”

          “The “book” on the spec side remains heavily short and the weekend lies ahead. Any movement away from Powell’s perceived hawkish position may create a serious bounce for gold. If he stays the course, I would expect selling but in a muted fashion into the weekend, with a downside level of $1,185 – $1,187.”

            Aug 25, 2018 25:51 PM

            Gold Futures,Dec-2018 (GC=F) COMEX

            $1,212.30 up +$18.30 (gain +1.53%)
            At close: August 24 4:59PM EDT

      Aug 26, 2018 26:29 PM

      How To Generate Triple-Digit Percentage Gains In Junior Mining Stocks

      by @Goldfinger on August 26, 2018

    Aug 25, 2018 25:34 AM

    Copper price: Ford recall puts EV charging infrastructure in spotlight

    Frik Els | about 20 hours ago

    “According to BMO research copper “the push towards dispersed generation sources for renewable energy, and the need to support grid upgrades for electric vehicle charging” will account for 74% of all copper demand growth to 2025, equivalent to 5.5 million tonnes per year. The world’s mines produced just over 20m tonnes of copper last year.”

    “Copper futures trading in New York gained on Friday to trade at $2.70 a pound ($5,950 a tonne). The bellwether metal is down more than 18% since hitting near four-year highs in June over fears of the impact of a trade war on global demand.”

    Aug 25, 2018 25:46 AM
    Aug 25, 2018 25:33 AM

    people bin calling bottoms for some time now, holding ones breath isnt recommended.
    It will turn eventually, lets see if this move from 1160 to almost 1200 means anything.

    It could be the bounce people have been predicting too.

    We’ll see.

    Meanwhile, pots been doing ok.

    If I was younger I would open a retail outlet.
    They will be big time winners for anyone that can balance a cheque book.

      Aug 25, 2018 25:07 PM

      Right now the stage is setting for the next round of mergers in the pots….this time it will be big pharma in the states that buy out the likes of canntrust and another big alcohol player getting into aphria

    Aug 25, 2018 25:02 AM

    Powell Puts Pressure on the #Dollar

    August 24, 2018 – Gary Wagner #VIDEO #GOLD

    “Today’s gains in gold are the result of both dollar weakness and traders bidding the precious yellow metal higher. According to the KGX (Kitco Gold Index), spot gold is currently trading at $1,205 per ounce, up $20.40 on the day. Approximately one-quarter of today’s gains can be attributed to a weaker U.S. dollar (+5.40), while traders buying gold accounts for the remaining increases (+$14.95).”

    “All things being equal, with gold prices moving back above 1,200 in both the physical and futures markets, there is a high probability that we will see follow-through buying next week, as well as continued pressure on the U.S. dollar.”

      Aug 25, 2018 25:06 AM

      Elliott Wave Counts For Gold & Silver

      Captainewave – Thur Aug 23, 2018

      “If we are in the initial stages of wave .iii., we should expect a very large up day from gold this week, and a retaking of the 1204.00 level as a first step.”

      “We are now challenging that high, and we will see if we break through and close above it in today’s trading session. We will provide our initial projections for the end of wave .iii. only when we are sure that all of wave .ii. is complete at the 1167.10 low.”

      “Upon completion of wave .ii. we expect to see gold trade above very strong resistance at the 1360.00/1370.00 level, and likely into the 1500.00 area. ”

      Aug 26, 2018 26:18 AM

      Matt Geiger: A V-Shaped Bullish Reversal In Store For Mining Stocks

      (08/24/2018) #Palisade Radio #AudioInterview

      “He thinks the turning point is coming soon and will be V-shaped. There are some short-term headwinds and if the slide continues the reason will be the US #Dollar. The rate hikes have propped up the dollar, and other countries have not followed suit. Europe remains a mess and is half of the US Dollar Index basket which is working to the dollars benefit.”

      “A lot of high-tier companies have sold off recently and are likely good deals at these levels. Royalty and streaming companies are also good deals as they should be able to ride out the rough periods.”

    Aug 26, 2018 26:06 AM

    Greg Hunter interviews Jim Sinclair and Bill Holter:

      Aug 26, 2018 26:54 PM

      More fear porn.

    Aug 26, 2018 26:23 PM
    Aug 26, 2018 26:24 PM
    Aug 26, 2018 26:29 PM

    I like this picture a lot:

    Aug 27, 2018 27:07 AM

    (RCG) (GDPEF) Resource Capital Gold Corp. Completes Bulk Sample at Dufferin Gold Mine, Nova Scotia

    by @nasdaq on August 24, 2018